Letting go of my Christmas reins

Dec 15, 2015

I was talking about this with Amanda the other night on a very spontaneous mom decompression sesh through Target. Which for all you mamas I highly recommend it. Just ditch the kids (with a willing or unwilling husband) for a minute or forty and walk the aisles of Target with your mom friend(s). You can pick up your weekly wipe count, and unwind. Anyway, this Christmas I am just letting go. As soon as December begins everyone is just bombarded with Christmas decor, trees, stockings, and shopping. And I was just like, ehhh, I'm over it before it even begins. No rush to get the tree up, if we do lights outside this year, great. If we are running out on Christmas Eve for last minute stocking stuffers, cool. 

But then the kids were asking, "when are we getting the tree?" Chris' response was always, "when mom says we are getting the tree". I just kept hearing, when mom, and whatever mom wants.....it was kind of awful. This isn't my holiday. I spent many years as a kid with the build up and anticipation for Christmas. The count downs. The paper link chains at school. This was their time. 

So, I let go. Instead of going out and buying a big beautiful puffy Noble Fir, we went out and cut down a tree. An Alaskan tree. We hiked our way out with four kids and a puppy. Which was by far the funniest part. I mean you are up to your knees in snow, which in Avalon's case was up to her shoulders. The puppy is like, eff this I'm cold! But we were determined. The kids ran around examining every tree to find the "perfect" one. Ace spotted it and made sure his brother and sister said they liked it so dad would cut it down. And he did. 

We loaded that tree on the roof of the car backwards. You know so the wind was blowing the branches down...

Freakin amateur tree cutters over here. People driving down the highway were laughing. Chris kept saying "have you seen the damn tree? How could it get worse?". I was dying laughing as I would catch glimpses of the branches from the rearview mirror. 

We got it home, no worse for the wear, and I let the kids decorate. I helped (of course). And they love it! Avalon makes sure to talk to the tree multiple times a day. Pierce just stands in front of it with a huge smile on his face. Ace takes full ownership of the tree HE picked out. Odette could not love it more if she tried. She sits in front and stares at the lights before she tries to push the whole thing down. Caspian thinks it is the biggest and best chew toy a puppy could have. 

And that is what it's all about right? Not moms picture perfect version of a tree. Or the collections of decorations she would put on it. It's about some of their first memories, and some of the last that we will make here in Alaska. Ace will for sure remember helping his dad carry that tree out of the woods!! And he would also probably remember mom the fun sponge who just dictated every little piece of the Christmas puzzle. And no one wants to play with that mom.....

So, take over kids. I'll follow your lead. Except stop that crap about leaving Santa apples and carrots! He wants the homemade chocolate chip, trust me. 


  1. That is an amazing Charlie Brown tree!

  2. I absolutely love your tree it's so cute!!! :)

  3. I love your tree and yeah as we get older it's all about our kiddos!

  4. I love the tree and think it is perfect. And the story behind it.

  5. Santa always gets something other thank milk, because I despise milk, so as soon as I have kids I'm going to teach them..Santa likes wine.

  6. The picked out a great tree!

  7. It looks beautiful! I think we're going to get a similar one next year. Santa is a huge fan of Snickerdoodles and sugar cookies in our house!



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