Meet Caspian

Dec 8, 2015

You know when life starts to calm down, all your kids are potty trained, and your husband is home every night at a decent hour? Oh you know what that's like? Well I don't, so we got a puppy. 

Meet Caspian VII!

He has added zero chaos to the house, he can open the back door to let himself out to pee, and he even sleeps through the night! 

Lies, this post is filled with all lies. 

But look look at that face!! We are so obsessed, he fits into the chaos seamlessly, which really means nothing because this house is legit crazy all the damn time. This poor pup is probably like, why couldn't a nice retired couple find me and let me sleep without getting poked in the face or having my tail pulled? 

No such luck pup!

Really though, he is such a good puppy. He has had less accidents in the house than Pierce. He sleeps way longer than Odette, he also bites less than her too. He patiently waits for his food, which none of my children do. So basically he is the best behaved out of all of them. 

The only thing that is not fun, is potty training in the winter in Alaska. As if my neighbors didn't think we are crazy enough, now they get to see me take the dog out 100 times a day, freezing my ass off. They probably think, they would. They would get a dog when it is 12 degrees out. 


Welcome to the family Caspian!


  1. What a cutie!!! And what a brave woman to add a dog into the mix. The thought of adding a dog to my chaos gives me anxiety!

    1. HA! Well, I mean, four kids five and under....what's one more?

  2. He is absolutely adorable!!! I want him!

  3. Oh he is so cute!!! Just love him! :)

  4. I laughed at loud at the biting bit!!! You are way too cute Caspian!!

  5. He's adorbs! We got a little schnoodle in august and puppy training is no joke. We used the bell method for her and it has worked. With the cold temperatures and the lingering snow and ice sometimes she just stands on the back porch and gives me that look like "oh hell no - i'm going back in"

  6. LMFAO! He is so cute!! Congrats! And I love his name!

  7. Look at that adorable face!!! If anyone can do this it is you!!!

  8. I never want a dog but every now and then I read a post like this and I'm all "awww, maybe it would be fun." then I imagine vacuuming up dog hair and #nope



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