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Dec 1, 2015

men's gift guide

one: harry winston shave set. This shave set is only $30 and one of Chris' favorites! I think I have bought him three so far. For a guy that has to get a close shave every single morning, he tells me that this is a good one. I think the stainless steel razor is pretty fancy. 

two: victor & rolf spicebomb. This is my absolute favorite men's cologne. I have been wearing the women's perfume in this called flowerbomb, for years and the men's is just too good not to have your husband wear. It isn't too over powering, but I get pretty tempted to spray this on myself. 

three: clarisonic for men. So, if you know Chris you know that he is one high maintenance man. I mean complete DIVO! He is a freak about skincare. If I had a dollar for every time he stole a skincare product out of my bathroom, I would go out and buy a! So, this little manly skincare brush is a must for him. 

four: multi-device charging station. This is something that I knew I had to get Chris, if not for my own sanity alone. The man has so.many.devices. When he gets home from work the laptop, phone, ipod, ipad, are all left on the counter and it drives me nuts! No excuses now....did you read that Christopher? No excuses!

five: j crew sweater. I got this for Chris as soon as I saw it in the catalog, it just screams his weekend wear. I love the detailing, and I might just have to pull it out and give it to him for our Christmas card photos. Love it! 

six: j crew button up. Can you ever have too much plaid? No. Chris might disagree with me as he always says, "are you pattern blind? You only seem to see plaid". Get used to it because this will be wrapped under the tree my friend!

seven: jord wood watch. I partnered with Jord watches on a post awhile ago, and as soon as I got my watch, Chris was oooh-ing and aaah-ing over it. They are a great gift if you are looking for a new and unique watch!

eight: sperry chukka boot. I am obsessed with these! I think they are such a great alternative to a boot for the winter months. Classy enough for a date night, yet comfortable for a run through Costco!

nine: airmax 90 ultra. So being the sneakerhead that I am , I'm always on the hunt for a new pair. But sadly many of the pairs I want only come in mens, and they don't make them in a small enough size for me. Unless I order them from China and then I pay a ridiculous shipping rate. So I live vicariously through the mens kicks that I can find for Chris. These are my newest obsession. 

ten: auto-pathfinder aircraft. Chris really tried hard to convince me he needed this. Or still needs this. Something about the boys, and bonding, and how fun, and how I am no fun, and whatever. I do think it is pretty cool since he can mount his go-pro on it. we neeeed it? Maybe your husband does!

eleven: solar recharging kit. Okay, now this is actually awesome! Chris got this last year and it has been amazing. We have taken it camping, he takes it with him on all his hikes, and even to the field. It charges pretty fast and you are able to plug in just about anything. We charged our phones, and the batteries came in handy when our flashlight ran out while camping. I's a good buy!

And that's it. Chris is kind of hard to shop for, so maybe this will help you out if you happen to have a divo on your hands as well!


  1. I was actually thinking of getting Mike the mens clarisonic! I got him a wood watch for our anniversary and everyone always asks where he got it.

  2. He doesn't seem hard to shop for with this great list all compiled and everything! We don't exchange gifts.... Matt and I. I have zero creativity when it comes to gifts. Zero.

  3. Totally snagging that solar recharging kit for Dane! What a great find :)

  4. These are all great gift ideas, Kyle and I are exchanging gifts but I will keep these in mind for other occasions. :)

  5. Love these ideas. Totally saving the shave kit for next year. I am also in love with J. Crew button-ups and sweaters. AND they even have a fabulous tall shop for my long-torso husband (because after a few washes, regular shirts looks like belly shirts... ick).

  6. I'm going to have to check out that shaving kit for sure!



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