the aftermath

Dec 27, 2015

The carnage, the slaughter, the butchery! Have you ever heard Christmas described in such terms? Then you have never been to Christmas at my house. The boys woke up at a conservative four am whispering and shuffling their feet. Me in my exhausted state of, I just went to bed an hour ago, ran out after them to redirect their sleep walking back to their beds until a more reasonable hour of, mom got an hour or two of sleep so we can all be happy. They protested with all their might about how Santa came, and they saw toys, and mom didn't care. Killer of joy I am.... 

But they granted my wish of two hours of sleep and began their toy crusade at six thirty. The boys were ready to get the party started, but the girls on the other hand wanted more sleep. One thing everyone knows in this house is, do not wake Avalon from her slumber. If homegirl is let her sleep. Well, they woke her up and she turned into the ghost of angry toddler Christmas past. It didn't matter that Santa brought her a big beautiful dollhouse, or that there was a pretty pink scooter thing to ride on, all that mattered was that she was woken up. So that was fun. The boys ripped into any and every paper wrapped box, it didn't matter who's name was on it. The ooo's and the aaaa's were plentiful. The, "wow Santa is the best!" could be heard in China. I sat there and watched all my wrapping procrastination get torn to shreds and fed to a dog and a nine month old. 

I will admit that we are those parents that buy an embarrassing amount of wood and plastic toys, and then we spend the better part of the day making threats about taking those damn toys away if no one can seem to get along. Then we take them away, we watch a sugar induced meltdown happen, we eventually give in to letting them play with that toy again, lather...rinse...repeat! 

We eat all day as if we will never see another morsel of food in our lives again. We FaceTime family, we sing Christmas songs loudly even though we are tone deaf. Chris and I at some point get into a sarcastic filled argument about who's idea it was to buy (insert toy here) to which the kids cannot stop fighting over. 

Basically the picture I am trying to paint is, a good time was had by all. Christmas 2015 you were a good one. And now I shall shower you with pictures!

I stayed in my pajamas in the kitchen most of the day....

I hope you all are recovering well!


  1. My sister was the same way when she was a little girl. Cheryl did not like us to wake her up and if you did she was Grumpy. Too Funny! Sounds like everyone had a good time. I love the pictures.

  2. Ha! This sounds identical to my house on Christmas morn! What a wreck. A wonderful wreck.

  3. Beautiful as always! What lens do you use?



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