Top Nine (Blog Style) 2015

Dec 31, 2015

So lets just rip off instagram completely shall we? Looking back at this year, it went by all too fast! I cannot believe how much has changed, and how much is about to change. But lets look back on what the nine most popular posts on the blog were this year.
Odette's birth story was high on the list of views this year, and I mean why not? That was the biggest and best thing that happened to this family all year! It really does seem like she was born yesterday, or that we can't remember life without her. She fits in so perfectly with this crew! 2015 I love you for that. 
Parenting in the first trimester, also a huge hit on the blog. This too I can remember like it was yesterday, Chris in Japan, me with these poor little kids who watched their mom curl into a ball on the couch and just wait out the all day sickness. We survived....
First comes love, then comes baby, then comes postpartum anxiety! I've had it, and I lived to tell the tale. I was so happy to see the response on this post. Moms who also thought it was not normal, completely scary, and suffered in silence because it wasn't in the what to expect books....
Going from one to four. I always love looking back on posts. What I thought in that moment, how I felt, what I thought was hard, or still is. Going from one to two to three to four makes me kind of wish I started this blog when Ace was born. Now that would have been a shit show. Four seemed to be a thousand times easier!
Post baby pampering! Another great post for moms. I remember the days of being consumed with guilt when I would leave me babies for even a minute. Now, four kids deep I realize that I need to take time for myself in order to be a good mom for them. It doesn't have to be a lavish spa day (even though I recommend it) just an hour or two to yourself can do wonders. It took me almost six years to be okay with that. 2015 I definitely learned to let go....just a little. 
From parenting to makeup....2015 was also a fun year for this little blog. I partnered with some of my favorite brands, one of them being Butter London. Makeup posts are some of my favorites, not only because I am constantly playing in my own bathroom, but I like to share the goods. I also love hearing what products you guys find amazing, and love the feedback. 
Life in Alaska has always been a central theme of this space. After all, if we hadnt moved here I may not have started this blog at all. It started out as a way to stay connected with family. An outlet for my at times very lonely stay at home mom gig. In the beginning I had a hate hate relationship with Alaska. Chris was always gone, I was pregnant in the winter trying to shovel feet of snow out of my driveway in order to just go pick up diapers. All things that I was not used to. But I got out of that rut and started to love this place. We created so many memories, had two babies up here, and will undoubtedly miss this place! 
Another first in 2015 was camping.....with four children. Interesting to say the least. Stupid at times even. Not sure when the sting will wear off and we will do it again. Maybe when all the children can set up their own tents? Who knows, but it is funny to relive. We can now, and only now, look back and laugh. Ha!
Military ball! This years, and the last were big search topics on the blog. It is basically the one and only time Chris and I get some alone time. We aren't complaining. It is nice to get all fancy, stay in a hotel, and eat at places that we can't bring our brood. But we are always so anxious to get home. 

That's it!


I liked you. 


  1. It was definitely a good year all around! Kept you busy you know?

  2. These are amazing, wishing you an even better 2016! :)

    1. Thank you!! Same to you my friend :)

  3. What a great year 2015 was for you guys! I loved Odette's birth story and all the beauty posts! I'm excited to see what 2016 brings :)



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