Toys, Toys, and more Toys!

Dec 8, 2015

After narrowing down my list for Chris, it was time to tackle my four children. Now, if you happen to follow me on snapchat, you have seen the insanity that is our playroom. That room will be the death of me. So why am I here today to show you more toys? I DON'T KNOW!! We need not one more toy in this house. But as you can tell from our latest addition (a puppy) Chris and I don't operate at a high brain function. So I came up with a list of toys to share. I know that gift guides can get pretty redundant, but when it comes to kids toys I actually like them. I like to know what parents are buying, and what they feel like is worth spending money on. There are a lot of crap toys out there, and in my limited parenting experience I have probably bought most them. Pierce has taught me that I should only buy him wooden toys because he can destroy any other material in five seconds flat. Avalon actually takes care of her toys, so I am beginning to learn what works for her. Odette pretty much has every toy in the 12 month and under category, thanks to being the fourth child. And Ace, well Ace just got a puppy, but Chris has decided he still needs gifts under the tree. See.....back to that low brain function. Ha!
kids gift guide
So, here is a list of some things we already own but are worth some Santa wrapping paper, and some that will join the playroom very soon.

one: kidcraft dollhouse. Avalon is all about her dolls and barbies! They go everywhere and do everything with her. But they do not have a house of their own (so tragic). After hours spent on the computer reading reviews, we got her this one. I am actually really excited for her. Not too excited to put it together though.

two: wooden tool set. So last year we bought a plastic a tool set. Not sure if it was Christmas or someones birthday or what, but that tool set has seen better days. As in most of the tools are broken and met their toy grave in the trash can. So, wood ones.

three: large wooden ABC blocks. See the theme, wood! Ace has these at school and really likes them, so I thought a set at home might be good as well.

four: radio flyer classic tiny trike. I love this for Avalon and Odette. Living in Alaska does not give kids much outdoor time on a bike. At least with this, the girls can ride around in the house.

five: kids tea set. Avalon is really good with her toys. It is usually when she lets the boys play with her that something gets thrown or broken. She is gentle. And she LOVES a good tea party. I like this set for when she's feeling a little fancy.

six: melissa and doug house set. Another thing Avalon likes to do is clean! LOVES to clean. Always grabbing the small vacuum, a duster, whatever. She just wants to be cleaning. I think this wooden cleaning set would be right up her alley!

seven: mega bloks scooping wagon. Moms! Have you seen this thing? You need it. I needed it. Since we still have very little people in this house, I tend to go for the bigger lego blocks. Ace has a few smaller sets that he plays with on his table, but the other kids, it's all about the bigger blocks. This wagon PICKS THEM UP!!! Yes, I just tell the kids to clean them up and then they fight over who will pull the wagon. It's magical!

eight: melissa and doug road rug. So we have a very similar version of this rug in the playroom and it is so great! The kids are able to all fit around it and set up their little town with all their cars and helicopters. Fun for all!

nine: plasmacar. I am obsessed with these things. My youngest sister had one (13 year age gap), and Chris and I have been wanting to get the kids some. This is their year. But really, Chris and I are more excited to play on these.

ten: wooden rocking horse. A mean, the classic wooden rocking horse with a little harness? Safety first! I just love this for Odette.

eleven: little tikes activity garden. Our friends have this for their daughter and I love it. It is one toy we don't actually own in the under 12 month category. So Odette deserves a little something new and shiny!

I know it is not all about the toys and what not for kids on Christmas. My mom refuses to buy my children toys because she has been here enough to see them destroy the playroom. She has designated herself as the family book giver. She also send the kids some of me and my siblings old books every year and I just love that they are getting passed down. Even if I wrote my name all over every page in most of them!



  1. Melissa and Doug win all my votes. As does anything wooden. Built for life here people!

  2. These are great! My sisters kids are getting enough to have electronics so my sister is getting the WiiU and we are supplying games and controllers. It's so nice to go in on a big gift like that.

    1. That is a good idea!!! We got the boys a PS4, and Chris already gave it to them....we suck at this whole "santa" thing! LOL

  3. I want to get a doll house but my daughter has 0 room in her room for another house. It's a tragedy. LOL

  4. Oh my gosh! Our friends got that dollhouse off Amazon and it is a McMansion! Avalon is going to lose her mind!!!! Love it



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