doing it all

May 28, 2015

There is no such thing! I think we now live in a world where social media distorts real life. Part of me is okay with that. Everyone likes to see something pretty throughout the day. Hell, I am super guilty of having a well curated instagram. We all like to show the pretty things going on in our lives, rather than the messy. It's cool...and inspirational at times. But, "comparison is the thief of joy" my friends. 

We have all had those days where we were up all night, maybe with a baby, maybe not feeling well, or maybe with a baby that wasn't feeling well. You spilled your coffee before you could even get one sip. Your child then lets you know they wet their bed, and on top of that you forgot it was a preschool morning. You stop for a second to check out the gram and see that everyone else's day seems to be going swimmingly, You How can they possibly have it all together? To do it all? 

When people ask me this question I sometimes cringe. Like, no not me! I certainly do not have it all together like this blog or my instagram may imply at times. I certainly wish I did. That is just not the truth. I am sure we have all seen the saying "we all have the same hours in the day as Beyonce" well, queen bee has a disgusting amount of money to pay three people to complete one task if need be. So while yes, we all have the same hours as she does, she has a village I am sure making it possible for her to function at such a high caliber. So to the left to the left....

I remember when I first quit my job to stay home with Ace, I was so used to working in a fast paced environment that at home I acted like I was on speed. Just constantly doing something. Moving from one task to the next. Never to let there be a dish uncleaned or a piece of laundry left in the dryer. I was on it! I felt like wonder woman some days waiting for Chris to get home from work, like house is cleaned, baby is fed and happy, dinner is made, I am woman hear me roar!! Then I had more kids. And more, and more. The dishes piled up for longer than I care to admit. Laundry folded and put away? What does that even look like? There are toys outside of their designated areas, most recently a shit ton of legos that found a new home on the floor. Sometimes I just walk away from these messes because it's like groundhogs day over here....make a mess...clean a mess...make a bigger leaves the mess.

I grew up with a mom who owned her own business, she had an office at home but was very rarely available even when she was in there. She was 100% go go go all the time! I saw that she had help in every aspect, someone to take us to school and pick us up, a cleaning lady, a gardener, a pool guy, at one point even a cook to come in and prepare many meals to freeze. She worked hard, harder than I have ever seen someone work. Even raising five kids, I can tell you she wasn't doing it all. She couldn't be in five places at one time. I can remember on Friday nights when my brother would have a football game she would watch the first half of his game, then race across town to come watch me cheer at the second half of my schools game. Weekends she would be running around from braiding my hair at a horse competition, to cheering at the sidelines for my sisters soccer game, to my brother's basketball game, with my youngest brother and sister in tow. It was all nuts all the time. (The daughter apple doesn't fall far from the mother tree). Even now looking back my mom will tell you that she loves to work, not that she didn't love being a mom, but she enjoyed and still does, that time and energy put into her business. My hat goes off to working moms who play that role during the day and come home only to change into a different costume and take care of children.

Being a stay at home mom I can see the need for an outlet. For me that is fashion. Leaving my job in merchandising didn't mean my love for creating outfits went away. If anything it grew stronger, so I make time for it. I don't get dressed during the day for anyone besides myself. My kids could careless if I wore a trash bag around the house. Chris is always amazed that I find time to shower. But for me, that time in my closet putting myself together is the time I need. While I take the time to do that something else is not being done. Whether that be the dishes, the laundry, the chalk left in the driveway from a morning of playing, those damn legos, dinner prep, the list could go on and on. What I am saying is, that when we see someone who appears to have it "all together" they chose to put energy into that portrayal that day. For some moms it is working out, making that time to clear their head and feel good about themselves, but I can guarantee that finding that time isn't easy. That they are sacrificing something else to attain it. It's a circus act that no one is able to perform flawlessly.

It is something I have to constantly remind myself of. That it is okay to say no to things, that I in fact cannot do it all. There is no need to make excuses for it, I do the best I can when I can. There is no shame in asking for help when it is needed, or hiring help for that matter. Or doing neither and just learning to live in a mess! Ha!

So while having it all and doing it all may seem great, I like a side of dysfunction to round out a healthy dose of my day. And maybe a little more coffee, because the kids are asleep and there are no clean forks for breakfast in the morning.

a camping we will go!

May 27, 2015

The unthinkable has happened in this house people! Last week I made the joke, emphasis on JOKE, that it would be fun to go camping. Chris for the life of him could not un-hear those words. He kept on repeating them, saying them in front of the children, making lists of new things to buy. He just wouldn't let it go. Maybe it was all that hiking fresh air that made me say it, I don't know. But somehow the wheels were in motion. 

Chris is huge on the backpacking, you know pick a spot on a map, only bring out what you can carry kind of adventures. He and Ace have done the recreational camping thing, but me, not really my idea of a sleepover. I went camping when I was Las Vegas....where the idea of seeing bears and moose come through your campsite were...none! So of course my mind starts racing like, four children in the woods leaving crumb trails right to the tent door. Then my crazy mind goes to the next extreme of...well surely there is a band of murderous outlaws just waiting for a family of six to camp out by a lake. (Feel bad for Chris, he has to deal with this all the time). Of course, Chris assured me that he was well equipped to take out a bear, and if he had a weapon designed to do that, it would be no match for the band of pirates as well. 
Nothing gives Chris more joy than being able to go shopping for outdoor gear. Well that's not true, a new suit from J Crew sends the man into a weird state of euphoria. He is a complex individual. Anyway, he made  a huge list of things he needed to buy for this family of six to survive outdoors for a mere 24 hours. He took that list and went shopping. Chris has taken the liberty of turning our guest room downstairs into an outdoor shopping oasis. It is like a mini REI down there. The room is organized into sections of backpacking, hunting, fishing, camping, winter gear, you name's down there. After the new stuff was purchased I couldn't very well back out now. I checked the weather and it said rain. Rain for the next two days. I raised my concerns with ranger rick over here and he said "nope, we are still going". Camping is one thing, but camping in the rain is a whole different beast. 
The next morning we got up early to pack the car and get ready. I was the last one to get ready as usual and I came down with my camping game face on. Chris said "are you wearing makeup?" I said "yes I sure am", he knew not to question me further and we loaded in the swagger wagon. 

jump on it!

May 26, 2015

jumpsuit: lou & grey // shoes: sam edelman // bag: tory burch // sunglasses: vintage gucci 

Hey Hey Hey!! How was everyone's long weekend? I hope wonderful. Ours was pretty jam packed, but in the best way possible. We went camping!! More on that to come because....I was an experience. 

Now, go get this jumpsuit immediately! It's on super sale, and just about my favorite thing since white chocolate mochas!! I ordered this one and the romper version, and ended up just keeping this one. I love a good romper as much as the next mom, but that one just kind of hit me weird. I am the opposite of tall so a romper has to fit me in the best of ways or I look even shorter and stumpier. So back it went. But this one...this one!!! I can't get enough. I am a huge fan of just about anything in jumpsuit form. I will say with this one though, size down. I am wearing a small and definitely could have gone for an xs. It looks great with a heel, and if you roll the bottoms a couple more times you can pair it with a cute sandal or even some oxfords. 

What are your feelings on the denim jumpsuit?

Here are some others I am loving:

overall chic

May 22, 2015

overalls: nordstrom // tee: j crew // blazer: forever 21 // sneakers: nike 
hat: target (old, similar) // lipstick: nars in honolulu honey

The obsession with overalls continues my friends. I know they are not for everyone, or at least many people think that they "can't" pull them off. I beg to differ. I think they are so versatile, and any one can do it. If you own a pair, or are thinking about buying a pair for the summer, this is a great way to ease into it. Treat them as a regular pair of jeans. Pair them with a simple blazer and hat for a cute errand running day time look. Then for night you could easily lose the hat and throw on a pair of heels. I am a fan through and through! 

Who is ready for the long weekend? I know I am super excited about four mornings, today being one, that I do not have to jump out of bed and get my day started quickly in fear of not being able to drink my coffee. I think I will leave Chris to the breakfast orders....and maybe the diaper changes too. And if I am feeling super generous, the teeth brushing and outfit dressing as well. Ha! Sorry I was dreaming out loud. But four days of parenting tag team style...can I get an amen? 

So what are your plans for the long weekend? Hiking? Fishing? Camping? Shopping? Whatever it is, I hope it treats you well!! 

Trail of Blue Ice

May 20, 2015

I am absolutely convinced that even after close to three years of living in Alaska, you could live here a lifetime and still not see everything. Just when we are kind of sick of our usual local hiking spots, we stumble upon what is now probably our favorite family friendly hike! The Trail of Blue Ice is what it's called, and although there was no ice, it was one of the most beautiful trails even without everything being lush and green. We are definitely planning to go back a few times over the summer to see this place at it's full potential! I will warn you....picture overload is upon you!
The kids always start every hike with the utmost enthusiasm. Every rock, stick, leaf, and dandelion must be collected in fear that we will not find anymore...ever! So they hand me all their findings, probably thinking that I will hold on to them and we will have some huge collection by the time we get done hiking. But, sadly I am a fun sponge and ditch the handfuls, and pocketfuls of nature-like goodies. There is a method to my meanness madness--If I toss the early stage findings it forces them to keep looking with the same amount of enthusiasm. Which keeps them from fighting, also keeps them moving in a forward like motion. This makes for constant movement for Odette, keeping her asleep while giving Chris and I have a chance to actually soak in the experience. 
The sun was out and it was "warm" as long as you weren't in the shade. It felt so good to let the kids roam around and explore on their own, while the parental units stood and soaked in some sunlight.

a dream come true | white sheets

May 19, 2015

You know you have reached full blown adulthood when you get excited over house hold items, more specifically sheets!! I have been wanting white sheets for our master bedroom for what feels like forever. When we first bought our bed and bedding, we went with a grey theme because I was pregnant and we thought a darker neutral tone would be better with kids in the bed. I never really liked it. I love the look of crisp white sheets, who doesn't? It reminds me of those first moments when you walk into a hotel room and the bed sheets are pulled tight as to not show one wrinkle. The white is so white, and you just can't help but jump right in. 
That is exactly the goal I was trying to achieve with my very own white sheet set. (If you think I get overly excited about sheets, you should have seen when we bought a new vacuum, I need to get out more). I have been mentioning to Chris for so long that white sheets is what we need, and should be our next household purchase. He always said, "why? they will just get dirty with the kids". It very well may be true, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity when it presented itself. Insert Cariloha. Everything on their site is made from bamboo, and proves to be the softest thing I have ever put near my body! I will admit I was not very knowledgeable about things manufactured from bamboo, but after laying on these sheets I now want to replace every towel, blanket, and sheet set in my house. 
Being the sneaky wife I am, I decided not to tell Chris about the sheets. I waited until he was working a really late night to pull the old switch-a-roo. Knowing that he would be so tired when he got home and literally just fall into bed, I changed the sheets right before I climbed in bed. Hours later Chris got home, made a tornado of a mess in the kitchen before making his way up to bed. I was then awoken to the sounds of "oh my!!!! what is this? (rolling around) this is amazing!! did you buy new sheets?"
I couldn't help but laugh because he was so excited about these sheets. And it is totally true. Before this we had a pretty decently high threat count egyptian cotton sheets. But these are on another level. I formally invite any and all of you to come lay in my bed. You of course have to fly yourself to Alaska, and possibly rent a car to my house because we are at car seat capacity in the minivan. So in that case it might be cheaper to just go buy yourself a set.!
The kids are more than happy to offer to take a nap in moms bed because it looks so nice and clean! I can't blame them, so we pile in and everyone just pets the top of the sheets. I am in love, and I feel kind of bad that my kids are not getting this kind of luxurious bedtime slumber. But, toddlers and accidents don't bode well for buttery soft sheets. 

You my friends can get your hands on some though, which I highly recommend. You can thank me later! From now until the 25th, Pardon My French readers will get 20% off their purchase from Cariloha's entire online store. Just use code FRENCH20 at checkout. 

Now if you will excuse bed is calling me, and it won't take no for an answer!

black & white

May 18, 2015

top: banana republic (dress version here) // pants: nordstrom // shoes: zara (old, similar
 clutch: lookbook store (love this one for under $30) // sunglasses: ray-ban // lipstick: mac in snob

When in outfit doubt....choose black and white. A classic pairing no matter what print it is in. I love this graphic brushstroke top, and gravitated towards it in the store! It is very structured, which is great for a postpartum body. Nothing to clingy, but just enough hug to keep it looking put together. I reached for this outfit when we, we being myself and Chris thought it was a good idea to go out for a belated birthday dinner with four kids in tow. Normally our dining outings consist of places that we have become regulars at. Where people know us and the fact that we will need a stack of a hundred napkins, tops on any and all drinks, and the kids meals to be brought out first. Those places are usually reserved for breakfast or lunch. But dinner? Dinner was a dumb idea! So even though I got dressed, threw on some makeup, and a heel, we ended up getting take out and calling it a happy birthday. Which it very much was....

Also wonderful is the white squares strategically placed on the shoulders of this shirt, hiding spit up. And black pants with children is always a great idea, especially if your child happens to be like Pierce and refuses to use a napkin, but finds comfort in wiping his hands on you. Mom life....the messy best life!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, we are now in summer mode. Bring on the popsicles! (and napkins or hose)

from the watering hole

May 15, 2015

Ace had his preschool graduation last night, and all I can really say is that they should have charged admission! I mean we had to pay for the one time use cap and gown set....but seriously that was a small price to pay for the entertainment that was provided. Even though the kids had "practiced" what they were supposed to do before hand, nothing went accordingly. Some kids were overly excited about the whole thing and just could not contain that much joy inside their little bodies. Some children were so shy and mortified by the whole experience (Ace Ace Ace) that they stood there like a deer in headlights. A video throughout the year was shown, and preschool teachers deserve some kind of special place in Heaven....because there is not enough money in the world to make me want to teach wild monkeys! And Ace's teacher has been the biggest influence on Ace coming out of his shell. He is SO shy at school, it is hard to even get him to talk. (I wish I saw this side of Ace in the house!!!) But, he has had her two years in a row, and it is so sad that he won't be seeing her next year. Buuut....dun dun dun....Pierce will have her next year and she is in for a surprise because Pierce and Ace are complete opposites when it comes to out of the house temperament. Pierce will for sure get voted class clown.....and most likely to get arrested for streaking! 

Now summer is upon us and I have no idea what I am going to do to occupy these minions. Your suggestions are more than welcome!

What else is there to share? Not too much on our end, so let's send you else where! 

Everyone...please go look at Grace at 33 weeks pregnant with baby number FIVE!!! I didn't look this good with Ace as a young 21 year old. She amazes me every time. Then go and jump over to see how Jessica makes her day run a little bit smoother with her littles. I mentioned in my first trimester post that I was loving infused waters, well Brittany has read my mind and posted some of her favs. I will be trying all of them!

Moving on to beauty...this post has me wanting to clean out my makeup cabinet! This top coat is my new best friend! All I can say is I got close to four days with no chipping. That is unheard of with the amount of times I wash my hands a day! I am obsessed with Lorac lipsticks right now. I have gone back to Ulta three times in the last two weeks to pick up another one. I will share some of my favs soon!

And it wouldn't be a post from me unless I included some online clothes shopping. Loft is having a killer sale right now. 40% off select items, and these items are gooood! I picked up this chambray shirt, this romper, and this dress. One thing I love about J Crew is they always have some kind of promotion going on. Right now it is 25% off select summer styles. I have this onesie for Odette in my cart, along with this one piece. 

What are you browsing on the inter-webs? Leave it in the comments so I have something to look at while on the couch breastfeeding! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

This is 28

May 13, 2015

This is 28! No really it is, today is my 28th birthday. I know most people save their 30th birthday to divulge all their life's realizations, but 28 somehow feels like 40 in a lot of ways for me. So I am meeting in the middle. When Chris asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said "just a picture. A picture of our life, right here, right now" and that was that. We loaded in the car...drove a few miles and took a picture of everyone. Don't mind the fact that I stole Avalon's birthday balloons. She didn't even notice. 

But, 28. More importantly I have been out of high school for ten years. If you would have told me that this is what my life would look like in ten years, I would have laughed in your face (as any 18 year old would). I am pretty sure I was sitting with my mom telling her that all I wanted for high school graduation was to get my tubes tied. Truly another story for another time, but I didn't want kids. I didn't even want to ever get married. I thought of myself as someone very content with being alone. I was fiercely independent, and I didn't want someone to interfere with that. I had these grand ideas of going off to college, being on my own, getting a job and never looking back. Still with this idea of having my horses and living a life of me time. 

Ten years ago I met a boy. I found out what love really meant. My ideas of marriage being this awful thing very quickly disappeared. We couldn't wait to get married, time wasn't on our side in our minds. Deployment was on the horizon. Years ago I was experimenting with different hair colors. My style was all over the place. I was incredibly opinionated, and not so very humble. I had a great job and spent money like a crazy person. I drove a Mercedes, Chris had a motorcycle. We didn't own any pots and pans because who was cooking? We talked about kids...four kids. We never knew when that was going to happen. A couple years and a few moves later and my whole world changed. Ace was born and I realized that suddenly I had a purpose in life. Maybe I should open a savings account. We should possibly sell that motorcycle, that we would hop on with no helmets and drive way too fast up the hills of Scottsdale. And we did. 

One kid after another, one move after another, one more time being separated for this reason and that. One more year would bring me closer to this. To that picture up there. To finding myself in the greatest promotion life could give me. To being a mom, which honestly if you asked anyone who knew me growing up would say, call CPS because Kelsey should never have a child. To loving these people so deeply that it hurts. To watching my body expand and be molded into what it is today. To being comfortable in my own skin. To valuing the difference of opinions and learning and growing from the people around me. To loss and heartache. To learning to keep people around me who only bring in the positive, because I have the crazy part on lock. To not having it all figured out, and not knowing where the future will take us. 

Ten years ago I was unhappy. 

At 28 I can truly say I am happy. I am a mom to four (!!!) wild and amazing kids. I am a wife to the only man that could possibly want to put up with my tornado of insanity all day everyday. I am a daughter who now fully understands the sacrifice and selfless act of parenting. I am a woman with stretch marks, varicose veins, dark spots, and wrinkles. I drive a minivan with more cup holders than one knows what to do with, and five pounds of goldfish on the floor. I am me....and this is 28. 

Happy Birthday Avalon

May 12, 2015

Happy Birthday baby girl!!! Two, where did two years go? Honestly the best two years with this little girl. She has brought so much joy and happiness into this house. Chris and I were absolutely sure we would be okay if we had all boys. We never really thought a girl would be in the cards for us. But sure enough Avalon was the best surprise ever. And a little girl really does change your whole world! She is not only the apple of her daddy's eye, but all the people in this house. Ace and Pierce wait on her hand and foot, from the time she wakes up they say "bugger girl what do you want for breakfast?" "Oh my Avalon what pretty dress are you going to wear today?" It is the sweetest thing to watch. I can only pray for her future boyfriends, because man, not only will they have to deal with her bodyguards but she is treated like a queen. Big shoes to fill....

But lets not get too far ahead....

Avalon you are two! With the sweetest disposition of any child I have ever met. You fill my heart with the greatest of emotions. You have taught me what it is like to be kind, to be gentle, to maybe walk a little slower and take everything in. You operate at a much slower tempo than your brothers, which is welcomed! You have the cutest mannerisms, and the most animated personality, only to be shown at your choosing. You snuggle and hug like you mean it! You reserve kisses for special occasions, and really make your dad work for them. We couldn't love you more if we tried....and we love seeing you in your new role of big sister. Odette will be lucky to have you show her the ropes in this crazy house. 

I can only hope this birthday is as special to you as it is for me. You have a lot of people out there that love you, but none as much as me. Your grandmom Cheryl, who sadly you will never be able to meet due to her passing, told me that I needed to have a girl. That I needed to know the love of a mother and daughter relationship. She hoped for you, and I am eternally in her debt. 

Happy Birthday Avalon Josephine!

We love you!!

from one to four || the evolution

May 6, 2015

the look of a very tired college student, cramming for finals. me not Ace, clearly he is wide awake!

I think lately the biggest question I have gotten is, what was the hardest transition? Was it going from one to two kids? Adding in three? Or what about the fourth? Maybe it was bringing home the first. I think it might be different for every mom. A part of me wants to say bringing home Ace was pretty difficult, but then the circumstances of bringing him home probably only made it seem that much more difficult. Chris and I were both full time students, not to mention I was pretty fresh to this whole staying at home thing. Chris left for a month two weeks after Ace was born, so I kind of got a sink or swim course on parenting. I don't think bringing home Ace was too hard as far as Chris and Is relationship was concerned. I think as parents you are in such a euphoric state with that very first baby, that newborn smell, the hilarity of changing diapers and not knowing what you are doing. You really don't feel like you are missing out on date nights, or gatherings with friends, at least we didn't. 
taking Pierce to his one week check-up, Ace clearly not happy about it.

Going from one to two kids was probably my biggest shock. For 19 months Ace had been my whole world. I had never been away from him. We did every single thing together. Chris ended up leaving for OCS (officer candidate school) when I was eight months pregnant with Pierce. This left Ace and I to get even closer. I had all these emotions going on that I just poured every ounce of energy into those last few weeks of it just being him and I. Chris ended up missing Pierce's birth, so I didn't have him there as a buffer to ease the transition with Ace. Chris was gone for another two months before coming home. I would say that was the hardest on him. Not only was he coming home to a new baby, but he was coming home to the craziness of two children. Reintegration is hard enough on military families, that was just a little sprinkle on top. With two kids you don't feel completely outnumbered, yet, so you try and be super mom. If one is crying you try to tend to them immediately, but what if the other one wants you? You work yourself overtime just trying to make sure that your first born doesn't feel overshadowed by the baby. But you yourself want to soak up this baby stage as well. It's difficult to know where to draw the line.

Hey Mama....

May 5, 2015

Mother's Day....a day for homemade cards, breakfast in bed, maybe even a shower alone in the bathroom with the door locked! What!!!! That is what I'm talking about. I know that Ace has been working on a Mother's Day art project at school, and I am so excited because last year his card was so cute! I think we can all agree that the handmade mementos are the best, keepsakes. But who doesn't want to get a little something something as well? As many times as I have told Chris that I would love nothing more on Mother's Day than to wipe half the number of butts than I do on a normal day, he always throws in a gift or two. 

Here are some of the things I have been eyeing on the world wide web:

A cute mama tee, just to wear that title loud and proud! Seeing as how I spend most of my day in the kitchen cutting up fruit, preparing dinner, and refilling my coffee cup, this mug and cutting board would fit right in. And now that the temps are warming up, I guess it is time to put away the flannel pj's and break out a cute short sleeve set. This J Crew one is at the top of my list. 

My sneaker collection will never be complete, and I wouldn't mind adding those brightly colored Nike's into the mom uniform mix. To go along with the shoes you need accessories right? Right! A personalized clutch and a few monogram bangles would be the perfect combination! On rare occasions I like to wear some big bling in my ears, but with baby fingers and toddler curiosity, the simpler the better. Those gold bar earrings look like the perfect trendy piece. 

And it wouldn't be a Mother's Day gift guide without a little smell good something or other. Have you seen this aromatherapy shower kit? I mean, I think we all need this in our lives. As much as I would love to run away for another spa day, that just isn't on the calendar at this point. Just like my sneakers, my candle obsession runs rampant in this house. I have mentioned these candles before, but the summer scents are just as good as the winter ones. Vanilla fig and Espresso happen to be my favorites. To round out the list, this ultra hydrating body mist is my new favorite, and of course my all time favorite lip balm! Trust me, your mom or you yourself will love them!!

What are you looking forward to? Or what are you sending your mom? Can't forget the grandma's as well!!

from the watering hole

May 1, 2015

We have made it to Friday friends!! Why does that always feel like such an accomplishment? Seeing as how my Saturday/ Sunday's don't really look too too different than the rest of the week. But whatever, I'll take any little celebration I can get.

So what can I tell you? Oh! So many firsts going on around here lately....Ace is about to lose his first tooth!! This is totally exciting territory for Chris and I, and I'm pretty sure Ace is so sick of us saying "let me see your tooth!" first born children man....every little thing is super exciting to us. So here is my question seasoned parents, what is the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? Ace is pretty excited/ terrified of the whole thing. "You mean she is going to TAKE my tooth?" "How much money will she leave me? Can I buy a toy?" So how is that determined? Is there a set standard? Does it go by the size of the tooth, pain involved at time of removal, amount of blood, points for creativity of getting it out? Am I over thinking things here? (no...never). Anyway....let me know.

Also a first, Odette made her first trip to Target!! Now this should be celebrated right? She was asleep the whole time so she doesn't remember, but it was a momentous occasion. We picked up these for Avalon, a few of these air fresheners because I am obsessed, I can't walk through my kitchen without picking up a bottle and just spraying it everywhere! And have you seen these lights?? I am still baffled I walked away from buying a couple, but there is always next time!

What else? Oh! I read this article the other day on saving money. That is a total first for me too. But I ended up following some of the advice such as looking through my bank statement and cancelling automatic charges, like itunes apps, some kind of picture editing thing that I don't even use that was taking out 4.99 a month. I ended up cancelling $20 worth of stuff!! That is four grande white chocolate mocha's I just gave to myself! Wait, that's not saving. 

So from saving spending money. Nighttime breastfeeding is the worst thing to ever happen to my wallet! Odette can fall right back to sleep, but I am up like oh, let me see what shopping I'm missing out on. I am loving this beach tote, we don't go to the beach like most people, we go to clamming beaches up here. But still that tote...necessary in my book! From Forever 21 I have in my cart this boater hat, this dress, these shoes, and these woven overalls.

Shall we send you to greener pastures on the internet? Okay, Kate posted this about parenting tips, and I was just nodding in agreement, and taking notes. Natalie put together this realness about the internet and bullying, and I pretty much just wanted to hide in a hole, and then come back out roaring. Tawnya is one badass mama, she posted this about accepting your post-baby body, and I mean, could it be more fitting for me right now? 

That is all I have...

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


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