talk to me kids...

Jun 30, 2015

As much attitude as my kids throw my way, they make up for it in making me laugh. Their raw honesty never gets old...unless of course they are commenting on my struggle to get into a pair of jeans. Other than that, I quite enjoy the little gems they throw my way. From my house to your screen....
Pierce walking around with his shirt up and a dinosaur attached to his nipple.
Me: Pierce what are you doing?
Pierce: Feeding my dinosaur, what else?

Chris leaving for work:
Ace: Bye, make that money Dad!!

While driving to a trail for a hike:
Ace: do you guys know how to read a map? (looks at map upside down) I gotta learn to read!
Ace: mom there are only six people in the world. Is that a lot?
Me: six people? No that's not a lot.
Ace: okay...what about 162?
Me: one hundred and sixty two people in the whole world? I think there might be more.
Ace: okay....what about 151. 12. 3. and 10.
Me: yea that's a lot.
Ace: see I knew it. I'm like a genius.

While making breakfast one morning:
Me: Pierce, I think your underwear are on backwards.
Pierce: No they not. The tunnel goes in the back!
Chris: The tunnel? What's the tunnel?
Pierce: the TUNNEL!!!!! You know this part (pointing to the little underwear opening).
Me: Oh, but I think that goes in the front.
Pierce: NO! No, the tunnel goes on the butt.
Ace: So mom, how tall are you?
Me: 5 foot 4 inches.
Ace: Whoa! How much does that weigh?
Me: Well it weighs a lot more right about now!

When the temps were higher than normal, and there is no AC in the house:
Ace: Whew! It is hot in here! I need to take off my clothes for real!

Pierce picks up a J Crew catalog:
Pierce: MOM! Look in this book. These are all my girlfriends. Look look at that girlfriend, I gunna marry her with a yucky kiss!

So...who wants to come for dinner at my house?

What to pack for a trip to Alaska?

Jun 25, 2015

So I have come to the conclusion that everyone is either coming to Alaska, planning a trip to Alaska, thinking about a trip to Alaska, or has a genuine fascination with Alaska. Over the last couple weeks I have gotten a spike in the "questions about Alaska" email department. The majority of which have to do with what to wear, or what to pack for a trip up here. I have done my best to answer those emails, but thought why not throw a visual out there for others who might be looking for a resource. I by NO means am any kind of expert on the matter. I have definitely learned a lot about what works for me, and the kinds of activities that I enjoy. So here is my breakdown...

This is strictly for summers in Alaska, winter is a whole other novel that I could write. The biggest thing for up here are layers. The weather changes faster than my opinion on what I want for dinner. You can seriously experience all weather varieties in one day. Rain, sun, wind, snow, it can all happen, even in the summer. So, layers people l-a-y-e-r-s. 

You also want to keep in mind the activities you will be doing. I am all about the hiking, fishing, camping, and leisurely stroll kind of atmosphere. So these items work for that. First you want your base layer. For me that is a thin pull over and a pair of leggings. This is my uniform for just about everything outside. Then if the weather changes or we are hiking at a higher elevation I can throw on my fleece. If it happens to start to rain I can thrown on my rain jacket and pants on top of that. (I bought my rain gear one size up to fit over a few layers of clothing). Always always have a beanie and gloves packed away somewhere. Trust me, even in the summer you will find yourself reaching for them. While we were in Homer they were essential to have on the cold and windy beaches. A puffer vest is also pretty nice to have around for a chilly morning. 

Lately we have been having some higher than normal temps, so shorts and short sleeves have been my go-to. But, normally a pair of jeans would still be appropriate for this time of year. Not only that, but a button up is super easy to throw on, or wear by itself. I have a deep love for a denim on denim look, so a chambray top and a pair of skinnies is a must!! 

Footwear! I am an over packer in this department no matter what, but for Alaska you need more than a few footwear options. Rain boots are a year around staple. Hiking boots are a must. You could probably get away with wearing tennis shoes for a hike, but you will most likely encounter water to cross or step in, so a waterproof hiking boot is great to have! Sneakers to walk the paved trails, and a pair of sandals for just about everything else. 

A hat, sunglasses, and a backpack are your accessory must haves! The sun in Alaska is no joke! Not to mention the number of hours it is out a day. So bring all your items containing SPF. No matter what you have to have somewhere to put all these layers, extra shoes, gloves and hats, so a cute but durable backpack will be your friend. 

Obliviously this is all just the basics. You of course want to bring your normal clothing options. These things will just be your staples. Things you use over and over again. On top of that you will want bug spray, even if you forget underwear, you must bring bug spray! The mosquitoes are closely related to dinosaurs up here, they are huge and vicious!

As for going out, Alaska is pretty casual all around. Even in some of the nicer restaurants you can get away with jeans. Business casual at best is what would be required. But most places are super chill. I mean it's Alaska...

I am overdressed the majority of the time, but you can check out what I am running around in right here.

I really hopes this helps and answers some questions. This are the exact items I own, so I can only vouch for their dependability in the Alaskan terrain as I use them. If you have other specific questions I will try to answer them....or I will ask Chris. 

5, 3, 2, 3 months

Jun 24, 2015

This summer is just flying by!! We are rounding out June, and I just received Ace's school supply list, which is giving me heart palpitations. I mean, kindergarten next year!! Someone get me a prescription for Prozac stat! But before I keel over from time being robbed from my fingertips lets press pause for a minute on these four.
Oh man, if you could bottle up five and display it in a picture this would be it! At-ti-tude! Ace is on his high horse just about 90% of the time. Nothing gets past this kid right now. He sees and hears everything going on around him, and he has 101 questions to follow. It is really fun to see how he interprets things, and how he goes about solving problems. He is so incredibly independent it's scary. He is determined, stubborn, and extremely sensitive. He wants to climbs mountains just like his Dad, and right now he wants to grow up to be a doctor because he "hates germs". He still has a huge dislike for girls, and he has requested that they not be in his class next year. He basically thinks girls talk too much.... 

He is growing like a weed. So tall yet so skinny, his waist is a 4t yet he needs pants in a kids xs to get the right length. His feet are ginormous and we go throw shoes so fast! He is about to be completely toothless in the front, as we patiently wait for two more teeth to fall out! Favorite food right now is halibut....the kid has expensive taste. Other than that he is a force to be reckoned with. 
Pierce. Pierce Pierce Pierce. The boy is out of his damn mind! Three is definitely the most trying year as far as parenting goes. Two is like the kitten of three. Three is the king of the jungle, straight up lion. He doesn't listen to anything or anyone unless you turn into psycho parent and your head starts to spin around, then he is like, oh you mean business. He wants to only eat turkey sandwiches with mustard. He sleeps like a teenager. He will go to sleep at 8pm and wake up sometime after 9. I am constantly going in there to make sure he is breathing. He is a beast of a child, weighing two more pounds than Ace. He is constantly mistaken for a much older child, or Ace's twin. 

But, he is the cuddliest and funniest child ever!! He makes us laugh so hard and is constantly the life of the party. When he walks into a room, he lets it be known! He has a deep deep love for music, and always wants his headphones on. He knows the words to so many different songs, and has dance moves to go with it. Total protector of his sisters, and loves the ladies in general. Taking him to the park is like watching someone speed dating. He just runs to every girl and introduces himself. He is a riot!
Oh the princess Avalon! This little girl melts my freaking heart. She has the cutest little voice, and I can't resist but give her whatever she asks for. She is attached to my hip, which I absolutely love! Everything is princess this or princess that. She always wants to be in some kind of princess attire. She loves more than anything to tell on her brothers. She watches them like a hawk just waiting for them to do something crazy so she can scream "maaa maaa maaa looook!!!" 

She eats as much as a grown man, and has yet to meet a food she doesn't like. She is willing to help you with any task. Her favorites happen to be unloading the dishwasher, and changing the laundry. She has quite the obsession with dogs right now, and is constantly asking for one. She loves to look at clothes online and would like to wear as many hats as she can stack on her head. But, home girl can throw a tantrum loud enough to make me want to take cheese graters to my ears! In other words, don't mistake her kindness for weakness. 
Baby Odette! Three months already. As much as I would like time to just stop, she is at such a fun stage. Discovering the things around her, most notably her hands. She is laughing, and cooing, and making so many different noises. She absolutely LOVES getting her diaper changed, and taking a bath. If Chris is with her and she gets just a tad bit fussy, he automatically takes her up for a diaper change whether she needs it or not. After all the traveling in the car we have been doing, she seems to not mind her car seat as much. Usually just falling asleep once the car is moving. Heaven help you is you stop the car for more than 2.9 seconds! She sleeps through the night. I happen to not. I usually get up once to pump, and then about ten other times to check on her. She co-sleeps like she owns the damn king bed. She is a full blown stomach sleeper though! All my kids were. She can roll all over the place, so keeping her on her back is irrelevant. At her two month check up I told her pediatrician that we were entering some stomach sleeping territory, which she was a little concerned about, but once she saw her roll around she knew there was no stopping her. 

Still eating like crazy, thankfully she has slowed down on the cluster feeding. She is in 3-6 months clothes, with some 6-9 month stuff fitting. She hates headbands and hats, and swats a her head when I put them on her. She is just the sweetest most laid back baby, and we are falling more in love everyday! 

weekends with dad

Jun 23, 2015

This past weekend was dedicated solely to Dad activities. I mean that is what Father's Day is all about right? Well whether is was Father's Day or not, there was a marathon to be had. The Mayor's Marathon to be exact. Chris has been training for this marathon for some time now, which means our whole family has been dedicated to his success. Seems kind of crazy right? But when Chris has a goal....he must then live and breathe that goal. It is kind of a running joke in the house, because a new goal is always set (which is great don't get me wrong) which means there is a new sense of craziness added to our normal amount of chaos. 
A little back story. Our first year in Alaska, about a month after Avalon was born, and about two days before this same marathon, Chris came home and said "I am running a full marathon on Saturday". I said "well, don't people usually train for those kinds of things?" He said, "ya, but I am just going to run it". If you happen to know Chris....this mindset is not unusual. He was running it with a bunch of guys from work, just for the hell of it. So, as the supportive family that we are we made sure to get to the finish line. While also scoping out the surrounding streets looking for a dark haired man on a stretcher. Because I mean...who just wakes up and decides to run 26 miles??!!! 

He did pretty well for his first time, finishing just under three and a half hours. I remember him crossing the finish line and just seeing the sheer look of exhaustion on his face. Once he made it through the crowd he just dropped to the ground and looked at me and said "never again". I laughed so hard. His knees were so messed up after that. But once he healed he had this new found love of running. He would always describe this "runners high" that he felt while running the marathon. I as a non-runner don't know what that is. must be great. 
Last year he didn't run in the marathon due to his work schedule. And to be honest marathons didn't really come up again, until after Christmas. Chris realized he was not too far off from qualifying for the Boston Marathon from his first time at a full, and then that was the new goal! To qualify for Boston. In January we did our first round of whole30 to see if what he was eating had anything to do with the inflammation in his joints. Sure enough after an overhaul of clean eating in this house he has seen a huge change in his joints, and everything. I too found so many benefits of cutting the shit out of my diet. The training began for him again. He had a whole training calendar planned out. He had a goal to get on the Army Ten-Miler team just for the added bonus of being able to run...for work. He made it on the team, which probably prepared him even more for the marathon. 

Hi, I'm Kelsey and I'll be your tour guide!

Jun 19, 2015

So we have basically covered our Homer accommodations, and the daily activities, but there was more! So much more! With our mornings spent hanging out around the cabin and enjoying the view, our afternoons spent getting sandy at the beach, clearly our evenings must be spent downtown. Clearly. 
The town of Homer itself is really quite cute. You could drive down any street and find a great restaurant or coffee shop to stop at. But where the real action my opinion is down on the spit. For those not familiar the Homer spit is basically a 4.5 mile piece of land stretching out into the Kachemak Bay. Down there you have the port, the boardwalk, and at the very end a hotel. It is such a cool little place to explore, with some of the best food I have ever had. 
We happen to greatly enjoy walking around the port, and down to the waterfront to see all the boats. I am a huge Deadliest Catch fan! I remember the first season, I was a senior in high school and somehow became fascinated with this whole crabbing thing. I used to make Chris watch it with me in my dorm room, along with a little Law and Order SVU. SO...the fan girl came out in me when I spotted the Cape Caution up there. Wild Bill is basically my spirit animal, and all I could do was hope we ran into him and his glistening grey hair. We did not. Guess I'll just have to catch him on my DVR. 

Anyway...we walked around as the kids marveled at all the boats, and questioned why we didn't own one. Simple answer kids...tuition and food are expensive...and there are four of you...the list really could go on. 

Life's a Alaskan beach!

Jun 17, 2015

Alternate titles could have been...."Alaskan beaches are cold". "When Bald Eagles Attack". "A sequel to the movie The Birds". "A bird in Alaska could easily pick up my toddler". 

Basically you are about to see a bunch of birds on a beach...some really big ass birds on a beach! I want you for a moment to picture yourself sitting on this beach, watching your children play with sand, frolic around splashing in the water. Then all of a sudden you see a few birds circling around you, you think nothing of this because you're on a beach...and well, there are fish in the water. Not only that but there are fishermen coming back from a little trip out to sea. But then! THEN! You see a few bald eagles the size of large dogs land uncomfortably close to you and your small children. Your husband is losing his mind with fascination while you yell at your children to stay close! One bird, then two eagles, then more birds and you find yourself in some sort of weird feeding frenzy! They start to fight over the fish carcass that had appeared on the beach. But at this point you can't take your eyes off what is going on, and the sheer size of the is my evidence!
These pictures were taken with a 50mm lens, so you know that we were oddly close to the action! I mean...I'm sorry what? Seeing bald eagles in Alaska is nothing new...but having them fly so close is quite the experience! All I could think about was that movie The Birds, just all these damn birds circling around us. I was trying to get the family to oh I don't know...move a few feet to the right...but they were not having it!

So long summer vaca!

Oh man people, I hate to do this to you, but a vacation recap is in this blogs future. If you follow me on instagram, or snapchat, then you have seen more than you ever wanted to of Homer. But, since this little space serves as my portal to recall all family adventures....a recap is a must. 

Every summer since moving to Alaska we have headed down to Homer. I count down the months, weeks, and days until we pack up and leave. I have no idea why I am so in love with this place, but it just melts my heart I tell ya. Chris could spend his days fishing for halibut, the kids would rather play on the beach than eat, and I could walk the harbor, sit on the boardwalk, or just lay in the grass and watch the planes take off from the water. I just love it. 
We always rent a cabin at Kenai Peninsula Suites, because hotels are pretty much a no go for a big family with the majority being toddlers. We need a kitchen, lots of space, and privacy! Not because we are private people by any means...we are just loud! This place has the perfect setup. Each cabin is a good distance from one another, and there is plenty of space for the kids to run wild and free. The family that owns this property is on sight, and super understanding as to why my children are running laps around the fire pit at 10 pm. 
Not to mention the view is INSANE!!! I mean...could you imagine waking up to this every morning? The people that live on this bluff basically live in paradise in my opinion. Snow capped mountains and the sound of the waves hitting down below? For-get-about-it! 

I would suggest making reservations well in advance, as this place fills up fast in the summer time! 

Our trip started off a little rocky as we were three hours late getting out of the house, due to every child needing to poop about twice before they felt like they could embark on a five hour car ride. Then after getting in the car, making a stop through the Starbucks drive-thru, filling up on pumpkin bread, Pierce decided the car was his nemesis and threw up all over the place. That was the first set of clothes he went through in a 24 hour period. Then the baby had the diaper explosion that could rival a volcanic eruption. I was basically ready to throw in the towel....but kept thinking about this view and how it might be the last time we are here since the time is ticking to us moving. 
I am glad we decided to keep trucking along with all the windows down, as not to bask in the stench of motion sickness, because this view just makes me the happiest mama around!

Growing up we were never the family that had a permanent vacation spot. You know that one place you can look forward to going to every year. You have so many great memories to layer on top of each other as the years go by. If we were to finish out our time as a military family in Alaska, Homer would be our summer spot. My kids could have the memories of the scraped knees they got when racing each other in the gravel driveway to the cabin. The nights spent roasting s'mores. The early mornings on the deck drinking coffee and hot chocolate. 
I am hoping that some of Ace's first long lasting memories include Homer! It just feels like such a special place for our family. Or as Chris would tell you, "Kelsey is just in a good mood in Homer....which means we are all in a good mood". Ha! It's true though....I know how to be a fun sponge! 

Not here....somehow all parental anxiety and frustration is alleviated. The kids can do whatever they want (within toddler reason). Bedtime is a joke. Pizza for dinner three nights in a row sounds divine! And the noise level is ungodly...but somehow joyous at the same time. 

Homer, I love you is basically what I am getting at!


Jun 16, 2015

tee: zara // jeans: target // shoes: converse via nordstrom 
sunglasses: ray-ban // lipstick: mac in lady danger  

Crop tops! High tops! and red lip stick...oh my! The second I saw this shirt I had to click 'add to cart'. I love a good graphic tee, and this one is super cute! I love the bold red print to match it to a red lip, and any chance I get to throw on a red lip, I must take! 

You know what else I can't pass up? A good dare from my husband (also my personal photographer). As we were standing on this bridge he said "I dare you to hang over the edge". He knows I am not a huge fan of bridges, especially ones with very cold water underneath them. But damn it I can't pass up a good dare. You can't really see it in the pictures, but I am very much hanging over the edge, while Ace yelled, and Chris was laughing. I mean, danger is my middle name...right after wuss. There is never a dull moment in this house, much less a day that goes by that Chris and I don't play a prank or dare each other to do something stupid. Don't mistake us for parents, because that would just be silly! 

How was everyone's weekend? I don't even know where to begin on catching up with my blog reading. Bloglovin is a little overwhelming at this point! Not as overwhelming as the pile of laundry that is currently staring me down. But, Chris hasn't dared me to tackle that c'est la vie!

Happy taco Tuesday!!!

a click here and a click there

Jun 12, 2015

It's Friday my friends....our last Friday on vacation! Next week I am sure I will be counting down the seconds until Friday rolls around and Chris will be off work again. But that is neither here nor there because as you are reading this I am on my way to my most favorite place in all the land....Homer!!! We have gone there every summer since we moved here and it is what I look forward to all year! The beauty, the food, the beach, the food. You can read all about our adventures last summer here, here, and oh, here.

But if you would rather skip all that...and I can't blame you, here are some better reads. Are you reading Stephanie's blog? You should be.

This post! Kate just gets it right every.single.time. 

I love this post on how to decorate when you're renting a house. Chris and I have both said we will never buy a house until we are done with the military life. I do not have the mental sanity to deal with selling a house....I'll give my thirty day notice all day everyday over that biz-naz!

The lipstick junky in me saw this post and immediately made a list of things to buy!

Shall we get into Father's Day? How in the hell are we already at Father's Day? Didn't we just take down Christmas decorations? I swear. Anyway, I tried to reverse psychology Chris into thinking the Apple watch he gifted himself is his present. But realistically the kids will be giving him more. The man loves ties more than he loves me, so this set is perfect! I turned Chris into a little bit of a sneaker head, so now I feel it is my responsibility to keep his collection going. I love these woven ones that he can wear everyday, or dress up with some dark denim and a blazer! The kids are all going to make a little card for him as know, once we get around to that!

I am sure everyone and their mom has seen or heard about the whole capsule wardrobe phenomenon. I would like to think that I am one of those people that could totally scale down my closet and live in a more simple wardrobe. But, I don't want to lie to myself. Instead I am really trying to buy pieces that I can mix into my closet with very little effort. Pieces that have endless options. I am always buying that one piece to complete an outfit in my head, but never really thinking....what else will this go with? So I'm going to give this a try, re-wearing and remixing, what a concept right? This denim top is on it's way to my house, and I am thinking this swing sweater will be the perfect year around sweater for Alaska. I need another pair of sneakers like a need a hole in the head....but I am thinking I neeeed a pair of stan smiths, you know just to round things out. (ridiculous...I know...I need help).

What are you loving? What are you reading? Give me the goods folks!

charming peasant tops

Jun 11, 2015

top: j crew factory // jeans: nordstrom // hat: nordstrom
boots: target (old, similar) // lipgloss: nars in turkish delight

It's all in the details! That is what drew me to this top. The embroidery is perfection, minimal, but enough to make a statement on its own. Accessories need not apply. Plus it is easy. A light billowy structure, which can be paired with just about any denim bottom. Speaking of denim....get these boyfriend jeans!! If you have been looking for the perfect pair, these are them. I have a hard time finding the right fit in the boyfriend variety. I am on the shorter side, so too much of a relaxed jean just makes me look frumpy. Too little, and my thighs that are hanging onto pregnancy weight for dear life will turn that boyfriend jean into a skinny real quick! And, honestly you can't beat the price of these. I am loving Blank NYC denim. I bought these super shredded jeans (from this post) before I had Odette and was determined to get in them. I just ordered this pair, and can't wait to put them on! Do any of you have some Blank NYC jeans? I'd love to hear what you think of them. 

Anyhoo....I am in the process of getting laundry done, putting away will never happen, as my living room couch is currently housing three loads. While Chris and Ace are on a quick father son backpack through the woods, I promised I would pack everyone for our last adventure before Chris has to go back to work. But now I am regretting that decision. Packing for six people is no joke! Now add in all baby essentials and about four spare outfits for each child, on top of the regular (gotta account for accidents and puddle falls), and we cannot forget my down right absurd amount of shoes that seem to follow me everywhere. There is just shit all over my house. Should be interesting when it comes time to find my keys....currently MIA!

Exploring Hope

Jun 10, 2015

A sense of of the many things I hope my kids come away with in life. The ability to just jump in the car and drive, not knowing where you will end up, but determined to have a good time no matter what. To get lost, to play tourist, to never stop exploring. I figure if I drag them along to fulfill my need to see every small town within driving distance, at least one of them will come away with the same happy feelings I get when I see old buildings and run down streets. One out of four means I have a chance right? I hope so...
And that is where we found Hope, AK! We have driven past this turn off on the highway no less than 30 times, never really asking ourselves what was down there, until the other day. So we took it...we drove down a long stretch of highway with amazing views on either side of the car. We drove until we saw a tiny little sign that said "main st". We parked, and everyone jumped out. 
There are only a few buildings when you walk down main street, a little cafe with just as much charm as one can imagine. A tiny information center, and a couple private properties. The kids ran up and down the streets, jumping in puddles. The fear of cars was quite limited! We walked to the end of this one road of downtown to find ourselves fascinated by the "historical district". 

New to me breastfeeding products

Jun 8, 2015

Would you believe that even on baby number four I am still finding new products to obsess over? I thought I had all my favorites lined up and ready to go to use for Odette. But I have found even more breastfeeding products to love this time around. I posted about some of my favorites with the other kids in this post, and this one, but fourth times a charm right?
It's no secret that I love trying new products, this obsession doesn't start and stop with fashion trends and beauty extends into the world of breastfeeding as well!

First up, Bun Maternity nursing tank. I mentioned before how much I love this brands nursing t-shirts, but I decided to try the tank top out as well. The best!! It snaps up near the shoulders, and has a layer of fabric underneath, so it makes breastfeeding at the park pretty discrete! They come in a bunch of different colors, and are the prefect layering piece under a blazer, or button up.

Nipple cream. I thought I had this department all figured out until a nurse at the hospital told me about the Motherlove cream. She told me they sold it in the boutique at the hospital so I sent Chris to grab some before we departed. This stuff is kind of magical, and it is all natural! Reading the label, there is nothing that you cannot pronounce, so you know exactly what it is made out of and that it's completely safe to use. I swear I had less cracking and this cream helped to soften everything up so it was easier for Odette to nurse. Breastfeeding moms honor...this stuff is amazing!

Up until now I used the disposable nursing pads, which are great! I decided to try out the washable kind, and I really love this brand Bamboobies. The pads are ultra thin!! Not bulky and thick like the disposable ones. They also do not show through a nursing bra. Even though they are thin, they are still super absorbent. The overnight ones work great as well. Easy to clean, and reuse!

How I had my manual breast pump and never saw these quick clean bags is beyond me! This is the type of short cut I need in my life. I haven't been pumping like crazy with Odette since she seems to eat all the time right now. But in the beginning it was so easy to use my pump and then sanitize all the parts with these bags. Took me four kids to find them, but I am glad I did!

Surely all burp cloths are the same right? Wrong, well kind of wrong. I have so many burp cloths it is insane. But a friend of mine told me about these ultra soft burp cloths by Baby Kicks, of course I ordered some and am now forever changed. They are sooooo soft! They are really absorbent as well. They wash great and come out just as soft as before. I keep meaning to order more of their products, I'd like to try out the wash cloths, and wipes as well. 

How many nursing bras does one mom need? Not many once you find some good ones. I have sworn by the Cake nursing bras with all the other kids, but this time around my boobs got ginormous and my usual bras were just a little tight. I ran to Target to remedy this situation and found these bras. I am extending my allegiance to them. Now that my milk supply has seemed to regulate itself and my boobs have lost some square footage, I got a couple more to get me through these breastfeeding days. These are so stretchy and supportive even without an under wire. I like the cut and shape of them, so I can still wear v-necks. They hold their shape really well and do not warp at all when you wash them. Not to mention the price is pretty appealing. 

I know I know so many of you are going to say "but where oh where is your nursing pillow?". And to tell you the truth I have never found one that I could get comfortable with. Trust me I have tried a few, and just like the whole pregnancy pillow thing I  threw the idea out the window. I use a good old pillow and we are milking just fine. 

Tell me some of your nursing must haves! Have you tried any of these? 

feminine edge

Jun 5, 2015

peplum top: torn by ronny kobo (sold out, dress version and similar here, here)  
jeans: blank denim // leather jacket: zara (similar) // shoes: zara (love these
lipstick: dolce & gabbana in nude 120

Friends!! We made it to Friday. Although we are technically on vacation, and I don't even know what day it is most of the time, I do know when Friday rolls around! And I hope you all had a good week. 

I am all about unexpected outfit mixing right now. Whether that was Tuesday's pattern mix, or this mix of textured pieces. I am not really an overly girly dresser, but this peplum top was too pretty to pass up. Mixing it with some super distressed jeans and a leather jacket gives me the edgy balance I am looking for. It may not be the most obvious choice for an outfit when walking into your closet, but those are some of my favorite outfits. 

And for those who have asked about my natural hair color...well check out my roots for the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I have no idea what I want to do with my hair right now. Keep it dark...lighten it...add high or low lights...I just don't know!!!! I always have the urge to chop my hair after a baby. Long hair is just a lot of up keep. So until I figure it out I am just letting the crazy colors combine. Chris brings it up all the time, because I am usually dying my roots every couple weeks. Any suggestions? 

Maybe I should consult pinterest for an answer.....


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