a barracks wedding

Sep 29, 2015

How's that for a post title? Kind of scary if you ask me....which brings me to today's topic. I can't remember where I saw this, it could have been one of many social media channels, but the question was, what if you had to get married at the exact same place you met your spouse, where would that be? 

I thought it was absolutely brilliant! And then it dawned on me that I would have to get married in an Army barracks in Washington, surrounded by a bunch of infantry soldiers. You can read all about the lengthy meeting and eventual eloping of Chris and I here and here. But what if it were all different? What if I really had to get married in that place? 
commemorative cell phone photo since I was the DD that night, circa November 2005

My wedding would look something like this. 

A cold, muggy, non-air conditioned building would be the venue of choice. Our wedding colors would be tan and olive green. Our guests would be welcomed not with the smell of white lilies, but rather a more potent combination. One of male body odor, masked with cheap cologne, and possibly the hint of a hot pocket cooking. The wedding aisle would be dark seeing as how the lights were out in the hallway. Except there would be a little flicker of light from where one light bulb was holding on for dear life. On either side of the aisle would be miscellaneous objects such as shoes, toilet paper, and dirty laundry. You would hear the loud laughter come from the rooms on either side. Our wedding guests would stick to a very casual dress code, that may even include some army BDU's that had just come out of a week in the field. There would more than likely be an open bar, because this was ten years ago and the barracks were a much different place then they are today! Our resident dj's would be playing an eclectic mix of country, hip hop and a little R&B for the ladies. The male to female ratio of our wedding guests would be extreme. The females that did show up to this lavish affair would have a very hard time going to the bathroom, seeing as how the only "ladies" room was in the barracks basement, and there was also no working light or toilet paper to be found. Sorry wedding guests, toilet paper was not in the budget. 
picture taken by my college roommate in Chris' barracks room the night we met

The ceremony itself would be quick, because there is a curfew in this place. The reception would happen outside in an open space known as the parking lot. Our guests and ourselves would congregate around an array of vehicular devices. Chris' best friend (who is still his bff to this day, and actually did come to our real wedding) would give a speech about how crazy marriage is, and how he is losing his wing man. Our guests would roar with laughter and inappropriate shouts, and then we would all pile into our designated vehicles and drive away. Never to speak of this day again. 

(When I brought this funny subject up to Chris, he belted out...."we fell in love in a hopeless place" so you know, clearly he gets it) 

Okay, your turn, where would you have to get married? Set the scene a little bit because I'm nosy!

maroon, marsala, bordeaux

Sep 28, 2015

nordstrom rack blush jacket
floppy hats for fall
burgundy and blush
maroon booties from nordstrom
burgundy for fall
jacket: nordstrom rack c/o // tee: topshop // jeans: j crew 
shoes: nordstrom // hat: vintage (similar here and here)

Hi happy Monday people! How was your weekend? Our was so low key it was almost no key. Saturday we spent the whole day watching documentaries on Netflix. I got in an hour of alone time, but other than that I can now consider myself an expert on beavers, pandas, odd couple animal pairings, coywolfs, whales, cooking, and weird weather phenomenons. I am telling you....Netflix documentaries are like Pringles, once you pop....you can't stop! Even the kids were into it. We all just vegged out on the couches, only pressing pause when someone had to pee or we needed to refill our water cups. And can I tell you, it was amazing! Needed!! Chris had a long week last week, and this one will be one in the same. Which means I will have long days and many many bedtime battles. Tis my life....

Yesterday we had to play catch up on all things adult related, you know, grocery shopping, dry cleaning drop off, a stop or two to pick up more fall decor for the house. You can never have too many fake pumpkins in one house! 

And the weather was all sorts of crazy, even my weather app came up with some crazy crap about the possibility of snow this week, but I can't wrap my head around that just yet. Which brings me to the fact that I must wear all the heels before the threat of slipping and breaking a hip comes to fruition. I can't help but get all excited to wear fall colors. Especially burgundy. Or maroon, or marsala, or bourdeaux. It has many names, and I love them all. Mixing the darker shade with this blush topper jacket may be one of my favorite pairings. I love the details on this jacket as well, the zippers add a little more character, and change the wearing of the jacket. I know I'll be wearing this in the colder months as well, I can just see a grey turtleneck sweater layered underneath and it makes me happy! 

What are some of your go-to fall colors? And for all fall purposes we can go ahead and consider any and all plaid a color in this conversation. 

Everyday Happy

Sep 25, 2015

I love discovering new companies with a great message! Everyday Happy was recently introduced to me, and well, I couldn't be happier! Any kind of company that puts together well thought out products to make my life just a little easier is welcomed with open arms in my book. Everyday Happy is a company comprised of moms and dads from all different backgrounds, who just want the same things. Healthy, natural products for their kids and their households. Who can say no to that? 
Everyday Happy
I can't, and I didn't. I am really liking the bath products and the laundry soap. All products you can never have enough of in a house full of children. I feel like all I do is bathe kids and make many many attempts at loads of laundry. No matter how unsuccessful I am with getting it put away, it smells fresh and clean. This laundry soap is gentle enough to use on Odette's clothing, yet powerful enough to get the stains off of Ace's school pants. It has a very light fresh scent, nothing too crazy. The bath products as well smell nice and get the job done! 
Everyday Happy
Another part of Everyday Happy that I am truly impressed with, are their wellness products. I mean how many times do you forget to pick up vitamins while you are out? Me all the time. Or more so in my case when I forget to get my prenatal vitamin prescription refilled. Yes, I am that lady who continues to take prenatals until I am done breastfeeding. I always forget to call my prescription in until it is too late. This vitamin delivery came just in time as I had two packets of prenatals left. I decided to hold off on the refill and try this combination. Both of these supplements are comparable to my regular vitamin regime, and I am still currently taking them. 

Overall I really like what Everyday Happy has to offer! Even better, you can try a free sample kit for yourself. I really do think you will love these products, and the shipping to my door was super fast! 

You can also checkout their newsletter to be entered into giveaways and other fun things!

Thank you to Everyday Happy for partnering on this post. 

speaking of sweaters

Sep 22, 2015

sweaters for fall
one // two // three
four // five // six

Shall we continue our discussion on sweaters? Were we even having one? I'm a stay at home mom....sometimes I make these things up.

Anyhoo, sweaters are my cold temperature love language. In the morning when I am rushing to beg, plead, and grovel with my children about what they are going to put on their bodies, it doesn't leave me much time to come up with a great outfit. But that is the good thing about a great sweater, it is an outfit in itself! Plain sweaters are awesome layering pieces. Neutral sweaters are essential basics. But I like to have a few jazzed up sweaters in my arsenal, you know just to put that vibe out there that I actually put some thought into my outfit, when really I just reached into my closet half awake as to not disturb a sleeping child or two in my bed.

Here are some of the sweaters on my radar. Each one has a little somethin somethin to give it character. Which is perfect to pair with some jeans and an ankle boot.

Sweater game.....meet school drop off....school drop off....don't get too close, I probably haven't showered!

moose calls and makeup

I live for the weekend, don't we all? But after last week and one too many sleepless nights, and puking parties, I was done. So you can imagine my excitement when Chris told me he had a three day weekend! I mean church bells ringing, braveheart screaming freeeeeedom!!!! That kind of excitement. Honestly, I just wanted a shower with all the bells and whistles attached. And I got it. But Chris requested a little father daughter date with Avalon. To me they just don't get enough time together. Ace and Pierce always have something going on to which Chris' assistance is needed. Cross country, swim lessons, karate. It is all happening and it feels like it all happens on the same damn day at the same damn time. So Avalon is always kind of stuck with mom....bummer! Chris asked her what she wanted to do and she said "shopping for makeup". The girl knows what she wants and how to get it, dad. He was so excited to take her out. He asked where he should take her and of course I said Target. I mean...where else? They went out to lunch and then headed for the aisles of girly dreams. Chris said that Avalon walked right in and took him to the little girls section and just started picking out clothing and putting it in the cart. He called me right away and said "umm what size is she? She is loading up the cart right now". I thought it was so cute and so funny. Then they headed to the beauty aisles where dad was lost in the sauce. He called again and asked "what is appropriate for her age?" I said well technically nothing, but I always let her pick out some brushes and chap-sticks. When they got home Avalon was so excited to show us everything she got! Two dresses, a jacket, skirt, a purse, and a makeup bag full of goodies. Chris said she is an angel to take out compared to the boys. Ya think? He did say that he thinks he might have to get a second job in order to afford us girls. You're telling me...we know what we like and we aren't ones to settle! 

After they did their thing and Ace was on the projectile mend, we needed to get outside. There has been fresh snow on the mountains since last week and we just had to get in it. Best place to do that with kids is Alyeska! One of my favorite hikes is Winner Creek Trail. So gorgeous, and relatively easy. Not to mention the perfect place to practice my moose calls. 
Oh you didn't know I was a caller of the moose variety? I am trying to perfect my skills. If you follow me on snapchat, you know my talents. If you don't follow me on snapchat you are truly missing out, I feel like I do my best work on that platform. Anyway, Chris and Ace were practicing moose calls Friday night. Chris is gearing up for a caribou or moose hunt? I can't remember which, but he was watching some videos that led to other videos that led to moose calls. He was intrigued and so was Ace and then I jumped on the bandwagon. Let me tell you....it is no easy thing. I feel like I need to practice in the outdoors, be one with nature, ya know?
So we got our walk on.... in the beginning it was great. The kids were happy to be out. They always love the beginning of this trail with all the wooden bridges to walk over. But it was cold!! Until you made it to a sunny spot. After a little bit of walking, I mean maybe a mile, they were all fighting over a seat in the stroller. It happens every time we do this trail, I don't get it. But Chris and I were over hearing their whining, so we threw Avalon and Pierce (who was complaining of a stomach alien) in the stroller, and well....I took on Ace. 
We walked back to the car to get some water, change some diapers, and feed the baby. Chris and I were sure the kids didn't want to take the tram up to the top of the mountain, but sure enough those tired legs were ready to move again...weird. 
I think taking the tram is so fun! It is a quick ride to the top of the mountain, and the views up there can not be beat. There are two restaurants at the top as well, Seven Glacier which is amazing (not kid friendly in my opinion, but date night dreamy!) and the cafe. We opted for a stop in the cafe to get the kids some food. They spilled four cups of water, three ketchup's, but managed to eat a basket of fries. 
We headed back outside to get our hands on some of that first snow! Of course we chose the safest place to do that, I mean what kind of parents do you think we are? Here children....play right here where it says, CAUTION FALLING ICE! Have at it....
They all survived....don't you worry. The concerned tourists may have thought otherwise though. 

Chris and I grabbed a coffee, snapped a few more pictures and then we loaded back on the tram to head back down. Alyeska is one of my very favorite places and I cannot wait to break out the skis this year, seeing as how I am not currently incubating a child. You're shocked I know.... so are we! 

So let's all raise our coffee cups to some snow on the mountains and not currently on my driveway! 

Cheers to that!

cold shoulder

Sep 20, 2015

rebecca minkoff sweater
rebecca minkoff sweater -shopbop
wide led denim
fall fashion
rebecca minkoff cut out sweater
sweater: rebecca minkoff via shopbop  // jeans: blank denim via shopbop 
purse: rebecca minkoff via nordstrom rack c/o // shoes: zara (similar here)

In my mind there are a couple things you can never have enough of in your closet, jeans, white tees, and sweaters! I guess I am speaking for those living in colder climates, I sure didn't think that way when I lived in Vegas and Scottsdale! I don't even think I owned an abundance of sweaters. But living in Alaska has made me up the sweater count, because honestly you can wear them year around depending on their weight. A light swing sweater in the summer....good. A warmer wool sweater with cut out details for the fall....perfection! This sweater by Rebecca Minkoff is the bees knees when it comes to sweaters. Warmth and style all rolled into one! 

And jeans, well, I think jeans are just about all I wear. I added these wide leg cropped jeans to the collection despite Chris' opinion of "well...they look like guy jeans". Guy jeans. Not to be mistaken with boyfriend jeans. I happen to LOVE them. They are light weight, super soft, and comfy. I think they will be so cute with ankle boots, pointed toe flats, or even a taller boot for the winter (can't expose the skin to the elements!). 

What will become of my sweater collection when we move? 

Who knows....

What I do know is, it's Monday and none of my children are displaying any flu like symptoms so, I like it. 

(update: thank you to those who emailed me about the sweater, it is sold out on Shopbop, but I found it available here and here!)

Thank you to Shopbop for sponsoring this post. 

Currently Craving

Sep 17, 2015

brown lipstick
all images via pinterest 

Happy Friday folks!! Yesterday was the battle of my life with sick kids vs. healthy kids. Trying to run to the sick ones when they actually get sick, while trying to keep the healthy kids from getting in the projectile way. While trying to breastfeed a baby but then a kid gets sick, or trying to put a overly tired baby to sleep but then a different kid gets sick.....you get it right? Insanity! So I am so happy that Chris has the day off and I will be getting laundry done among other things.


So, I mentioned on my instagram that I am loving brown lipstick for fall. Well that love has skyrocketed and I am in full on buy all the brown lipsticks mode! I have no idea what has attracted me to this shade of lipstick, I mean I am always pretty daring with my color choices, but this is one I have never tried....until recently. For me being so fair skinned I really have to walk the fine line of having chocolate lips and looking rather goth. I have tried quite a few different shades out, and the ones above are the winners. The matte Charlotte Tilbury is ridiculous! Ridiculously good! For a more budget friendly version, the matte NYX lipstick is a good alternative. I also like the NYX glossy finish lipstick for a real punch! Cheap and effective. You can never go wrong with any lipstick from MAC, so I got two shades that I know I will keep in rotation long after the initial honeymoon phase of this addiction wears off.

I know it is a little daring, and a stretch for some, but I promise it is gorgeous looking!

What are your thoughts? 

Odette at 6 Months

Sep 16, 2015

That's right my friends, my littlest babe is now six months old and I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. I mean yes we are getting to the good stuff of her moving around, laughing uncontrollably, and sleeping. But...six freaking months! Uhhh....
Let's talk about this little love of mine. She is the happiest baby ever. I can say that because I have three others to compare her to. And I mean, like overly happy. Always wakes up with a huge smile on her face. There are days that she does not even think about crying! Riddle me that!! Chris and I sit and stare are her like...are you sure you're part of this family? Have you not met your brothers and sister? They act like they were raised in a zoo. But here she is. She loves to just sit contently and play with a couple dinosaurs. Sitting. Independently. All the time. 

Also, crawling like it's her job. Baby gates have been put back up, light sockets have been triple checked, and locks have been put on drawers. She is quiet with her approach, but she is quite curious. We are still in the teething trenches, but if you ask her she would tell you she handles it pretty well. Unlike her oldest brother who made me rethink my entire existence as he would just scream all day long. Odette? She is just happy as a clam chewing on whatever she can get her swollen gums on. Which brings us to food! She has a very healthy appetite for whatever I am eating. But I have to tell her to slow her roll and just eat what she is given. Mainly, avocado, sweet potatoes, and banana so far.
She has gotten more accustomed to her car seat (praise the Lord) but when she wants out, she wants out. She loves diaper changes and thinks the fanning of the diaper after a good wipe is the funniest thing ever. She could live in a nice warm bath if we let her, and loves a little bit of naked time afterwards. Don't we all....

She really is so easy going. I don't know whether that is really her personality or the fact that the older kids are constantly fighting, screaming, or throwing things across a room, that it makes it seem like she is an angel. Or if she really is just a cool cat. I'd like to think that is the case.....but I thought the same with Pierce and he is now my wildcard child. 

In any event we just can't stop loving on her. In the words of Chris "I mean do you think she is sick of us all kissing her? I just can't help it, I can't hold her and not kiss those cheeks!". It's true. Non-stop germ spreading around this house.  

That's it. I love you my little Odie!

when I click you click we click

Sep 11, 2015

TGIF FOR REAL!! Now pass me a glass of wine......did you say it was too early for wine? Okay fine,  then pass me another cup of coffee to get me to wine time. 

First things first, nail polish. I am usually one to go for the bold color on my nails, but lately I have been loving a nude. Dark nude, pale nude....whatever. I am really liking this one by Essie, and this one by Butter London. 

Nordstrom's is having an end of summer sale (I know another sale...) and I have been finding some really great pieces for fall. I ordered another pair of flares, these ones to be exact, this cardigan, this blouse, and this denim field jacket

Alright, on the blogging front-- Kait posted some tips for shopping at Target. You know you need these!

If you are anything like me when washing bed sheets, you just roll up the fitted sheet because I mean....damn those things and their corners. This post changes everything. No joke, I have perfectly folded sheets and I like it!

Emily posted some great tips on how to get fuller brows. I cannot tell you how happy I am that full bushy eyebrows have been making a come back the last couple years! I have the straightest eyebrows in the history of brows! In high school I so deeply wanted to have those beautifully thin arched eyebrows, but could never achieve them because mine are just so straight! Not anymore people!! I embrace my thick brows, and rock them with all their straight glory!

This chocolate sheet cake is going to be my next really big cheat treat! I mean really big because I will probably need a day to recover after I shock my system with this sugary goodness! Yum!!

Blythe posted a homeschooling tools round up, and well, she is basically the authority on these things. I don't know how she does it, but I am using all her wisdom to my advantage. With an impending move I have been toying with the idea of homeschooling Pierce. I might have to write I post for a more in-depth explanation, but in any event, I ordered a couple thaaangs.

Oh! THIS POST!! So many great blogging tips, and tells you how to blog LEGALLY! Alex pointed it out on twitter and it is so good. I don't think people realize that blogging has some real rules too. Like, taxes! Don't take pictures from google or pinterest and claim them as your own! Site your sources, we all learned it in middle school. Same goes for blogging! And, don't be shaddy McShaddy when you get sent stuff, disclose that shiz!

What else? What else?

Okay, you guys may think I am crazy, and  I am. But I am totally LOV-ING the wide leg cropped denim that is going around for fall. Examples are, these bad boys, these light colored lovers, and these slightly frayed wonders! I showed them to Chris the other night and he said "they are all hideous!" which means I will be buying a pair asap!

I think that is all that is floating around my mind.....as far as the internet is concerned.

Have a great weekend! 

color and print

Sep 9, 2015

rebecca minkoff red purse
rebecca minkoff crossbody bag
rebecca minkoff red purse
kate spade booties
kate spade leopard print booties
top: j crew // jeans: blank denim // shoes: kate spade (old, similar)
bag: rebecca minkoff via nordstrom rack c/o // spike bracelets: accessory concierge
chevron bracelet: rocksbox c/o 

Fashion rules....I don't really believe in them. I mean no white after Labor Day? What sense does that make? But then you can wear head to toe winter whites? Isn't that a bit of a mixed message? Mixing black and brown, or black and navy? It used to be a big no-no, but those happen to be some of my favorite combinations. A pop of color or a pop of print? How can someone choose just one? Why not mix them all? I mean I have always had a rebellious side to me (Mom remember when I came home with a nose ring at 15? Huh? Huh? Remember that?). I feel like some of the best outfits, or street style inspirations come from wearing more of what you like, rather than what follows imaginary fashion rules.

Fall is all about pulling out the prints and textures! Plaids, prints, leopard, snakeskin, suede, velvet!! And for me I just want to mix it all together!

With that comes an outfit with two statement pieces. Bold clutch and even louder shoes!! I love the mix of red and leopard print. I think they go so well together. I could have lost the purse and thrown on a red lip if I was feeling frisky.....I was not...at least not this time.

Okay....enough about my fashion ramblings and more about tomorrow being Friday!! I am so excited. Mainly because Ace had a rough week with morning drop offs, and my mama heart can only take so much. He had such a great second week of school, but this week, no bueno! Tell me other moms are feeling my pain? Please.

How has your week been going?

Summer Recap

As I was getting a homework project together for Ace, which let me just stop right there and add that each "project" he brings home is more like a project for me. I mean clearly my child can't print off pictures, label them, write a description, and so on and so forth. So three weeks into school and technically I have a project!! Anyway...the project is to tell what you did this summer, or what Ace did since it is his project, remember? 
Of course I consulted the source...this blog, to see what the hell did we do this summer? See I knew this blog would come in handy! And as I was looking for pictures to print off for him, it got me thinking about all the wonderful things we did this summer!! Then I got even more sentimental because this was our last summer in Alaska!! Next summer we will be somewhere else, without the Alaskan wilderness as our backyard! Where hiking will no longer mean just picking a trail on a map and hoping we find it. It means designated hiking spots with actual other people on the trail!!!! Oh the horror...Chris has already stated he hates that. He likes more of the bushwhacking type trails where we have to really work for our view, and carry bear spray and a bear gun. Where there may not be people but running into a moose on the trail is part of the thrill. That's all part of living in Alaska, which we will miss. And we will most definitely miss this summer, so lets take a look back. 
We really started off the summer with a bang! Our first family of six camping trip! Odette was just two months old, it was cold, raining, and amazing!! So amazing that if you remember correctly, we thought we should do it again. This time we headed to Denali Nation Park...safe to say that trip left a bad camping taste in our mouths. But, Denali was magical and I am so happy we spent a couple days surrounded by the Alaskan interior. 

We made our annual trip to Homer, which will always be remembered as "moms favorite place" in this house. We went so far as to look at properties while we were there. I love love love Homer, the beach, the spit, all things I want to remember. 
We even explored a new to us little town, Hope. Chris immediately fell in love with the surrounding mountains, and I fell in love with the charm that this town boasts!

It wouldn't be a summer in Alaska if there wasn't some hiking, or in our case, a lot of hiking!! The summer kicked off with a beautiful hike on the Trail of Blue Ice. This was our introduction to hiking with four kids, and it went well from what I can remember. 
We hiked the Portage Pass trail, to the amazing views of the glacier. I think if we took a vote, this was our families favorite hike of them all! But, we also saw Exit Glacier, which was pretty cool as well, and a much easier hike!!
Venturing out to see a beautiful waterfall, via the Virgin Falls trail, will also be a time that I remember having a mild heart attack as I watched my five year old maneuver around some pretty sketchy terrain. While my then three year old, in a cast might I add, jumped over fallen trees! 
A stop at Pyrah's Farm, which is something we will absolutely miss come this time next year!

As I was looking through the posts there was more and more hiking, from Hatcher's Pass, to Flattop, Girdwood, and Eagle River. Most of which was documented on instagram. But not too shabby for our first summer with four kids, playing tourists every chance we got!
Here's to Fall in Alaska....which is always short lived before the snow makes it's way in. We are still in limbo about moving, but maybe I will be able to document another winter here! Who knows....only the Army does, but I am not even confident that they know. HA!

How was your summer? What was the highlight?

fall double double

Sep 7, 2015

mom style
nordstrom hooded cardigan
toddler pea coat
nordstrom sweater
mom and me fall fashion
nordstrom hooded sweater
old navy graphic tee
long cardigan: nordstrom // tee: old navy // jeans: zara (old, similar) // boots: old (love these)

avalon's outfit:
peacoat: h&m (similar here and here) // dress: target // leggings: old navy // boots: old (similar here)

How was everyone's long weekend? I hope a mixture of fun and relaxation! We had some pretty packed days filled with birthday festivities, exploring, shopping, and eating of all the foods! All in all a good weekend. With Ace in school full time we seriously miss him. Schools here in Alaska start much later, which in turns means kids get out of school later. The time we have with Ace at night is so limited between homework, dinner, baths, and bedtime routines. Pierce of all people is really missing his partner in crime. He was so so happy to spend all weekend with Ace playing with their friends at chuck e cheese, having a little boys date with dad to the bounce house (so mom could clean the house). And fighting playing with all the new additions to the overrun toy collection in this house. It really makes us all appreciate time together! 

And speaking of time together, Avalon is getting to that stage where she wants to do all the girly things. She wants to go shopping for makeup, paint her nails, spend hours organizing all her shoes and purses. I mean complete opposite from me when I was little. I was a little tomboy rolling in the muck and the mud of ranch life with horses. But I am loving how she wants to be with mom and do all the "grown up" things. Not to mention she is on the fast track independent dressing game. She wants to pick out every outfit, no matter how many times she changes in one day. Dresses!! Only dresses!! Which again is totally opposite from when I was little. I was jeans and boots all the time. My mom would have to threaten me into a dress....or watch my dresses be torn to shreds after riding horses in them all day. So you can imagine my excitement when my mom sent me my first pair of cowboy boots, and Avalon fell in love! 

Country girl after my own heart.....now we just need our lives to slow down a bit and add some horses back into the mix! 


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