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Nov 29, 2015

 Cute Fall Outfits
Nordstrom Plaid Sweater
Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag
Cute Layering Outfits
Stuart Weitzman 5050 Boots
sweater: nordstrom // plaid shirt: old navy// leggings: zella

Why yes I wore this exact same outfit last Monday to a little blogger event, but I liked it so much that I thought Thanksgiving weekend deserved a sequel. 

Shall we talk about Thanksgiving real quick? I know you are being inundated with recaps so I will just give you the highlights.

-I did not cook. We went to the restaurant at the hotel, and it was amazing. However, I did miss the amazing smells from my own kitchen, and just that home cooked vibe in general. But since we had no family in town this year and a few of our friends were staying at the hotel for opening day at the slopes, we decided it was a good idea. 

-Opening day did in fact happen, but it was pretty crappy. Raining, and slightly miserable is what I got from Chris and the boys. 

-The kids were AMAZING at dinner. Like I seriously thought someone drugged them. I mean they sat, they ate, they didn't fight. It was crazy. I think it also had to do with the fact that there were six adults to four children, so everyone was getting some attention. 

-I ate SO much. Like to the point of sickness! Four plates of food, and then dessert of course. In the elevator back to our room a nice lady complimented us on our beautiful family and then I shit you not she said, "and when is number five due?". Chris fell to the floor laughing, Ace looked so confused, I was laughing, and then Chris popped in with "she was due last March". I guess that gives you an idea of my lack of ab muscles, and how much I ate. It was hilarious!! 

-The older my children get the less likely they are to actually sleep in a hotel bed. It was musical sleeping positions every night! I think at one point I laid in the bathtub with a blanket. Three beds, six people and still we can't seem to get it together. 

-We are home and nothing is unpacked, and my house is an effing disaster. 

Now, lets get to the matter at hand this Monday, Cyber-shopping! I will admit that the Christmas budget was blown on the first Amazon and Nordstrom order, but that doesn't stop me! So here's what's up for today:

AMAZON: 75% or more off winter jackets. Up to 60% off select electronics. Up to 50% off select kid toys.

ANTHROPOLOGIE: additional 25% off sale items.

ASOS: 30% off. Code: BLESSED

FOREVER 21: 21% off. Code: EARLY21

H&M: 30% off, and 40% off sale items

LOFT: 50% off everything!!! Code: CYBER50

MACYS: 25-40% off clearance, plus free shipping. Code: CYBER

NIKE: 25% off clearance.

NORDSTROM: 50% off select items.

OLD NAVY: 40% off no exclusions! Code: BESTCYBER

GAP: 40% off everything! Code: BESTCYBER

REBECCA MINKOFF: 25% off plus Essie nail polish, and free shipping.

SHOPBOP: up to 25% off your entire order. Code: GOBIG15

URBAN OUTFITTERS: $50-$150 off your order!

VICTORIA SECRET: Free tote bag with $65 purchase.

ULTA: $10 off your purchase of $50, plus free shipping. Code: 303711

One stop shop for your online deals and codes!

Nov 26, 2015

The day has come, our bellies are undoubtedly still full, and it is time to work that turkey coma off. I don't mean on the treadmill....I mean at the mall. Do you venture out into the sea of Black Friday shoppers? I will admit that I do most of my shopping online. Crowds of people fighting for deals is not my kind of fun. No combat shopping for me. So allow me to give you a Black Friday round-up so you too can get the best deals!

Old Navy 50%  off everything online and in store

Nordstrom up to 50% off select styles 

H&M 60% Off Select Items

Anthropologie 25% off your order code: SHOPTOIT

More sales:

Amazon: 30% off select clothing, shoes, accessories, watches. Code: 30BLACKFRI

Asos: Up to 60% off. Code: BLESSED

Banana Republic: 40% off your entire purchase, and 1/2 off sweaters. Code: BRFRIDAY

Gap: 50% off everything, some restrictions apply. Code: EARLY

J Crew: 50% off online and in store. Code SHOPGIFTS

J Crew Factory: 50% off everything. 

Nike: 25% off clearance items. Code: GETOUTHERE

Victoria Secret: Buy 1 bra get 1 free. Code DOUBLEUP

Side swept curls tutorial

Nov 25, 2015

Hello friends! So I finally, finally got a video tutorial done! I know that many of you guys have been asking for me to get some started, so I figured I would start with a recent look that got a lot of questions. The hair I did for military ball a couple weeks ago. Super simple, and perfect for all your holiday parties!

But on another note, my hats goes off to all the YouTube mavens out there! Getting a video done is no easy task, at least not for me. The lighting....the camera angles....the children. So allow me to give you an excuse to laugh today, because none of those things were working in my favor!

Products Used:

If you have any questions, or you would like me to torture you with some other videos, let me know!


Nov 24, 2015

Why wait for black Friday to start shopping some of the best sales? One of my favorite sales of the year is happening NOW! The Shopbop sale. This is a great one to get a chunk of your holiday shopping done. The more you spend the more you save. So, call your mom, your sister, your best friends, your sister in law twice removed. Anyone. Go in on an order together, so that you all save. 
Shopbop Black Friday Sale
pajamas: splendid
sunglasses: westward leaning
sweaters: blanket cardigans 

This is the perfect sale to grab those pieces that you have been lusting over all year. A great pair of denim. A bag. A trendy stand out piece that will carry you through the season. Those boots that you already asked Santa for, or how about some cute Christmas pjs to lounge around in? 

And this sale is not just limited to shoes and clothes, I had to split it up to showcase some of my favorite items for your home, and of course the kids stuff!

Shopbop Sale

I mean, seriously? There are so many things to choose from. And the best thing is the amazingly fast shipping that comes along with it. Which means I probably won't be wrapping anything because I will be too excited to try it on. 

What are you waiting for? Go forth and play one of Santa's elves! 

plaid with a side of fringe

Nov 22, 2015

 rivers island flannel zip shirt
fall fashion inspiration
asos- rivers island flannel zip shirt
flannel zip shirt with fringe
fall outfits
flannel shirt: asos // turtleneck: zara // leather leggings: nordstrom
boots: stuart weitzman // hat: target (similar)

Since winter in Alaska lasts for longer than I care to discuss, I am constantly on the lookout for warm layering pieces. Things that I can get away with outside running errands without having to throw on my michelin man jacket. This flannel fringe top is a welcomed addition to my cold weather collection. It is thick, but not bulky. I sized up to a medium because I wanted some length, and room to throw layers on underneath. But you could totally get away with a smaller size and wearing it as a killer shirt! It is also the perfect tent like design for a Thanksgiving meal, a maternity shirt would be sooooo cute too! I am not currently pregnant. Although this would be my best friend if I was. 

Add it to your Christmas's a good one!

Just a short post for today, you know, it's Monday....we still don't know what we are doing for Thanksgiving....yadda yadda yadda!

Everyday Clean

Nov 19, 2015

I wish I could say that my house is in decent looking shape everyday, but that would be a bold faced lie. I mean, I try to keep a sub-standard clean house on the regular but the fact is, I am outnumbered. I could pick up and wipe down until my OCD heart is content, but my children would laugh at me as they wipe their faces on the side of the couch, or use my windows and walls as their pad of paper. So when it comes to cleaning products I need things that work! Like really give it to my children's messy little fingers. So that when sleep schedules allow I can let my inner cringing clean heart get to work. 

A little bit ago I introduced you to a great company, Everyday Happy. You can read more from this post. But today I am back with their latest release, home cleaning products
Everyday Happy
Seriously, I was probably a little too excited about these coming in the mail. Does anyone else have an obsession with cleaning products and office supplies? Maybe we save that for another post. Anyway, these are amazing. Which I could have expected because all the other products I've tried are on par.

Everyday Happy- Home Care Products
Not only did they arrive quickly at my door, LOOK at this packaging!!! The box, the colors, the stuffing. I am a sucker for presentation and they get an A++. 

First thing I noticed with the products was the smell. These are plant based products, that also contain oils to keep your surfaces sparkly clean, but do not do any damage. The smell is so clean, but I feel like you can smell the different ingredients. Since Odette is at the stage of, let me lick everything I can put my mouth on, I feel confident letting her gnaw on the side of the table after wiping it down with this cleaner. 

Mom of the year over here. 
Everyday Happy Products
Put them to work! Gotta earn your keep in this house. 

The other product that I was impressed by was the Power Sponge. It takes crayon and pen off the walls, water spots off stainless steel, and smudge marks off the base boards. Also any sales of the power sponge will go to UNICEF. 

Honestly, I have been working with Everyday Happy and the people, customer service and company background are amazing. You can read more about Elle, their community manager and how she balances motherhood, and working on a start-up company, all while training for the NYC marathon. Some seriously good stuff my friends. 

And for those that emailed me about ordering kits online from my previous post, Everyday Happy is now offering Pardon My French readers 40% off any order of $50 or more. Starting November 27 through November 29th. Use code: EDHBF-PM-FRENCH at checkout. 

Add this to your Black Friday shopping list. Your house deserves it!

Huge thank you to Everyday Happy for sponsoring this post!

jeweled shoulder

Nov 18, 2015

sweater: j crew // blazer: banana republic // jeans: old navy // shoes: converse 

Okay, guys. Don't think I am a total creep, but, who is ready to open their house up to me and my heathens? It is too damn cold for me. Like, nose hairs freezing upon opening the door. My windows frozen shut. And my children saying, "but mom it too cold to go out there, just leave me inside". So we are seeking refuge....preferably somewhere that is in the 60's, sunshine, a light jacket possibly required. Anyone got that? Don't tempt me.....

But really I have nothing to complain about because while we were indoors trying to make new friends at a playgroup (more on that in a second) Chris was enduring a twelve mile ruck march in -10 degree weather. Kind of puts heat and seat warmers into perspective. 

And as far as Pierce making friends in's gunna be touch and go. He is his mothers son. Tells it like it is. No filter, no holding back, just pure honesty. He told a kid he smelled. I mean, he said it not me. And he didn't say it discretely. It was in a very four year old observation fashion, also known as LOUD! Safe to say we are back to the drawing board when it comes to finding new indoor places to go. 

Which brings me to outfit planning when living in Alaska. If you know you will be entering the great indoors then throwing on a cute sweater is still a necessity. You will eventually peel off the layers. And this grey jeweled number is too perfect. The back zipper pretty much sold me, I mean the details. I did however dress it down with some high tops, but it could just as easily transition to night with a pair of killer grey pumps. 

Do we agree? Yes. Okay. 

right here, right now

Nov 17, 2015

pardon my french blog

Ugh, getting back into the swing of things after having my mom here for two weeks is hard. She is always such a huge help. Even in the mornings, not having to load up all four kids for school drop off and pick up was amazing. Having a thought provoking conversation to start my day over a cup of coffee. Having another body to keep the girls occupied while I was helping the boys with homework. Staying up late watching movie after movie while Chris worked well into the night. All so good. 

But now it's time to get back into the swing of things....however long that may take me. 

So what's going on? 

We wake up and go to bed with negative temps as of right now. I mean seriously? Alaska. You couldn't ease us into this shit? You had to just go balls to the wall with the freeze. I feel so bad watching all the little kids get bundled up in their cars and then have to take ten minutes to try and get un-bundled once in the classroom. One of the teachers told me it is 45 minutes of their day just dressing and undressing. Whoa! 

We currently have yet another mouse in our garage. I think this brings the count to five. No, not five in their all at once, although who knows. We got the other four. Chris so lovingly calls them all Jerry, which is a running joke in the house. You seen Jerry today? Did you see that Jerry ate the peanut butter off the trap and is still taunting us with his presence? Jerry, Jerry Jr., Jerryetta, I fucking hate Jerry. Your time will come mouse, just ask your friends. I just hate the fact that there is a mouse in my garage, like gross! We have talked to housing about it because clearly there is a hole or something, I mean I don't know the logistics of the situation. But they said "when there is an influx of them they can send a crew out". An influx? Is five not an influx? I'd say that is a hostile take over, and we have declared war. 

My neighbors put up their Christmas lights. It seems like every year the internet tries to one up the year before. Oh you busted out your tree on November 1st? Well, shit I had my Halloween decorations down, and tree up on October 31st. Take that! Kidding I don't have a tree yet. But have we all forgotten about Thanksgiving? I mean take out those cornucopias! I do love Christmas don't get me wrong, but I have a hard enough time dodging the Santa related questions without a tree's lights flashing for my children. I'll have my tree up by December 15th, for sure!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I don't know if I will be cooking a feast this year. I mean, I loooooove it, but we don't have family visiting this year, most of our friends are going home, so I just don't know. Chris and I are toying with the idea of turkey sandwiches. HAHA! But, let's be honest. My kids will only eat small portions, Chris and I do not want that many leftovers because butter and heavy cream aren't whole30 compliant, who made those rules? So I don't know, do you have any thoughts on this? What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Finally, Chris' birthday is on Friday and because I absolutely suck at surprises, I gave him all his gifts like a week ago. Clothes, shoes, and a new car. Well, I can't take complete credit for the new car, he did all the wheeling and dealing, I was just sneaky enough to have the dealer tell him that the car he wanted with all the fancy upgrades was not on the lot and he would have to wait for it. But, then it showed up in our driveway. And now......I really have nothing left up my sleeve for Friday. See...I suck at this.


sale alert: forever 21

Nov 16, 2015

You are undoubtedly going to be bombarded by sales the next few weeks, and I am sure I will be added to your annoying list, but whatever. Forever 21 is having a 50% off sale on sweaters and outerwear, and I feel like a bad Alaskan resident if I didn't tell you. There are seriously so many great pieces to grab. Not only 50% off but free shipping on orders over $30, which isn't hard. Of course if you live in Alaska (don't get me started) or Hawaii, you don't get that free shipping perk. That didn't stop me shouldn't stop you either.

mix a lot

Nov 15, 2015

fall outfit inspiration
quilted leather jacket, Zara
Gap velvet pants
Gap Burgundy Velvet Pants
Winter Outfit

jacket: zara (old, super similar here) // sweater: oldnavy  
pants: gap (this years version, and love these!) // boots: zara (old, similar here)

I'm cold. No joke, this weekend was just too cold. I know, I know, every time the cold temps roll in this blog becomes a weather filled play by play, and I apologize in advance. But, the weather in Alaska is always changing and no matter how many weather apps I download, no one ever gets it just right. In any event....we persevered. 

My mom left late last night and we are hating it. My mom is so used to a fast paced lifestyle, that when she comes up here she is just in constant motion. Constantly cleaning, cussing the fact that every room in my house has some outrageous number of toys. She was vacuuming non.stop. I kept telling her, you might as well wait until they go to sleep or you will drive yourself crazy picking the same things up over and over one ear out the other. She picked up the same basket of toys, and Odette would crawl over and dump it. Endless entertainment for me. 

The other thing my mom likes to do is shop. She taught me all she knows growing up. Going to Target with her is lethal. I mean she just picks up whatever and puts it in the cart. Ulta with her was so bad too. But she made a good case for me against Chris because he was like wow, Kelsey is like a kitten compared to this shopping beast! know how it goes. 

And with the temps being crazy, the sunlight decreasing, I just want to wear any and all fabrics. Velvet pants, mixed with some cable knit, and blanketed with quilted leather. An outfit ready to take on any shopping mall, and ice filled parking lot. Just walk with caution.....

photo dump

Nov 13, 2015

Happy Friday party people!!! In honor of Friday, why not throw up a random post full of random pictures? I was looking through my camera roll the other day and thought, so many pictures, so little post cohesion. And with that I dump all my random moments on to you, you're welcome. 

First up, Chris' promotion last week. In true Army fashion, we were told the promotion would take place inside because there was so much ice outside. So, I got the kids dressed in cute little coordinating outfits only to be told once I pulled into the parking lot that the promotion would take place outside. COME ON! I mean, coordinating outfits only happen once in a chaotic morning. So I had to scramble to find whatever cold weather gear I had stuffed in the back of the car. Not much matched, Pierce's boots are too small, and Avalon had no gloves. But the promise of donuts kept them happy. 
I loved pinning Chris because I have been with him since he was a private. Since before there were velcro ranks, when pinning really was a pin, and they would jam it through your uniform and pierce your skin. The picture above pretty much sums up Chris and I. eternal goof ball....and him....just trying to keep his composure. God, I love him!
You know what else I love? This damn macaroni and cheese!!! Anchorage people, get to the Whale's Tail. Better yet, get take out or something. I cannot stop thinking about the food. I think that is the hard part of eating whole30 as our regular diet. The second you cheat, the cravings come back so hard and it is like pressing the reset button. But, I am not pressing that button just yet because grandma is leaving this weekend so we are planning on sneaking out for one last date night :)

A shot of my cute little shopping buddy! She is all about being held right now. No car seat sitting, no carriers, no stroller. Just mom and her hip as a perch, and my arm hitting muscle failure. But how can I say no to that face? 

Every time my mom comes to town she has her own little Alaska shopping routine. We have to run into Second Run, a cute consignment store downtown. Grab a cup of coffee and a few pastries from Fire Island Bakery, and then go through Ozarks, the mecca of home furnishings. It's pretty great. She makes me feel normal with my spending habits ;)

And finally, grandma and her merry minions. My mom owns her own business and wanted me to snap a few updated head shots for her, so after we had a little glam session I got behind the camera. I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to throw the kids in there. My mom usually visits us up here about every six months. Which is so so hard, and the kids change so much in that time that I wanted them all in the moment. Dirty faces, pajama shirts, and after school beanie hair. The best!

And I have wasted too much of your time today, so have a great weekend!

the perfect topper

Nov 11, 2015

sheinside color block coat
color block coat
color block coat from sheinside
color block coat: sheinside c/o // grey tee: nordstrom // jeans: oldnavy // lipstick: lorac in goddess

Is it winter where you are? It is winter here in Alaska. Fall went by always does. But now we are getting to some pretty frigid temps. So cold that outside play isn't really an option with the little ones. The other night I decided to make a list of indoor things and places for us to go. Since all the kids aren't home full time during the week, and after school activities mean we spend a lot of time in the car, the few hours during the day I just want to have fun. Having grandma here this week means lots of play-doh, have I ever told you how much she loves play-doh? It's true. And have I ever told you how much I do not love that stuff? So you can imagine the Christmas like cheer that has rung out loud and clear from my children. "Oh mom hates that stuff!!!" or "Grandma you are the best!!" (she is really). What happens when grandma leaves? We load up and go to the indoor jungle gym. Or open gym classes! 

And while we make that parking lot stroll from inside the car to inside the building, you will probably catch me in this coat. I know you all have seen it one too many times on the gram....but you know what they say...if it ain't broke.....

I love this because the color blocking is amazing, the colors are on point, and it is just the right length. Not to mention it is all of $33!!!! I mean. Go get it. It really is well made, and a piece I will wear long after this winter. 

Now if you will excuse me I think my mother just told the kids they could have another cookie. No.

Color me the fun sponge. 

keeping it camel

Nov 10, 2015

J Crew Cable Knit Sweater
J Crew Sweaters
J Crew Turtleneck Sweater
J Crew Outfit for Fall
J Crew Cable Knit Sweater
sweater: j crew // jeans: blank denim via shopbop 
purse: tory burch (old, more options here)// boots: shopbop

Coffee, camel, and cafe's! I could go for a little of that right now. Yesterday school was cancelled for any and all children, which kind of threw a wrench in our daily routine. But grandma was pretty happy about it because that was just more time with the kids. And I can't blame her, it is hard on all of us to live so far away from each other. Especially with the holidays coming up. So we are soaking it all in. Although I have to say, she looks forward to bed time as well. And says things like "I don't know how you do this" or "I'm surprised you don't have a drinking problem". You and me both mama. Especially when you hear things first thing in the morning like "mom I think there is poop on the floor" or a fight breaking out over someone looking at them while they eat breakfast. Or my absolute favorite from yesterday, Pierce trying to teach Avalon how to pee standing up.....not successful. 

No one ever said it would be easy....but it's pretty worth it! 

Another thing that is worth it? A sweater collection. This camel colored beauty is the newest addition, and I think I need it in all colors. Over sized turtleneck, soft as can be, and the classic cable knit. Just perfect! And in perfect time for another snowfall. We spent the majority of yesterday outside, and took breaks to come in and guzzle down some nutella hot chocolate (coffee for me!), while checking on some yummy potato soup for an early dinner. Chris pulled in the driveway at some point and said...."look at you out here having fun! Who would have thought". Ha-ha-ha. I can let loose in the snow when I am not holding an infant. So boo-ya fun parent, simmer on that!! 

How was your Monday? 


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