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Jan 8, 2016

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Casual Outfit Inspiration- faux leather pants
Casual Mom Style
Cute Winter Layers- leather on leather
Quilted leather jacket and faux leather pants Alaska Fashion Blog- Pardon My French
Quilted Leather Jacket Zara, Shopbop tee, faux leather pants Forever 21
leather jacket: zara (old, similar option) // coffee tee: shopbop c/o // plaid shirt: old navy 
leather pants: forever 21 // sneakers: nike roshe one (sold out, love these)

Typical errand running outfit for me right here! But I say ditch the sweats or pajamas and upgrade to a pair of leather joggers! A lot more comfortable than leggings, although I do love my leather leggings layered under a thing or two. Graphic tee, and sneakers because that's just easy. And then make it fun with a plaid shirt, and double the leather to double your fun jacket! But, we cannot forget to add a hat to cover up the bottle of dry shampoo that got me through the week! 

I wore this outfit over the winter break, and then switched it up for night by adding a pair of red heels, losing the hat and going for a messy top knot. I love outfits that can easy take you from day to night. Slightly unexpected....but it works! 

While we are talking about errands, I had to run to the store yesterday (worst thing for me, I hate the grocery store!) to get cupcakes for Ace's class because his birthday is this weekend and well, every kid wants to maximize the cupcake intake on their birthday! While we were there Avalon and Pierce were in a -- we need all the things -- kind of mood. I have been one crazy bitch this week trying to rid my body of the shit I filled it with over the break, and whole30 madness has kicked in. I was just like " fine fine grab whatever you want as long as it gets us out of this store!!!!!!!". We made it home with some popchips bags, four packs of gum, two packs of gummy bears, a sponge holder, 30 cupcakes, a pack of wet wipes, and a box of jumbo straws!!!! WHY???? Then I got to thinking about every time I take multiple children out and the amount of money I spend on crap, and then I busted out my phone to do some calculations and realized that I could probably be driving a Porsche..... 

Happy Friday! 

I will be up to my ears in Star Wars decorations, and rowdy kid parties. Thank goodness for safety waivers! May the force be with you, and you, and you!


  1. I hope Ace has an amazing birthday weekend! :)

    1. Thank you Jen!! I cannot believe he will be six, holding back tears!

  2. I love my roshes and need more. Love the ones you linked too.

  3. My palms are sweating. Safety waivers? Where on earth are we having this Star Wars party? Best of luck!!

  4. Happy Birthday Ace! I hope you get your fill of sugar and presents!!



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