Jan 5, 2016

I feel like when you have kids, you are in a constant state of change. Not always for yourself but with them. Daily it changes sometimes. To what they want to eat, wear, the favorite princess of the moment, what shoe size they wear, the style of their hair....on and on. I know just yesterday I learned that Ace would like no more gel in his hair for school, he just wants it "pressed down" (???), and so it will be until he tells me otherwise. Odette is changing at lightening speed. Everyday she gets a little faster on her feet, which amazes me because she is so small!! Like itty bitty, yet she power walks through this house like nobody's business! So I thought I would take a minute to run down the ins and the outs of this casa. I mean, it's a new year, and just for my own selfish reasons I will turn this into a post. 
Ace: Learned to play an extreme amount of video games on his christmas break! Am I particularly proud of how much time he spent playing his playstation? No. But I was amazed that he just knew how to use it the second the controller was in his hands. It was weird! I remember trying to play my brother's nintendo 64 and being like uh....what button do I push to jump? Not Ace. Chris is thrilled that he has a built in video game partner. Boys will be boys? Does that fit into this category? In any event, now I just have one more parenting bribery technique. Oh you want to play video games? Help clean up the playroom, boom! He was thrilled to go back to there's that. 
Avalon: In a constant drama filled battle on what princess dress to wear. I kid you not, over the break I had to ever so carefully peel them off of her at night to wash them. Right now the grey Elsa dress is on major repeat (this one specifically), as in all day everyday! She is such a little diva, it is hilarious! Smart as all hell, and problem solves like a boss. Watching her put things together is so fun, but heaven help you if something doesn't go her way. Girl has a future in softball with that throwing arm. 
Pierce: Oh my wild child. Gets wilder everyday. Still making us laugh until we cry on a daily basis. I haven't mentioned it before on the blog, but I have been homeschooling Pierce since last fall. I didn't know if I would ever mention it on here because that just opens a can of worms. But it felt right, and with the possibility of moving last November (obviously didn't happen) it was easier to have him do school at home rather than me drive 25 minutes to his school, which happens to be the opposite direction of Ace's school. It was a hard decision because I loved his preschool, the same one Ace went to for two years. We knew the teachers so well, had so many friends, but it was more of a stress than anything. And I mean, it's only preschool. hat goes off to any person that can homeschool a child, let alone more than one. It is insane. The patience. The patience it takes is far beyond what I possess. But we are getting good with our routine. I am not a strict by the book lesson planner. We do set time aside everyday and work on the things we have set out, but if tempers and schedules don't allow, no big deal. Ya know? Do I plan on continuing this beyond the preschool level? Negative. I mean I might do it with the girls because Avalon really enjoys it all. But who knows....I think Pierce is learning things. I mean, I hope!
Odette: Rapid fire changes with this one. The walking, the noise making, the appetite. All new things. One minute she is loving eggs, the next she can't stand the sight of them (current change). One night she sleeps through the night, then the next two she is up to nurse three times. Obviously all normal things at nine months. She is so fun and so interested in her large and in charge siblings. She is determined to keep up with them at all knee scrapping, head bumping costs. After Chris being home for two weeks, she is quite the daddy's girl. Which as you can imagine, Chris is loving. And I happen to love watching them too! 

Not an abundance of details, just little things that come to mind about these babes of mine.

What's going on in your hood?

Also while we are talking, what are some things you want to see on the blog? I love getting emails about future posts, or ideas. But are there things you want to see? More makeup, less makeup? More outfits, less outfits, no outfits? More mom babbling? More recipes? I am working on more videos so I hope to have another one up soon. But, I thought I would throw it out there to see what you are liking, or not liking. Who knows....I could just keep up with the randomness that is this space is sometimes. Ha!


  1. Your kids are adorable. And I love how they all have such big personalities! Maddie is our wild child and Emma is our old soul. I homeschooled Em and it does take so much patience but you're awesome for doing it!

  2. It's hard to pick a favorite of your posts, but I think your general babble is my favorite. Babble about life - the good, the bad, the ugly, the super ugly... all of that. :)

  3. They are such cuties, they are growing by the second!

  4. I personally love any posts you do re motherhood because I feel like you get it. Relatable to me. Anyways it's what drew me to your blog in the first place. Obviously I stayed because you are awesome. And because you have a super cute family. The end.

  5. I love your humor posts, make-up and recipes.



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