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Jan 20, 2016

SheIn Sweater
SheIn Sweater Outfit
Mom Style Outfits
SheIn Sweater- Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots- Rebecca Minkoff clutch
Cute sweater and over the knee boot outfits
Knotted Hair Inspo
Winter Style Outfits
sweater: shein c/o // leather leggings: american apparel // belt: old (love this one, and this one)
boots: stuart weitzman 5050 // bag: rebecca minkoff // sunglasses: ray-ban

Who is ready for the weekend? That is always the plus side to a long weekend, and walking around constantly thinking it is the wrong day. By the time you get it figured's almost Friday!! In the words of Pierce: boom-shaka-lada!

And looky here, here I am with another knitwear piece! I swear every time I wear a new sweater Chris in his most asshole loving way reminds that we are moving and where we are going may provide very little sweater wearing opportunities. But that is the thing, if given a couple opportunities I want to be wearing this sweater!! I have been wearing it non stop since I got it, and it is soft, and amazing, and there are so many things to wear it with! I am going to be that lady, that when all my children are gone I will be sitting in my closet talking to my sweaters. I am a sweater hoarder. Bought another one just yesterday. Bury me with my sweaters, I'll be fine with it. And let my tombstone read: Here lies Kelsey, on her bed of sweaters! 

Are there some crazy cat ladies out there that can relate to this? I am not a cat person, (sorry did I just lose a handful of readers there?) I never have been. I think cats are nice, but I have a mild allergy to them. We had a few growing up that we would keep around the ranch to keep the mice out of the grain room, but that is about as close as I got to them. Oh! And I rescued a box of kittens from the vets office that were going to be put down. Mom, are you reading? Do you remember that one? My stepdad was pissed! I think that brought our animal count at home to like twenty for a period of time. 

And where the hell is this post going? It's about this sweater! I am trying to convey how much I love this sweater!! 

Crazy sweater lady, over and out!


  1. Have you disclosed your future location yet? Did I miss it? Will be sad to see you leave the beautiful Alaskan landscape!

  2. I look at my sad box of sweaters in the closet and I'm like...I HOPE I CAN WEAR YOU SOON FRIENDS!

  3. I am loving your bag!! Super cute!

  4. I can't do sweaters. Right!? They itch me. You have a slight allergy to cats. I have a slight allergy to sweaters. I feel ya.

  5. I love me a good sweater, this one is gorgeous!! I'd wear it everyday too!

  6. I laughed so hard when I read this LOL Love this sweater! And yes I'm a crazy sweater lady- the boys go into my room almost daily and make piles to jump on them hahaha!

    1. You can just never have enough!!! :)



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