Currently Craving: Faux Fur

Jan 12, 2016

Faux fur is going nowhere! Although it will be getting a little colorful from now until spring. I am really digging all the patterns and colors that are coming out! I think it is so fun, and a perfect piece to just throw on a simple outfit. Tee and jeans could easily be paired with any of these! Luckily for us up in the far north, spring takes its sweet time to arrive, so I can really milk this trend!
Faux Fur Trends
top row: vest (just bought this) // faux fur bag and more options // multi colored stole // pink jacket
middle: jacket // gucci loafers // cropped jacket and similar styles// fur heels // jacket

Have you taken the colorful fur plunge? Definitely a stand out trend, but one my stay at home mom heart finds so fun! Now you can imagine me at the school pick up line....

All the moms think I'm crazy anyway, gotta keep them on their toes!


  1. As I'm sure you may have guessed, I'm not wearing a lot of faux fur in Hawaii these days, but I LOVE it! I have a fur vest and a cowl scarf type thing and I'm obsessed!

  2. All of these items are super cute!!

  3. I saw some fur in a store recently and wanted it BAD! But obviously, no use for it here...



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