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Jan 28, 2016

 Nordstrom faux fur vest
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faux fur vest: nordstrom (on sale now!) // sweater: forever 21 (old) // jeans: blank denim
shoes: zara (sold out, almost identical here

Serisously, can't believe it is almost February. Which in the weather department in Alaska means nothing, it looks a hell of a lot like January. So I will still be rockin my faux fur for months to come. But I dream of spring! Spring in Alaska happens so fast, you blink and everything around you is green and there are endless hours of light to play in. Sadly, this year we will only experience the very beginning stages of spring. Which then brings me to my next closet conundrum....do I dare start shopping for a warmer weather wardrobe? Like, Kelsey don't buy another damn sweater. 

Ace has already requested I buy him no more long sleeve shirts. He wants short sleeves, and even asked if he could stop wearing snow boots yet. What can I say? He kind of takes after his mother in the whole......practical footwear is for the birds department. It is probably daily that I make the wrong footwear choice. Case in point, this outfit. We were on our way to a birthday party at a ski chalet that was rented, and I fully did not anticipate the sidewalk not be shoveled. High maintenance I tell ya. 

At least I didn't fall.....


  1. That first photo of you is stunning! Wow!

    1. Chris is a miracle worker behind the lens! HA! ;)

  2. So faux fur. I wore my target coat in the blizzard and it has a faux fur lined hood. It was wet. So I put it in dryer on low heat thinking. Nbd. RUINED.



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