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Jan 18, 2016

 Winter layers with sneakers
Layering Outfits for Winter
Mom Style- Pardon My French
Cute Sneaker Outfits- Puma Sneakers via Bloomingdales
Monochromatic Layers
Cute Outfit Inspo- Pardon My French
Mom Style- Streetstyle
sweater: old navy (old, this one is so cute!) // striped shirt: banana republic 
jeans: blank denim // shoes: puma // sunglasses: quay

I have no idea what day it is! Yesterday I was in complete denial of it being Monday, even though Chris and Ace were home, I was like NO it's Sunday. The weekend just went by so fast!! Granted we kept it pretty jam packed with as much time spent outside as possible. Which really was kind of odd since when the temps are in the low teens we aren't really rushing to get out the door. But our weekends together in Alaska are numbered. Chris' "travel" schedule leading up to the move is slightly insane. So hitting up some of our favorite spots since living here is high on the priority list. There will be no warm days on the horizon, layers are our only saving grace!

Speaking of layers, this outfit might be one of my favs as far as mom friendly and acceptable errand cuteness goes. Keeping everything within the same grey color palette just building texture with the different layers. And these sneakers? LOVE! I only have one other pair of pumas (kind of a nike girl) but these are super comfy and understated enough to go with just about anything! 

How was your long weekend? 


  1. Someday I should post a photo of what I look like when I run errands. It is not nearly this cute!

  2. Super cute outfit!! I agree with what Kait said, I'm a hot mess when running errands lol.



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