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Jan 5, 2016

Sweater dress and over the knee boots
Cute Winter Outfits
Sweater dress and over the knee boots - stuart weitzman
Mom streetstyle outfits- alaska fashion blog
dress: nordstrom // faux fur scarf: asos (sold out, similar here
boots: stuart weitzman (more options) //bag: louis vuitton // sunglasses: gas station find 

Wednesday, you welcome friend you! We are still struggling to get back into the routine of things. I think Chris and I the most because the last week of vacation we became slaves to the Game of Thrones soap opera, and we stayed up every night binge watching episodes. I recommend it to no one. Not the show, the show is amazing! But the staying up until 2 am part....no bueno! If you follow me on snapchat than you have seen me make late night Starbucks runs, just to get our pregame show watching on. I mean, ridiculous. Who does this stuff? Especially when you have four kids who don't care what time you went to bed. But, that show! It sucks you in and won't let you go. We started watching it randomly last weekend and then decided we had to get through all five seasons. We are paying for it this week... please tell me someone watches this show! 

Walking Dead is back next month...hollaaaaaa!!!! 

Moving on to this outfit. I wore this last week, I think. It was on one of the "warm" days here in Alaska. We had a couple warm ones in there that melted our snow away and left us with ice covered everything. But, I was happy to pull out a sweater dress. This one is just too good. I found this brand Cotton Emporium online at Nordstrom's while keeping myself busy as the video games were being played. It is amazing! I initially bought this dress and a sweater, but upon their arrival ordered another color in this dress. And the prices on these things are nuts for the quality! I say winner winner, you say chicken dinner! 


  1. I am so ready for the new season of Game of Thrones! It can't come back soon enough.

    1. Right!!! And we just watched five seasons in two weeks. lol

  2. Love this outfit. And have yet to watch either of those shows, I need to get on my tv game!

  3. I was an avid Walking Dead fan for the first 4 seasons then I started getting crazy zombie nightmares and decided I needed to quit (so I get plot updates from my husband). I am so intrigued by Game of Thrones but I hear they get pretty gruesome even with kids. I can watch a bunch of adult men hack themselves to pieces, but once one kid gets put in danger, I'm a total wimp.

  4. Dane is OBSESSED with this show, but I can't get into it for whatever reason. Who knows, maybe I'm weird?!

  5. Matt and I did the same thing when we found Lost. We would be up till 2 and then hate our lives the next day but yet do it all over again. It's madness!!

  6. Nice sweater :)
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    Maria V.



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