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Jan 14, 2016

Curling Wand Hairstyles
Grab yo coffee, lets talk hair! 

The most used item in my bathroom, other than my toothbrush, is probably a curling iron. I usually always have my hair curled in some way or another. Not to say I do it everyday because that is laughable, but when I do get the off chance to shower and let my hair air dry, I run a curling iron through it. My hair usually keeps those curls for a few days before the next round. Because I curl my hair so often I try to eliminate heat elsewhere, as in the blow dryer. I am really not sure when the last time I used one was. I think I keep mine in the hall closet truthfully. So I thought today I would give a little breakdown as to what iron I use for what curls. I will have a video for you soon on my "everyday curls" but in the meantime here is a visual.
How to curl with different curling irons
So this is my curl squad. There is no bad blood here, we just like to shake it off in our wildest curl dreams! 

I'm so lame. 

Anyway, these irons basically fulfill a wide range of curling styles. Do you need all of these? No. Do I need all of these, well, yes. I like experimenting with curls and waves and seeing what comes out. 
Everyday Curls
1 1/2" Curling Iron- I use this iron a lot during the week because it is the biggest of the bunch, and I can grab huge sections to curl. The above picture gives you an idea of what it looks like. Just big round polished curls. 
Easy Beach Waves
Nume 1" Curling Wand- This is probably my favorite wand. If you haven't tried the Nume wands yet, I highly recommend them. This is just a quick low maintenance wave look. Not too much of an actual curl, just some texture to make you look put together. 
Side Swept Curls Up-do
1" Curling Iron- So unlike the wand, I use a 1"iron to do a little tighter of a curl. The same iron I used for military ball, and this video. I like this iron for a more glam look. When I really want my curls to last for a while, this is the one I turn too. 
Easy ways to curl your hair
3/4" Curling Iron- I got a lot of questions about my hair in this post, and 3/4" curling iron is what I used. Just taking small sections and curling away from my face. These curls are just so fun, and really take any look and pulls it together. 
Tapered Curls
Tapered Iron- If you want some serious curls with some staying power, I recommend a tapered wand. It gives you a nice tight curl towards the bottom, and a more relaxed look at the top. This is probably the iron that I like to play around with the most, but I just don't always have the time to sit and curl small sections to get the full look that I want. But still a great wand to have on hand. 

I think that about covers it with the curls! What about you, what is your curl routine like? 


  1. My tapered wand is my favorite, followed closely by the one inch! My hair is super thin, so anything bigger and it all just kind of falls flat. Sad. But I also am a big fan of not washing it more than twice a week, so that helps LMAO

  2. I have one curling iron and a flat iron haha.

    1. Ha! I need options. So many options. ;)

  3. I about fell off my chair when I saw how many curling irons you have. I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!!

  4. I cannot use a curling iron for the life of me.



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