Spring? Is that you?

Feb 29, 2016

 Denim Vest Outfit for Winter
Denim on Denim-Old Navy Vest
Mom Style Outfits
Layering with a denim vest- alaska fashion blogger
denim vest: old navy // sweater: banana republic // jeans: blank denim
bag: coach (old) // loafers: zara (similar here) // sunglasses: ray-ban 

Does this look like spring? By Alaska standards, spring just means melting. Not exactly any blooming, just a lot of melting. But I am not even sure if Alaska knows what is going on right now. I mean March never really screams spring up here. March usually means there is the possibility of snow. So I basically take dressing hour by hour. It is not uncommon for me to change outfits based on looking out the window. School drop off and pick up is not a car thing. It is a park and walk thing. All the kids lined up waiting inside with full snow gear on, ready to tackle the walk across the skating rink of a parking lot, eager to find one puddle to make the biggest splash in. Everyone shuffling their feet like little penguins. Ace more than likely telling me that he got a good report and he would like to request his video game timer to begin right when he walks in the door. 

Sometimes us moms congregate in one area while we let the kids get out that last little end of day excitement. Then we pile in, and pull out of the parking lot only to say.....same time, same place, same ice on the road, tomorrow. 

It's all very groundhogs day. 

Let's make you EverydayHappy!

I have sung the praises of EverydayHappy so many times, and let me go ahead and get that broken record started for you once more. I truly LOVE these products. I think I use every single one of their products in some room in my house. From diapers, to baths, to cleaning supplies, I have it all. And since I like to keep it absolutely 100 with you guys, I have purchased and repurchased many of my favorite products with my own nickels and dimes. So I am not just jumping on here and putting together some words to sway anyone or anything. 
EverydayHappy Products
And kind of while we are touching on the subject, having a blog sometimes mean you get sent a bunch of stuff. I can attest to that. There are tons of products that I am sent on a weekly basis. But the first thing I always say in an email with a company is, if I don't like it, I won't write about it. If it is a product that really doesn't even fit into my life, forgetaboutit! I don't have time for all that mess. So with EverydayHappy I am always so thrilled when my box arrives. I love the company, I love the ingriedients, and I love the concept. 
EverydayHappy Free Trial
I mean, just look at the box! How can you not be excited when that shows up at your door? It's beautiful, and bonus my kids love to color all the flowers once we open it. So I get some amazing goodies, and also a few free minutes to myself! Ha!
EverydayHappy Diapers
And now lets end February on a high note and giveaway a gift basket full of EverydayHappy goodies!! And I totally encourage you just to hop over there anyway and snag a free trial kit! You will love any of them. 

Alright here we go Raff-le-copter!

Last 10 photos on my camera roll

Feb 26, 2016

I'm If you were to look through the 3,217 photos on my camera roll (which you wouldn't want to, but lets pretend) you'd probably think, wow this lady likes to take pictures of her feet (from where I stand outfit pics, they are all the rage). Or, my lawd she is obsessed with lipstick, and her kids. How many pictures of her children watching a movie does one need? Does she really have a husband, he isn't in any pictures. Oh wait there is a dog, where'd he come from? Random picture of food. Nope, back to more weird pictures of herself holding coffee. 

Thank goodness my camera roll does not define me.....or does it?

Here are the last ten pics on the old memory vault. I did not include multiples or they would all be of the first one. HAHA! Gotta get it right.
I have been wearing this sweater non-stop. Love it! And this Anastasia matte lipstick in Pure Hollywood is a beaut! 
Here is how bath time goes in this house, bathe two....send them downstairs to watch a movie, bathe the baby, stick Ace in the shower. Pour a glass of wine!
whole30 chili is just a one pot wonder in this house. Everyone eats it. And one huge pot means I don't have to cook for like 48 hours. 
my new tablescape. I was getting very anxious to change up the table from our little red valentines day theme, so I headed to the mothership (Target) and lost my damn mind in Michael's with three kids, but it resulted in this and I am happy with it. 
This dog! He turned four months on the 12th and he is now a whopping 52 pounds! Like I'm sorry....I thought we got a lab, not a great dane. Although I really want a great dane too!
Sleeping baby pictures.....so cliche! ha

While I was at Target the other day I really wanted this letter tray as kind of like a catch-all for the kitchen. But no, Target online it is not in aisle B22. And no one in your store seems to know where it is. Ordered....online. Red card. Free shipping. 
My kids very rarely get cereal. Like maybe once in a desperate grocery store trip. But the last time we were at the store, Ace said "mom, why don't we eat cereal? my friends eat cereal and they seem to be fine. Why do you hate cereal?" Have some cereal then....moms tired. Then the toy fell into his bowl and you would have thought he won the lottery. Then your kid can read and he says "there are six more toys to collect, we need more cereal"
I am amazed at this dog. Not all the time, like when he tears up a doormat, or chews a chunk of the base boards off. But the way he is with Odette will forever be his saving grace. He will bite and scratch and play rough with every other child. But her....she can pull on his ears, poke him in the eye, or shove her hand so far in his mouth, and nothin. They have a real thing going.....
These two. Excuse the blurry photo, but these two are two peas in the drive mom crazy pod. Best thing I ever did was start homeschooling Pierce. His relationship with Avalon is amazing. Because they spend their days together while Ace is at school, they have a bond like no other. One that they may not have if Pierce still had his other preschool schedule. 

That's it! So tell me homies, what's on your roll? Did you like that little play on words, just remixed that for you. Rollin' with the homies.....

Okay, I've embarrassed myself enough. Goodbye. 

what exactly does a stay at home mom look like?

Feb 24, 2016

When I first decided to stay at home with Ace, I fell into the stereotypical image of a stay at home mom. Same sweatpants three days in a row. Hair on top of my head. Probably breastmilk stains on my shirt, half full coffee cups scattered around my house. I really did stop buying myself nice clothes, or even clothes I really wanted unless I had somewhere concrete to wear them too. I lost a little bit of myself in all that. I quit a job working in fashion to be with my baby, a choice I have never for a second regretted. But there was always something missing in my day to day. I can remember Chris coming home one day and saying "when's the last time you put on makeup, or went and got your hair done? I had every excuse in the book ready for him. What do you mean? I am so busy, I can't possibly do my hair, or put makeup on. And goooooo get my hair done? What the hell is that? I have this little baby who I feed every couple hours......blah blah blah!!! Shut up! 

It wasn't until after I had Pierce that I was like, snap out of this. You aren't happy because you aren't taking care of yourself. I just went through the motions. But still in my spare time I was looking at magazines, reading fashion blogs, browsing my favorite sites seasonal look books. And that's when I flipped the switch. I started to take some pride in my appearance again. I went shopping and did some major damage. I threw out everything in my closet that I knew was not me. I started small, but daily I got myself ready, no matter if it happened at 6 am, or 6 pm. I made myself a priority. 
Alaska Fashion Blogger- Pardon My French
Which brings me to now. I get comments all the time about where exactly do I wear the outfits that I post on here or social media? How can I possibly get ready with four kids? And with four kids, why am I wearing such nice things? Do I even wear the outfits that I post? (Yes, I have the bruises from falling in the wrong footwear choices to prove it). Well let me tell you. I buy the things that I like regardless if there is an "appropriate" place to wear them. I have zero issues going to the grocery store in a maxi dress. I don't think twice about throwing on a pair of heels to go out to brunch with the family on the weekend. Does this full on glam happen everyday? Come on now...no. I have zero help when it comes to my kids. No babysitters stepping in, no cleaning lady to pick up the pieces, and more often than not Chris is gone. So I make time. I wake up much earlier than my kids and get myself ready for the day. In whatever outfit I feel good in. Kindergarten drop off doesn't always require a blazer, but I like blazers. If you follow me on snapchat than you see that I don't always have a full face of makeup on. During the week I actually like to give my skin a break and wear nothing at all. But I like getting ready. I love makeup, and I love putting outfits together in my closet. So that's what I do. 

I feel like every mom makes time for something. Some go to the gym. Some get a babysitter for date night. Some call in the grandparents for help. I find therapy in putting myself together. It's not a vanity thing, it's a feel good thing. It has nothing to do with weight, or what size my jeans are. I haven't seen the inside of a gym since college cheerleading. If I cared about the number on a scale, maybe I'd workout. I care about how I feel on the inside, and that translates to how I am on the outside. I want to be happy for my kids, because more often than not they see me at my worst. And also, in pictures I don't want my kids to look back and be like, man, mom was looking rough! I look at pictures of my mom, and with five kids she was always pretty put together. Now does that mean just because I do it, I think you should do it? No. Everyone has their own threshold, and everyones circumstances are different. Motherhood isn't a one size fits all. 
Mom Style Outfit Ideas
People always say, "your kids are only little once" yes, and I am only going to be 28 ONCE! I don't take time away from my kids to get ready, even though I do encourage some independent play at times. I am always down for whatever when it comes to the kids. Hiking, ice skating, playing at the park. I grew up on a ranch, so I am not afraid to get dirty. I always have a pair of sneakers in my car to change into. And if I ruin something I am wearing, eff it. Those memories where made with my kids, and I was feeling good in whatever I put on that day. All this doesn't happen everyday. Four kids, activities, homeschooling one, a dog, oh and Chris is a load of crazy from the time we all wake up to the time they go to bed. I have plenty of leggings and oversized sweater days. There are times that Chris comes home and hugs me and says "wow, you are smelling a little ripe there babe". And I am okay with it. I am okay with all of it. I don't pass judgement on moms who don't do the same, because I have been there. And quite frankly some days I'm like, I don't want to do my hair. So I don't. But on days that I can squeeze it in, I do. 

You make your own image, what you write in the occupation section on your child's well check paperwork does not. 

Now what's that saying? Turn on some ganster rap and handle that shit? Ya, lets just do that!

Currently Craving: Blush

Feb 22, 2016

I don't care what you say Alaska, I am moving on to spring. At least in my mind. My body isn't dumb enough to shed the layers yet. But blush tones are consuming all of my current wardrobe wants. I have never been a lover of any shade of pink. I probably have one pink item in my closet, (worn here) but I am just gravitating towards this color. Which will undoubtedly surprise Chris and my mom the most, who spent most of her parenting career trying to get me to wear something girly. Well, here ya go mom, your hard work paid off!

Blush Tones for Spring

I feel like this color looks good on just about everyone, especially if you happen to have a little sun kissed skin in your life. Not so much over here, but I am willing to experiment anyway. I LOVE that matching set, I just want to pair it with some crisp white sneakers. And that Sophie Hulme nano bag is destined to come to my closet, I just know it! If you are looking for the prettiest pale pink lipstick, YSL Lingerie Pink is the ultimate, and one of my favs. Since spring still calls for a little chill in the air, I just imagine these sweaters with some distressed cutoffs and booties. And that wrap sandal....I mean, no brainer! Okay....now can this all magically appear in my closet? Without putting a damper on my children's educational savings? 

Please, and thank you!

winter chic in sneakers

Feb 18, 2016

Athleisure outfits
Comfy chic basics
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Sneaker Outfit Ideas
coat: marciano (old, great one here, and here on sale!) // tee: american apparel 
leggings: nordstrom //sneakers: puma // sunglasses: ray-ban // clutch: leur logette

Is it Friday? It has to be Friday! 

I say that as if my Saturday and Sunday look sooooo much different than my Monday-Friday. But this week has been a doozey! I am done. Between sick kids, phone calls (which are a joke when you have kids.....), and just the general craziness, I need a full day of sitting. But I'm not complaining, really, because busy is good. I like busy, and now I just want to like sitting for a bit. 

And these outfit pics somehow got lost in the draft pile, but I am bringing them out because this outfit is total athleisure chic! My favorite grey tee, some liquid leggings, comfy kicks, and then BAM a full length (faux) fur coat! Topped off with a super jazzy clutch, and I mean....come at me errands! 

Also to be noted, this is when there was like a dusting of snow on the ground. That is no more. And while we are on the subject, can Alaska just give up on winter already? The moment has passed. Just warm the hell up and lets move on. I think the kids skied once, maybe twice. Our little Alaskan bred dog has no idea what snow is, but he can slide on some ice with the best of them. 

So here's to warmer temps....and a nap! A damn nap!!

What to buy on the off season

Feb 16, 2016

Off season buying is always hard. On one hand you are loving the pieces that you are buying and you can't possibly wait until the appropriate season to wear them. But, if you do it right, you are getting a really awesome piece at a great price that will last you season after season. If you happen to live in a cold weather climate, like myself, you might have a couple more months of layering weather. But it seems like my social media timelines are filling up with warmer weather photos. Never mind all that, the sales going on right now are amazing! With spring collections rolling out, now is the time to buy that winter piece you maybe held off on. Normally I would be scooping up so many new jackets and boots, but since we are fleeing the winters of Alaska, I decided to put together a little round up of the best buys for the off-season.
off season shopping list
Nordstrom is obviously one of my favorite places for all my shopping needs. And their 40% off winter style event is happening now. 

I will admit that I got this denim jacket pictured above, because that is one item you can never go wrong with. Denim. Now is the time to buy any and all denim on sale. 

Also a classic piece is a trench. This can be worn for spring, and then brought back out for the fall. I am loving the classic khaki trench, and also this longline color blocked version. And if you really want to kick your coat game up, this faux fur number is to die for! 

An anorak jacket is a staple in the cold weather department. Now is sersiously the best time to buy your jacket for next year. Anoraks, or parkas really never change their look, so buying one now will not put a damper on any winter trends. 

The same goes for leather jackets. Or faux leather. Such a closet staple, and right now there are so many on sale. I love this deconstructed take on it, or the classic moto, and why not even go with a colored leather? All pieces you can wear now, and later. 

Boots are always a good buy. Uggs have made a huge comeback and you can find a few styles on sale now, like these or these. Suede booties are also a great buy for spring and even summer. Paired with a cute sun dress or cut offs, and then carry them right back into fall. I love all the fringe options, and the colors that are on sale. 

Hats prices right now are amazing! This is something that I usually stock up on for the kids. Beanies are like a fraction of the price, so grab all the cute ones now! Fedoras, and floppy hats are also seasonal main stays, so you can't go wrong with getting a few. 

Have you been shopping any of the sales? There were so many good ones over the long weekend!

Online Shopping with the Sudo App

Feb 15, 2016

Where my online shoppers at? You, you, and you? Or more like everyone. I will admit that I order something online almost everyday. I know, it's ridiculous, but I buy anything from diapers, cleaning supplies, makeup, and ingredients to make Caspian's dog food. All online. And I will tell you the one thing that I hate is when I checkout with a company online providing my email address and then what do you know, I start getting a ton of junk mail from companies I have never shopped with. Yep, "secure" online shopping is kind of a joke right? So recently I have been using the Sudo App to do some shopping when I am on my phone. Anyone else do some phone shopping when they can't sleep? It's a bad habit. 
Sudo App Review
Anyway, the Sudo App allows you to take control and set up an alternate email through the app that will be your middle man through all the junk. You can also use the app as a secure browser. Just go through the app to your favorite shopping destination, and avoid pop-ups, ads, and tracking networks. 
Online Shopping with Sudo
And here is where we get fancy people, if you are a paranoid mess like me about giving out your credit card info, Sudo already thought of that. 

Hold on, side story....when I lived in Arizona I was shopping online and found a pair of shoes that I was obsessed with, they didn't have my size so I decided to call the local store and see if they had them. Luck was on my side because they did! I gave them my credit card info over the phone to have them shipped. The girl who helped me must have written my credit card info down on a piece of paper. Well that piece of paper was found by someone else, and THAT person decided to use that info to place a very large chinese take out order! No joke, people. I mean, must have been feeding a family of 30. Needless to say I was out of my mind irate. It all got sorted out in the end, but I have been forever fearful of my bank account info getting out. 
Sudo App
The Sudo app allows you to set up disposable credit cards that link to your Apple pay. Freaking genius! If you don't have Apply pay set up, you can just create cards through your built in browser and use them for one time pay, or whenever you are using the app. Total stress free shopping, all from your couch. Honestly, I am not one to invest so much time and energy into an app, but I think start to checkout it took me like 10 minutes to make my first purchase. But you can do so many other things. If you happen to buy or sell things on Craigslist, the app will create an alternate email for you, and phone numbers if you want. Keep the creepers at bay. 
Online shopping- Sudo App
I feel like at a point where our entire lives are insanely virtual, why not take a few extra safety precautions, ya know? The app really empowers you to only share the information you want put out there. I'd say it is worth a try!

Online shoppers stamp of approval!

-This post was sponsored by Sudo in partnership with Collectively. 

Lookin like a leather shop

Feb 14, 2016

leather on leather outfit
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Leather Jacket and Leather Pants
Cute Outfit Inspirations- Leather on Leather
leather jacket: bb dakota via shopbop // tee: american apparel //sunglasses: ray-ban  
leather pants: zara (here and here) // boots: nordstrom (old, obsessed with these!) 

Happy fake Monday! I really do love a Monday that disguises itself as another Sunday! We got most of our running around done yesterday, so I am hoping to get some laundry done today. My life, I tell you, it's invigorating! 

Yesterday was spent at Color Me Mine with my crew. I just love when kids parties are in places with breakable things. Over-priced breakable things at that. Surprisingly, my spawn shocked me with their cooperation. They weren't really into it, bless their hearts, but they were good sports. I mean, my boys dominate the extra curricular activity choices, so they were asking "are we done yet?" about every five minutes. Avalon had fun for about three minutes until she spotted some pink hello kitty figurine, that was actually a piggy bank, for the low low price of $38. She was just beside herself that she wasn't painting that real gem of a piece, and I was like....laugh out loud, I'll take you to Target if you want a piggy bank. She got over it when I pulled out a hand full of lollipops and said have at it girlfriend. 

Afterwards we headed to House of Bread to eat, where I decided my cheat meal was warranted. I love House of Bread. I mean, the name alone just makes me happy. For someone who never eats bread, I could just sit in there and be happy basking in the smell. We survived eating out while the many Valentine couples tried to enjoy their low key meal with a side of Pierce yelling, "this brownie has nuts in it mom...who puts nuts in a brownie?"

Crazy people Pierce. Crazy people. 

We lived to tell the tale. 

Love, obsessed, yasss girl yasss!

Feb 11, 2016

I am absolutely guilty of being in love with, obsessed with, can't live without _____ (insert just about anything) in the moment. Chris points it out to me all the time! I will run into the kitchen and moon walk to him in my new sweater and he will look and me and say in his best "Kelsey" impression "OH MY GAWD I LOVE THIS!". Happens all the time. But there are some things that I truly do love, and they haven't faded with time. 
Street Style Inspiration
This really has nothing to do with Valentines day, we don't do all that biz-nas so no gift guides from this blog. I know, you're super bummed. Not really. 

Let's start with these jeans. They are by a company called Hellz Bellz, a streetwear brand out of LA. This is when I was heavy into my sneaker head days. I bought them at a sample sale in LA that my best friend and I called into work sick for, drove to LA went to the sample sale and then drove home, from Vegas. We were 19, it was acceptable then. I have loved them ever since. They have just enough quirk to make me happy. I can guarantee no one will be walking around in them. haha! I always get questions about them, and Chris will never understand them. But I will wear them when I am 80, for sure!

Calvin Klein underwear. Is that a thing to have a favorite underwear? I just love them. I was in need of some comfortable underwear after having baby Ace, giving birth will do that to ya. And I bought a bunch of Calvin Klein, and still today I will load up on them. So comfy, and wash so well. Keepers. Love. 

Fresh flowers. This took Chris a long time to get behind. I don't like roses, and I don't really like flowers as a gift. I mean they are nice don't get me wrong, I just love to pick up a fresh bouquet of flowers on the weekend. My mom and my grandmom are/were the same way. Always fresh flowers in the house. I don't know, it just seems to set my week up. Like waking up and walking into the kitchen to make my coffee with fresh flowers on the table, uhh love that. Chris at first thought it was a waste of money. And when we were some struggling 19 year olds, we would fight about it. But now he will even admit that he likes it. They don't have to be expensive or fancy, $7 daisies are just fine. 

Egyptian Magic. I just like moisture on my skin. I use so many different lotions, but I will always go to bed with a fresh layer of Egyptian Magic on my skin. 

Besides my wedding rings, and a few other pieces of jewelry that Chris has bought me, this J Crew bracelet (pictured above) is something I will always be obsessed with. There is a reason J Crew just keeps them in stock. It is so classic, and goes with everything. 

Shutterfly poster prints. I have zero affiliation with Shutterfly, so I am not promoting shit. I have a huge poster size picture of all my kids that I mounted on canvas. I am so obsessed with them. I ordered my first one of Ace four years ago and have ordered one of all the other kids since. The quality is amazing for a poster size. I mean, that is a big print, and the price is great!! 

This candle warmer, and only this candle warmer. My mom bought me my first one when Chris and I moved into our first apartment, some nine odd years ago. At the time this company only sold them at little trade shows or pop up shops, but now...NOW you can get them at Target, but only online. I have three in my house, and Chris even requested one for his office. They are amazing! And they look nice. I always have candles warming on them, and the light really melts the candle all the way down, which is not the case for other candle warmers I have had. It seems like half the candle is wasted. These are also my go-to gifts for people. Get one, seriously!

And really, that is about it. I'm sure there are more things, but I have wasted enough of your Friday!

Now go forth and party it up this weekend.....or be like me and change diapers and go to bed at 9!

One product, so many uses!

Feb 8, 2016

Concealer is probably the greatest makeup product next to mascara. I never in my life understood the actual need for concealer until I had kids. Then I was like....so this is how they do it. This is how moms everywhere fool the masses. It's this stuff! Well add me to the list. I don't use concealer everyday because I don't have horrible dark circle (thanking genetics), but I do use it on the days that I just look tired. Which now that I think about it, is probably everyday. But over time I have found other uses for that miracle in a tube. So allow me to share them with you....
Let's start with the most obvious. Under-eye use. If you happen to be using it primarily for dark circles, then start using the triangle method on the left. This will brighten your whole eye area, and not just the underneath giving you that tanning bed goggle effect. You know what I'm talking about right? Just trust me. Blend the triangle out, add some color to those cheeks, maybe even a highlighter on top and you will look awake and have people saying, whaaaat...you have a newborn? No way!
Contouring! My nose is always a quick contour area for me. If I don't have a lot of time, this is the one fast thing I can do to look like a put a lot of effort in. Contouring is basically creating shadows on your face, so the highlight in the middle is where we will draw attention to, with the concealer. Then blend that all out. I did a quick step by step in this post
Use as an eye shadow primer!! Now, they make actual eye shadow primers, but concealer works just as well. If you are ever wondering why your eye shadow creases, or falls, this is it! It has nothing to stick too. Apply a coat of concealer, then use your favorite eye shadow. 
You guys know I am a lipstick fanatic, and I also like to get the most out of my lip colors. The only way to do that is the create a neutral base. Concealer!! Just apply a small amount to your finger and dab it into your lips. This will also help hide your natural lip line, so you can over line your lips if you want. 
Looking more like this. I have very thin lips to begin with, so this trick gives me a little more to work with. Then apply your lip color. The concealer again gives it something to stick to so you get more wear out of it as well. More detailed post here
Finally, creating your own tinted moisturizer. For this one you want to use a concealer that is closest to your skin tone. So not the one that you would use for highlighting. Mix it in with your moisturizer, and apply it as you would with foundation. It gives you a little more coverage than just mixing your regular foundation with moisturizer. I use this on days that I don't want to wear a heavy foundation, but I know I will be out of the house possibly running into actual human beings, so I need the love. 

And that's it! Five super easy ways to get more use out of your concealer. 

Here are some of my favorite concealers:

sneaker prep

Feb 7, 2016

How to wear sneakers with a blazer
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Banana Republic Blazer- New Balance Sneakers
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blazer: banana republic (more options) // shirt: old navy (old, one here) // jeans: j crew
shoes: new balance (need these) // sunglasses: ray-ban // lipstick: bite beauty 

The weekend was a little crazy, one where I resorted to one too many survival parenting tactics. Like, okay guys, if we can just run these next few errands we can go get ice cream. Done and done. Oh but wait, if we can just sit through this one appointment we can go to Target and you can pick out a toy. Which of course prompted Chris to say "toys? aren't you always yelling about the insane amount of toys in the house and how much you hate toys?" Yes I am, now shut the hell up and let's go buy them some toys. I am totally a push over parent when it comes to some things. Mainly public outings, I just want quick and easy and bribery provides that. Now when it comes to eating the dinner I make them or having healthy food over junk food, I turn into a witch. It's about balance....or something. 

Which is kind of like this outfit. A little classic prep with a little sneaker chic. Total mom friendly errand running I mean business outfit. I will pair anything with sneakers, I don't discriminate. And really this is a simple outfit with some red flare for the fun of it. 

And I had no idea it was the super bowl yesterday. None. Which is kind of sad because my family is a bunch of die hard Broncos fans. Both my parents are from Denver. I grew up listening to my mom scream at the tv when they played (which is probably why I can't stand to watch football). The woman about fainted when we were in the Bahamas and John Elway and his family walked into the restaurant we were eating at. If I remember correctly she screamed, loud. Thank the Lord for the dramatics of teenagers because we were able to get her to simmer down. Because I mean...embarrassing. So you can imagine her shock when she called me and asked if I was watching. I'm sorry, you lost me. 

Other than that I am ready to tackle the week. HAHA! Did you laugh? I totally laughed. I'm not ready. I'm scared. 

Coffee me baby!


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