Last 10 photos on my camera roll

Feb 26, 2016

I'm If you were to look through the 3,217 photos on my camera roll (which you wouldn't want to, but lets pretend) you'd probably think, wow this lady likes to take pictures of her feet (from where I stand outfit pics, they are all the rage). Or, my lawd she is obsessed with lipstick, and her kids. How many pictures of her children watching a movie does one need? Does she really have a husband, he isn't in any pictures. Oh wait there is a dog, where'd he come from? Random picture of food. Nope, back to more weird pictures of herself holding coffee. 

Thank goodness my camera roll does not define me.....or does it?

Here are the last ten pics on the old memory vault. I did not include multiples or they would all be of the first one. HAHA! Gotta get it right.
I have been wearing this sweater non-stop. Love it! And this Anastasia matte lipstick in Pure Hollywood is a beaut! 
Here is how bath time goes in this house, bathe two....send them downstairs to watch a movie, bathe the baby, stick Ace in the shower. Pour a glass of wine!
whole30 chili is just a one pot wonder in this house. Everyone eats it. And one huge pot means I don't have to cook for like 48 hours. 
my new tablescape. I was getting very anxious to change up the table from our little red valentines day theme, so I headed to the mothership (Target) and lost my damn mind in Michael's with three kids, but it resulted in this and I am happy with it. 
This dog! He turned four months on the 12th and he is now a whopping 52 pounds! Like I'm sorry....I thought we got a lab, not a great dane. Although I really want a great dane too!
Sleeping baby cliche! ha

While I was at Target the other day I really wanted this letter tray as kind of like a catch-all for the kitchen. But no, Target online it is not in aisle B22. And no one in your store seems to know where it is. Red card. Free shipping. 
My kids very rarely get cereal. Like maybe once in a desperate grocery store trip. But the last time we were at the store, Ace said "mom, why don't we eat cereal? my friends eat cereal and they seem to be fine. Why do you hate cereal?" Have some cereal then....moms tired. Then the toy fell into his bowl and you would have thought he won the lottery. Then your kid can read and he says "there are six more toys to collect, we need more cereal"
I am amazed at this dog. Not all the time, like when he tears up a doormat, or chews a chunk of the base boards off. But the way he is with Odette will forever be his saving grace. He will bite and scratch and play rough with every other child. But her....she can pull on his ears, poke him in the eye, or shove her hand so far in his mouth, and nothin. They have a real thing going.....
These two. Excuse the blurry photo, but these two are two peas in the drive mom crazy pod. Best thing I ever did was start homeschooling Pierce. His relationship with Avalon is amazing. Because they spend their days together while Ace is at school, they have a bond like no other. One that they may not have if Pierce still had his other preschool schedule. 

That's it! So tell me homies, what's on your roll? Did you like that little play on words, just remixed that for you. Rollin' with the homies.....

Okay, I've embarrassed myself enough. Goodbye. 


  1. cute! i love this. shows how real life is! And, your dog...cuuutte!! we have a black lab, and he turned out to be massive too. he's super tall, and weighs about 120lbs! WHAT?

  2. Bill's birthday is Sept. 20th too!!

  3. Multiples are such a thing it makes me ashamed of myself. Ha! I love how dogs sense when they can be rough and when they cannot. Well. Most can. This was a fun post!

  4. What's your whole30 chili recipe? I see no beans which is a plus because I hate beans.

  5. The kids and the dog are getting so big. I like your tablescape. I've done a few tablescapes (Fall and Christmas), but I usually just stick a Luminara candle with a small wreath around it. Looking forward to you moving to Georgia. Maybe we can visit since you'll be on the east coast.



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