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Feb 4, 2016

Oh Friday, you beautiful thing you! This week was just busy. I'm like a broken record because every week is busy whether we really do anything or not. But it was Chris schedule busy, kid activity busy, doctor appointment busy. I am in total trip planning mode for our move back to the lower 48 busy, so this week has been phone call busy as well, which with four kids is a joke. The second they see a phone get next to my head they lose their minds. All of a sudden everyone acts like they are crossing the Sahara desert and are dehydrated beyond belief. Or every single one of them has to go to the bathroom at the same time. Or she looked at me, and he said my name, and the dog did this, and all around the mulberry bush of crazy we go! Sorry to the U-haul lady who had to listen to me death threat parent Pierce if he hit Avalon one more time. 
Valentines Day Inspiration
doormat // shoes (sold out, but similar here and here)

So let's move past my little cherubs and on to better what I found on the internet this week!

Kate, I mean she just reads the minds of moms and types it out into such a way that I can never seem to express. Her Essay For Motherhood is pin point perfection. I mean down to the hemorrhoid spray. If you have kids, want kids, are pregnant, or may need to take a pregnancy test in a few weeks, hop on over there! 

I am the furthest thing from a minimalist, I would like to get to the point where we didn't have just so.much.stuff in this house. But that is just not the stage of life we are in. Four kids, a dog, and two very fashion loving adults does not a minimalist make. Since we are moving though I have devised a plan to go through every inch of this house and rid us of shit. This article asks two questions, and I think that is the method I am going with. I wrote a post awhile ago about spring cleaning, but even that allows me to keep more than I should.

So, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day, never have. I think I stopped with the whole idea in the third grade when we were forced to hand out things to people I didn't really even like. haha! BUT! I can totally get behind many of these gift ideas just for myself, like a pat on the back you made it through another week.

Speaking of which, do you know the meaning behind the day? (maybe not a reliable source)

Ace did NOT want to make Valentine's for his class. Like a hell to the no mom, you buy that shit! And we did. Boo. But here are some really really cute ideas that can be dollar store friendly! Maybe you will have better luck with your spawn.

I have told myself time and time again to stop buying sweaters, and Chris and I even had the conversation the other night that packing for our move should be interesting seeing as how in the lower 48 it will be warm. And well, we don't own too many warm weather clothes. But, the weather outside my door has me creeping on some sweaters, like this Free People one, or this longline denim jacket is amaze-balls!! How many more months are we here? Is it justifiable?

And I will leave you with this, if you are not watching Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, I don't know what to tell you. You need to watch them. Take you right into the weekend.

Have a wild one!


  1. Several things...1. I love everything about the doormat and shoe photo. 2. I need to go read that motherhood post! And 3. Comedians getting coffee makes me LOL every time!

  2. I seriously am in love with that doormat, it's perfect!

  3. I live for these kinds of posts! They get me through the 4 am wake ups!!

  4. I love that mat! And those shoes! And those pants!!



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