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Feb 14, 2016

leather on leather outfit
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Leather Jacket and Leather Pants
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leather jacket: bb dakota via shopbop // tee: american apparel //sunglasses: ray-ban  
leather pants: zara (here and here) // boots: nordstrom (old, obsessed with these!) 

Happy fake Monday! I really do love a Monday that disguises itself as another Sunday! We got most of our running around done yesterday, so I am hoping to get some laundry done today. My life, I tell you, it's invigorating! 

Yesterday was spent at Color Me Mine with my crew. I just love when kids parties are in places with breakable things. Over-priced breakable things at that. Surprisingly, my spawn shocked me with their cooperation. They weren't really into it, bless their hearts, but they were good sports. I mean, my boys dominate the extra curricular activity choices, so they were asking "are we done yet?" about every five minutes. Avalon had fun for about three minutes until she spotted some pink hello kitty figurine, that was actually a piggy bank, for the low low price of $38. She was just beside herself that she wasn't painting that real gem of a piece, and I was like....laugh out loud, I'll take you to Target if you want a piggy bank. She got over it when I pulled out a hand full of lollipops and said have at it girlfriend. 

Afterwards we headed to House of Bread to eat, where I decided my cheat meal was warranted. I love House of Bread. I mean, the name alone just makes me happy. For someone who never eats bread, I could just sit in there and be happy basking in the smell. We survived eating out while the many Valentine couples tried to enjoy their low key meal with a side of Pierce yelling, "this brownie has nuts in it mom...who puts nuts in a brownie?"

Crazy people Pierce. Crazy people. 

We lived to tell the tale. 


  1. House of Bread!? Now that is my kind of place!

    1. RIGHT!!! Amazing, and dangerous. haha ;)

  2. I with Pierce. Why ruin a brownie with nuts?!?! Do nuts actually make anything better? Outrage.

  3. I love Pierce! He's my favorite but I disagree with him on the nuts on brownies situation.

  4. Lmfao! The Hello Kitty bank, the nuts in the brownie..too too funny!

  5. Look at you mama!! Living the dream in snazzy pants!!!

  6. I don't know what House of Bread is but with a name like that I think I can figure it out, and I don't need to know anything more. *drool*

  7. The visual I get from this post is delightful. You, my four high-energy grand kids, and oodles of clay, paint, and breakable items. Hehehehehe



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