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Feb 11, 2016

I am absolutely guilty of being in love with, obsessed with, can't live without _____ (insert just about anything) in the moment. Chris points it out to me all the time! I will run into the kitchen and moon walk to him in my new sweater and he will look and me and say in his best "Kelsey" impression "OH MY GAWD I LOVE THIS!". Happens all the time. But there are some things that I truly do love, and they haven't faded with time. 
Street Style Inspiration
This really has nothing to do with Valentines day, we don't do all that biz-nas so no gift guides from this blog. I know, you're super bummed. Not really. 

Let's start with these jeans. They are by a company called Hellz Bellz, a streetwear brand out of LA. This is when I was heavy into my sneaker head days. I bought them at a sample sale in LA that my best friend and I called into work sick for, drove to LA went to the sample sale and then drove home, from Vegas. We were 19, it was acceptable then. I have loved them ever since. They have just enough quirk to make me happy. I can guarantee no one will be walking around in them. haha! I always get questions about them, and Chris will never understand them. But I will wear them when I am 80, for sure!

Calvin Klein underwear. Is that a thing to have a favorite underwear? I just love them. I was in need of some comfortable underwear after having baby Ace, giving birth will do that to ya. And I bought a bunch of Calvin Klein, and still today I will load up on them. So comfy, and wash so well. Keepers. Love. 

Fresh flowers. This took Chris a long time to get behind. I don't like roses, and I don't really like flowers as a gift. I mean they are nice don't get me wrong, I just love to pick up a fresh bouquet of flowers on the weekend. My mom and my grandmom are/were the same way. Always fresh flowers in the house. I don't know, it just seems to set my week up. Like waking up and walking into the kitchen to make my coffee with fresh flowers on the table, uhh love that. Chris at first thought it was a waste of money. And when we were some struggling 19 year olds, we would fight about it. But now he will even admit that he likes it. They don't have to be expensive or fancy, $7 daisies are just fine. 

Egyptian Magic. I just like moisture on my skin. I use so many different lotions, but I will always go to bed with a fresh layer of Egyptian Magic on my skin. 

Besides my wedding rings, and a few other pieces of jewelry that Chris has bought me, this J Crew bracelet (pictured above) is something I will always be obsessed with. There is a reason J Crew just keeps them in stock. It is so classic, and goes with everything. 

Shutterfly poster prints. I have zero affiliation with Shutterfly, so I am not promoting shit. I have a huge poster size picture of all my kids that I mounted on canvas. I am so obsessed with them. I ordered my first one of Ace four years ago and have ordered one of all the other kids since. The quality is amazing for a poster size. I mean, that is a big print, and the price is great!! 

This candle warmer, and only this candle warmer. My mom bought me my first one when Chris and I moved into our first apartment, some nine odd years ago. At the time this company only sold them at little trade shows or pop up shops, but now...NOW you can get them at Target, but only online. I have three in my house, and Chris even requested one for his office. They are amazing! And they look nice. I always have candles warming on them, and the light really melts the candle all the way down, which is not the case for other candle warmers I have had. It seems like half the candle is wasted. These are also my go-to gifts for people. Get one, seriously!

And really, that is about it. I'm sure there are more things, but I have wasted enough of your Friday!

Now go forth and party it up this weekend.....or be like me and change diapers and go to bed at 9!


  1. Oh I love that fancy candle warmer! I'm always burning candles so that would be perfect for me!

  2. Who has time for romantic dinners?! Nope. I have to say I don't understand the jeans either but I do like the shoes and the bracelet.

  3. Those heels are the BEES knees!!!!!! If bees had knees. Lol

  4. THANK. YOU! Evvvvvery time I come to your house I mean to ask you about your candle warmer! We've gone through like 2384792 crappy ones here (to include Kyle's office as well) and I always wondered how you liked yours.

    *Proceeds to checkout...

  5. I feel the same way about flowers that you do! As a gift, sometimes they can feel cheesy. I do love me some roses, though!

  6. I am loving the candle warmer, yes!

  7. That candle warmer is amazing!



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