One product, so many uses!

Feb 8, 2016

Concealer is probably the greatest makeup product next to mascara. I never in my life understood the actual need for concealer until I had kids. Then I was this is how they do it. This is how moms everywhere fool the masses. It's this stuff! Well add me to the list. I don't use concealer everyday because I don't have horrible dark circle (thanking genetics), but I do use it on the days that I just look tired. Which now that I think about it, is probably everyday. But over time I have found other uses for that miracle in a tube. So allow me to share them with you....
Let's start with the most obvious. Under-eye use. If you happen to be using it primarily for dark circles, then start using the triangle method on the left. This will brighten your whole eye area, and not just the underneath giving you that tanning bed goggle effect. You know what I'm talking about right? Just trust me. Blend the triangle out, add some color to those cheeks, maybe even a highlighter on top and you will look awake and have people saying, have a newborn? No way!
Contouring! My nose is always a quick contour area for me. If I don't have a lot of time, this is the one fast thing I can do to look like a put a lot of effort in. Contouring is basically creating shadows on your face, so the highlight in the middle is where we will draw attention to, with the concealer. Then blend that all out. I did a quick step by step in this post
Use as an eye shadow primer!! Now, they make actual eye shadow primers, but concealer works just as well. If you are ever wondering why your eye shadow creases, or falls, this is it! It has nothing to stick too. Apply a coat of concealer, then use your favorite eye shadow. 
You guys know I am a lipstick fanatic, and I also like to get the most out of my lip colors. The only way to do that is the create a neutral base. Concealer!! Just apply a small amount to your finger and dab it into your lips. This will also help hide your natural lip line, so you can over line your lips if you want. 
Looking more like this. I have very thin lips to begin with, so this trick gives me a little more to work with. Then apply your lip color. The concealer again gives it something to stick to so you get more wear out of it as well. More detailed post here
Finally, creating your own tinted moisturizer. For this one you want to use a concealer that is closest to your skin tone. So not the one that you would use for highlighting. Mix it in with your moisturizer, and apply it as you would with foundation. It gives you a little more coverage than just mixing your regular foundation with moisturizer. I use this on days that I don't want to wear a heavy foundation, but I know I will be out of the house possibly running into actual human beings, so I need the love. 

And that's it! Five super easy ways to get more use out of your concealer. 

Here are some of my favorite concealers:


  1. I like the lip trick! I just started using concealer for contouring (very much an amateur still) so I like all these :)

  2. What kind of a-hole looks this good close up?

  3. I love this, I am not makeup savvy so this type of stuff really helps me.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! I am definitely trying these tips! I feel like I've been using it all wrong!

  5. OMG I needed this tutorial!!! Found you through the fab Laurie Olsen, but already have been following you on insta for a bit :)

  6. I love YSL Radiant Touch and also Trish McEvoy eye base. Guess what? The Love of Makeup never goes away. I'm 55 and still love makeup. When I was younger the closest Sephora Store was in New York. I used to go to New York just to visit make up stores like Sephora, Il Makiage, Janet Sartin, and Daine Young. and of course I had to check out the cosmetic counter at Bergdorf's. I didn't make much money back then, but I loved good makeup products mixed in with a few drug store products. Thank God they opened a bunch of Sephora Stores in PA. Now, I use Tarte, YSL, Trish McEvoy, IT Cosmetics, and Bare Minerals. I love the Whipped Argan Oil Body Cream by Josie Marin. but I still love trying new products. You got me to try Charlotte Tillbury Lip Stick.



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