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Feb 7, 2016

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blazer: banana republic (more options) // shirt: old navy (old, one here) // jeans: j crew
shoes: new balance (need these) // sunglasses: ray-ban // lipstick: bite beauty 

The weekend was a little crazy, one where I resorted to one too many survival parenting tactics. Like, okay guys, if we can just run these next few errands we can go get ice cream. Done and done. Oh but wait, if we can just sit through this one appointment we can go to Target and you can pick out a toy. Which of course prompted Chris to say "toys? aren't you always yelling about the insane amount of toys in the house and how much you hate toys?" Yes I am, now shut the hell up and let's go buy them some toys. I am totally a push over parent when it comes to some things. Mainly public outings, I just want quick and easy and bribery provides that. Now when it comes to eating the dinner I make them or having healthy food over junk food, I turn into a witch. It's about balance....or something. 

Which is kind of like this outfit. A little classic prep with a little sneaker chic. Total mom friendly errand running I mean business outfit. I will pair anything with sneakers, I don't discriminate. And really this is a simple outfit with some red flare for the fun of it. 

And I had no idea it was the super bowl yesterday. None. Which is kind of sad because my family is a bunch of die hard Broncos fans. Both my parents are from Denver. I grew up listening to my mom scream at the tv when they played (which is probably why I can't stand to watch football). The woman about fainted when we were in the Bahamas and John Elway and his family walked into the restaurant we were eating at. If I remember correctly she screamed, loud. Thank the Lord for the dramatics of teenagers because we were able to get her to simmer down. Because I mean...embarrassing. So you can imagine her shock when she called me and asked if I was watching. I'm sorry, you lost me. 

Other than that I am ready to tackle the week. HAHA! Did you laugh? I totally laughed. I'm not ready. I'm scared. 

Coffee me baby!


  1. You pull off jeans and sneakers very well, my friend. Whenever I try to pair them I am convinced my feet look huge and my legs look shorter. Regardless, let's talk about your favorite place to buy jeans. I'm in the market and you seem to have the corner...

  2. Super cute outfit, I am loving the sneaks!

  3. I am so big above bribery. Anything to get through the day. Anything.

  4. The lip and shoes are the PERFECT touch!
    "Yes I am, now shut the hell up and let's go buy them some toys." lmfao



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