Spring? Is that you?

Feb 29, 2016

 Denim Vest Outfit for Winter
Denim on Denim-Old Navy Vest
Mom Style Outfits
Layering with a denim vest- alaska fashion blogger
denim vest: old navy // sweater: banana republic // jeans: blank denim
bag: coach (old) // loafers: zara (similar here) // sunglasses: ray-ban 

Does this look like spring? By Alaska standards, spring just means melting. Not exactly any blooming, just a lot of melting. But I am not even sure if Alaska knows what is going on right now. I mean March never really screams spring up here. March usually means there is the possibility of snow. So I basically take dressing hour by hour. It is not uncommon for me to change outfits based on looking out the window. School drop off and pick up is not a car thing. It is a park and walk thing. All the kids lined up waiting inside with full snow gear on, ready to tackle the walk across the skating rink of a parking lot, eager to find one puddle to make the biggest splash in. Everyone shuffling their feet like little penguins. Ace more than likely telling me that he got a good report and he would like to request his video game timer to begin right when he walks in the door. 

Sometimes us moms congregate in one area while we let the kids get out that last little end of day excitement. Then we pile in, and pull out of the parking lot only to say.....same time, same place, same ice on the road, tomorrow. 

It's all very groundhogs day. 


  1. That whole outfit is perfection! I love it.

  2. Today was 60 here and yet we may have snow on Thursday. Come on spring.

  3. Hi get here already hmm k? Thanks!

    1. HA! Be there before you know it! :)



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