are matte liquid lipsticks for you?

Mar 31, 2016

As a lover of lipstick in any way shape or form, I could talk about lipstick all day everyday. I just love a little pigment in a tube what can I say? Every time I post about liquid lipsticks, I always get questions about them. I try and answer each question and email individually, but why not have a blanket post out there just to cover all inquiries. Right?
My Favorite Matte Liquid Lipsticks
So, matte liquid lipsticks. These babies have had quite the makeup takeover recently. I purchased my first liquid lipstick about three years ago on a whim while browsing Urban Outfitters beauty section. I was instantly hooked, and have acquired many more since then. But these little gifts of makeup heaven can be intimidating. Here are my thoughts on how to use them, how they work, and some of my favorites. 

First things first. What are liquid lipsticks? Well, they are just that. A liquid formula, that drys like a stain. They are made with the intention of a long lasting lipstick. And most of them very much live up to that, as they don't transfer to surfaces, and they are a little stubborn to get off. 

I cannot stress enough the importance of a lip scrub if liquid lipsticks are your chosen path. These things dry, and keep on drying. They will show every crack and chapped lip. So always exfoliate before you use them. Also, I have found with the ColourPop liquid stains, as amazing as they are, they are very drying, so applying a wax based lip balm will help with that. 

Also, you must must must use a lip liner when you use these lipstick varieties. If you happen to be like me and use so many different lipsticks in a week, then I suggest buying a nude liner that will go with everything. No need to match your lipstick and your liner all the time. And really, who has time for all that mess? Not I! 

Another great thing about liquid lipsticks is they are buildable. With most formula's you can do one coat, but add as many as you'd like to get an even more intense result. They glide on with the ease of a gloss, but beware, you must color in the lines or please go to jail do not collect 200 dollars....start over. With that being said, most applicators are pretty easy to use. I love the color and wear from Dose of Colors, but I have found that the fibers on the wand are a little long for me, so I have to go slow and really harness my toddler coloring skills. I hate messy lipstick. So another tip, keep q-tips nearby for precision. I use these ones.

Now, as for the getting them off process. I have a couple products that I really like. The Bite Beauty lipstick wipes are amazing, but you can't find them everywhere, so not always attainable unless you live next to a Sephora. I recently started using the Garnier Micellar cleansing water to take off my makeup, before I wash my face. This stuff is b-o-m-b. Takes off everything from liquid lipsticks to waterproof mascara. BUT! If you really don't want to buy a specific product to take off your lipstick, then reach into your diaper bag and use baby wipes. Works every time!

Finally, I love that I can put a matte liquid on, let it dry, and then go over with my favorite gloss. I do this a lot with nude colors, because the gloss settles into the matte and just makes it look a little more full and plump. So don't be afraid to play around once you get comfortable with the liquid goodness. 

Safe to say I really love liquid lipsticks and here are some of my favorites:

ColourPop in Creeper and Limbo (best thing about these is they are only $6 and the quality is there, trust me!!)

Dose of Colors in Chocolate Wasted, Desert Suede, Cork and Sand. (Sadly these sell out fast so when you see the one you like, buy it immediately!)

Anastasia Beverly Hills in Pure Hollywood. (When you are ready to invest in a liquid lipstick, these are for you! Amazing.)

Lime Crime in Cashmere and Red Velvet. (These are like the OG's for me, love them)

What are your thoughts? Let's discuss!


  1. Believe it or not I have a lot of your tips written down and one of these days I am going to sit down and attempt to try them all. Haha. You always share the best ideas and products.

  2. I've never tried these but hell. I hate when lipstick comes off so easily so maybe I should!

  3. Love this! So, which are you wearing in the previous post? :)

  4. My next big purchase is new makeup so I always love your picks. Colourpop is on my list to buy...I've heard such good things!



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