does cabin fever have a vaccine?

Mar 21, 2016

This post was sponsored by @GBChildUsa as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received the GB Lyfe Pram Travel System to facilitate my review.
GB Lyfe Pram System
I'll be the first to sing the praises of an indoor bounce establishment, or an open gym time for my kids. Alaska winter's are anything but short. And thanks to our latest dump of snow, we were back in the saddle of snow gear over the weekend. Truthfully I am just over it. Loading up the amount of stuff needed to keep my kids warm outside is insane. Four or more of everything. Gotta double the amount of snow pants because sometimes those don't come down as fast as they need, and they get in the line of fire if you know what I mean. Extra gloves for all because someone will lose one. Extra socks because my kids are high maintenance and will need a new pair for the ride home. Tack on strollers, back packs, blankets, and whatever else, and I am exhausted before we even close the garage. 

But it must be done, because we are at the point of watching paint dry inside for entertainment. 
GB Lyfe Stroller System
Not every outing has to be a production is what I have learned. Just getting the kids out on a walk can help immensely. For them, and for Chris and I. Some room to spread out. The boys need wide open spaces. But the girls, not so much. Avalon is not really into the snow. She likes it for about eight minutes and she is done. She doesn't really like being wrapped to tight in all that gear, and Odette is the same way. So finding a happy medium for everyone is a challenge. Until we found a place with snow-free sidewalks for us novice snow people. The Alaska Train Depot. It is only a few minutes from out house. There is always parking, and not too many people. Avalon and I can just stroll around, and the boys can run through all the snow piles left behind from the plows. 
GB Lyfe Car Seat
Perfect place to test out our GB Lyfe Pram. Now, let me tell you this is not our first stroller rodeo. Four kids at all different independence levels means you know a thing or two about what a stroller must have. So I really was excited to see how this one compares to the others I have had. The first thing I noticed with the infant seat is that it holds up to 35 pounds. Odette's previous seat only held up  to 25. She is pushing 22 pounds so we were going to have to switch her out real soon. I didn't want to because she falls asleep in her seat almost daily with our back and forth school runs, and she will take a nice nap in that baby once we get inside. Car seat to crib transfers are the make or break of my lunch eating! So I really liked the seat, and all it's padding, and extra safety measures that the other seat did not have. 
Stroller Systems- GB Lyfe Pram
Another HUGE plus was how easily and flat this stroller folds up! I could almost fit two strollers side by side in my trunk. This is amazing for us when you add in all the snow gear mentioned above. We can fit it all in the back rather than some under the kids feet. 
GB Lyfe Stroller- Infant Bassinet
I also love that this whole system is designed to grow with your child. So you have the option of attaching the car seat to the stroller, no need to wake a sleeping baby once you get to the mall. Or you can attach the bassinet option, which CONVERTS to a toddler seat! I know I know, we are getting crazy here. 
Mom Style- GB Lyfe Stroller -Babies R Us
But it is true! Just a couple quick clicks with some straps and Odette can be sitting upright AND have the options of facing me, or facing out. It can all be changed. Avalon can also fit in the toddler seat which is great if Chris is with me and he can wear Odette in the carrier. Everyone is happy!
See I told you....happy!

Or now frustrated...but happy for a second. 

Honestly, I have been really impressed with this stroller system. It gives you all the bells and whistles without skimping on the safety! It is lightweight, and easy for me to get in and out of the car while wrangling children. 

Perfect for a quick trip to the Train Depot to blow off some steam, but even more perfect for a day of indoor activities as well. 

Check them out at Babies R Us

OH! And did you happen to notice the size of that basket underneath? Prime real estate for some shopping bags if I do say so myself!


  1. Haha I love the last sentence! SO perfect!

  2. you can never ever have enough storage on a stroller. for some reason i'm always stuffing things in there.

  3. I can't get past Odette's happy face in her little hat! So stinking cute! And great photos, per usual :)



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