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Mar 16, 2016

Faux Fur Leopard Cropped Jacket
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faux fur jacket: marciano (old, love this one!) // t-shirt: vince // jeans: one teaspoon
shoes: michael kors // sunglasses: quay // choker: amazon

I have no idea how to dress at this point. Over the weekend it was gorgeous!! Like, we couldn't spend enough time outside if we tried! We got the bbq going for goodness sake (yes, in Alaska, 40 degrees and sunny is bbq weather). Then BAM, a nice dusting of snow. Juuuuust when all the snow and ice had melted around our house, and the kids were able to ride their scooters on the sidewalk. 

So I guess this can be my excuse to keep wearing faux fur, right? I am honestly having the hardest time trying to decide what to pack for our long excursion back to the lower 48. There will be some camping, lots of national park exploring, in and out of hotels. But I am going to need lots of options. I am trying to convince Chris to tow a small uhaul for my closet. He has yet to stop laughing at that idea. 

This is going to be a struggle. My other idea, was that I could pack pretty light until we hit Seattle, and then I can just go shopping. Yet another idea that Chris has yet to get back to me on. But Seattle is my very favorite city of all favorite cities. It's our old stomping many memories were made there. It will probably be the place we spend the most time on the trip. Because I am going to need some good food after driving through the freakin Yukon. Not to mention some good coffee too! 

I am by no means wishing away our time left in Alaska. We have truly grown to love this place. But I am a neurotic planner. So once I put the wheels in motion, I can't stop. Chris is very different, which is why we balance each other out nicely. He is just take it day by day. No need to get ahead of ourselves, very live in the moment. Then I am behind the scenes with thirty different lists, making phone calls, getting all appointments made, basically losing my mind. So thank the match making gods for an ultra chill husband. 

And I just heard a box of legos being allow me to go scream in a corner! 

Happy almost Friday folks! 


  1. Neurotic planners unite! Also, learned from your snapchat that the Military is NOT one for planning and that would drive me batshit crazy every second so I am very impressed with your sanity!

  2. Haha you should definitely have a small uhaul, I think it's a brilliant idea.

    1. I know!! I need options, I can't just be running around in hiking gear! LOL ;)

  3. If I get a vote its for shopping once you hit the lower 48!

  4. My lifesaver on the Alcan - my mini keurig - and the cigarette lighter plug in I bought haha. Also...a tire patch kit or 3?

    1. HA! We are bringing our french press and the pour overs!

  5. I fully support both of your decisions. I have trouble packing for a week with my five and have it all fit in the van let alone what? Six weeks or whatever it is you have to plan for. You're a saint.



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