let's just layer a jumpsuit, for fun

Mar 6, 2016

Denim Jumpsuit Layers
Denim Jumpsuit- Mom Style
Denim Jumpsuit- Winter Style
Street Style -Denim Jumpsuit
How to style a jumpsuit in the winter
Street Style- Jumpsuits
jumpsuit: lou & grey (old, similar here and here) // turtleneck: nordstrom 
sunglasses: quay // heels: zara (similar)

Welcome back to Monday folks! How was your weekend? I think my crew is still tired out. Yesterday was so chill thanks to a very very late night for my kiddos on Saturday. Which can I just tell you that a birthday party that starts at 6 is GENIUS!!! My friend rented out a whole indoor bouncing play place for the party, which only had ten kids (four being mine!). So you can imagine their excitement to be able to run around the entire establishment. And for the parents it was amazing because you weren't worrying about where your kid was, or if there was the possibility of someone leaving (Pierce is a flight risk, he always darts for the exit) the doors were locked and the kids were having the time of their lives. I happen to think that the dads actually had the most fun on all the bouncing equipment. Like a little too much fun as small children's bodies were bounced HIGH into the air. We stayed well past the two hour time slot, and didn't get home until almost ten. But the kids had juuuust enough energy to walk themselves in the house and plop on the floor waiting for me to shower them in sanitizer and put them to bed. 

I'll take another kid party like that for 200, please. 

And while we are on the party subject, after Alaska's little snow party last week I was so happy with the sunshine of the weekend! There is nothing like walking passed a window and feeling WARMTH! 

Warmth on the inside of course. Outside you can get away without a jacket and just a few layers. Case in point, turtleneck under denim jumpsuit. Now Alaska, let's get back to those 40 degree days? What do you say? 


  1. Love those indoor bounce places! they always knock the girls out instantly too!
    I love how you look like a model. If I wore this, I'd look like a mechanic. LMAO

  2. I would like to come to the next bounce party please

  3. Those bouncing places are awesome!! Whoever came up with those is a genius.

  4. Removing all chance of flight risk is absolutely key. and showering in sanitizer. Ha! YES.



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