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Mar 25, 2016

I love boys. I mean, I love little boys. I mean, I love my little boys. I mean, I just love being a mom to boys. 

I was so excited when I found out we were having a boy. I think I was way more excited than Chris. I just wanted boys so bad. I feel like I gel with boys pretty easily. My boys especially because well, they are mine all mine. But, I am pretty rough around the edges, and that seems to really be okay with them. So when we found out we were pregnant with our second boy I think I said "damn right it's a boy". Mainly because I really wanted Ace to have a little brother. 
Don't get your girl gene diapers in a bunch. I clearly am obsessed with my girls, and am overly in love with all my children. I just knew I would have some fun being a boy mom as well. 

They are INSANE!! Which drives me INSANE on a daily basis. Pierce is a damn firecracker, you never know what he is going to do or say or how embarrassed you will get, or what excuse you might have to come up with for his off the wall behavior. I mainly just go with...boys will be boys...then awkwardly laugh and walk away. Ace on the other hand is the brains. So methodical. So analytical. So stubborn, and sooooooooo right and we all are soooooooo wrong all the time. 
There is truly never a dull moment with these two in the house, allow me to demonstrate.

Sitting at the table eating breakfast before school:
Ace: Mom. I have a serious question.
Me: Yes?
Ace: Why do I have eyebrows?

Chris and Ace talking in the kitchen while making breakfast:
Ace: You know what has a really big butt!
Sitting with Ace while drinking my coffee:
Ace: Mom I have a mustache. Like a real one.
Me: No you don't!
Ace: Well, you do!
(Chris.....drops to the floor laughing)

Ace came home with a bag full of stuff from the school store.
Ace: Mom I went to the school store today.
Me: The school store? Did you have money?
Ace: Ya, but they gave it back to me. And gave me a bag of stuff I picked out.
Me: But they didn't take any money from you?
Ace: Nope.
Me: Is this some kind of kid credit?
Chris: I'm gonna get a bill for all this aren't I?

The boys playing Star Wars:
Pierce: Ace where did R2D2 come from?
Ace: I don't know probably Canada.

Watching a movie:
Pierce: Ace this movie makes me be quiet.
Ace: I know mom does that on purpose.
Back in the kitchen at some time:
Ace: Mom, you know dad thinks you're crazy.
Me: Yep, but he still loves me.
Ace: How can he love you if he thinks you're crazy?
Me: Because love is a crazy thing.....
Ace: Okay seriously mom if you are going to start talking about love I'm going to turn my ears off.

Pierce writing a break up letter to his girlfriend:
Pierce: Dear girlfriend. I can't love you anymore because I can only love mom. And you smell. You need to take a poop.

Pierce after watching the new chipmunks movie:
Pierce: Mom I am going to Miami.
Me: Oh you're going to Miami right now?
Pierce: Yep I'm going to your-ami. See ya.

The other night at dinner:
Ace: So dad how was your day?
Chris: Good! I get to jump out of a helicopter tomorrow!
Ace: Oh mannnn that's so awesome!
Pierce: Well......your gonna die.

(I can assure you Chris fell to the ground safely, and lived to tell the tale of his last jump in Alaska, and the gorgeous sunset that went along with it!)

And on that note I need to go break up a fight brewing between Spiderman and Darth Vader, one has a lightsaber in hand, and one thinks he can climb up a wall, I'll let you guess the outcome of this. 

If you happen to be super bored, here are some of the other conversations with my children, this one might be my favorite, or this one, maybe this one. Hell I love them all!


  1. As a momma of two boys under four, I love this post (especially as a preview of all the laughs to come)!

    1. Boys are so funny! Completely out of their minds, in the best way! :)

  2. OMG the bit about the mustache made me spit out my coffee. Fucking hysterical!

  3. Hahahaha seriously these kids are awesome!

  4. Oh boys. they are quite hysterical are they not!?

  5. Too, too funny, they do say the funniest things!!



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