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Mar 2, 2016

 peplum top outfit
How to style a peplum top
Cropped Flares- Street Style
Mom Style- Outfit Inspiration
Cute Spring Outfits- Peplum Tops
peplum top: sheinside c/o // blazer: gap (old, similar) // jeans: asos
shoes: zara (similar options) // sunglasses: ray-ban // lipstick: mac by zac posen

Oh my goodness we are inching our way to the weekend! My week has been mildly productive as far as stay at home mom standards go. Costco, check. Target...twice, check. Ulta, check. Butcher for Caspian's food, check. Laundry, check. Well all four children's laundry was cleaned and put away for like 8 hours, but they waste no time filling those baskets right back up. My laundry is still piling up, but really I only see a desperate need to do my laundry when my underwear drawer gets down to the "wanna make a baby" section and then we need to do a quick cycle. Can't be sending the wrong message in this baby making factory! You know what I'm sayin? 


Sort of. 

Anyway, I wanted to get as much done this week as possible since we have yet another six year olds birthday party to go to. But this one I don't mind because it is Ace's best friend, and I love seeing them together! His mom is pretty much my fav, actually it is a good group of moms and kids going. Small, pretty private, and good pizza was promised. So my cheat night has been decided for me. And I'm stoked about it! You know it's bad when you are willing to endure a birthday party with screaming kids for some adult interaction and pizza! 

Let's move on to this outfit. LOVE! This peplum top is the ultimate dress up or dress down piece. These cropped flares (which are now on mega sale, why the hell do I always miss the sales?) are making my closet pretty happy, and this coral lipstick should carry be right through summer! 

How was your week been? Has your toddler knocked over a table of hairspray at Ulta? 


  1. I literally spit my coffee out reading the "wanna make a baby" part of the underwear drawer. We all have that section and it's not pretty when we get there on a random Tuesday!

  2. Oh you're on fire with this post! Wanna make a baby underwear (if only it was that easy for all!) and then knocking over a hairspray table well wow. I snickered.



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