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Mar 20, 2016

topshop longline vest
SheInside Lace Blouse-Spring Style
Vest Outfits for Spring
Topshop Duster Vest-Sring Style
Spring Style- Mom Style- Outfits
lace top: sheinside c/o // vest: topshop via second run (same one here and here)
jeans: gap // lipstick: urban decay in naked2

What a freaking weather weekend we had here in Alaska! I am telling you. We got more snow from Saturday to Sunday than we did all winter!! I mean, I was done. Like more than over this whole "winter wonderland" even before it started. Last weekend we were hiking in just a fleece! Throughout the week all the kids in the neighborhood were slowing breaking out the scooters, and all the dads made sure the sidewalks were free of ice. Than what do you know!! Winter shows up. The amount of cuss words that came out of my mouth when I came downstairs to let Caspian out Saturday morning, rivaled stepping on a Lego. Pissed. 

But, I put on a happy face for the kids, because they thought it was Christmas. They immediately begged to get their snow stuff on, even before having a bite of food. We weren't the only parents standing out there like WTF. All the neighbors were looking at each other like.....who's gunna pull out the snow blower first? And..........go. We were in and out of the house all day. Going for walks, gearing up, and then coming in for hot chocolate. It really felt like winter. Although I was like, nope. I refuse to acknowledge this craziness (goes to rearrange spring clothes in closet). 

Speaking of clothes! This vest!! Just a couple weeks ago I was looking at this same vest at Nordstrom like, do I really need another longline vest? We are moving in a few weeks, will I wear this in Georgia? I walked away. But then last weekend I was at one of my favorite local consignment shops, and luck was on my side because here was this vest! With the tags on, in perfect condition, in my size!!! For a fraction of the price. I was like hot damn it's my lucky day, let's keep shopping. 

I decided to pair it with this beautiful lace blouse (under $20) that I only wish I could wear without an outer layer, but the sleeves have amazing details so it paired nicely. And white jeans, which I never really put away throughout the winter. I mean, do people still go my those old fashion rules? 

Rules are meant to be broken, so stay classy my friends!


  1. Yes they do. Yes they should. And you look great!

  2. You know my thoughts on white jeans, girl!

  3. I have to say I love your hair in this photo!!

  4. wow that really is happy luck! fate was in your favor then. and weather is bananas all over i don't get it! over. it.



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