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Mar 9, 2016

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Military Shirt- Banana Republic
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military shirt: banana republic // striped shirt: gap (old, similar options) // jeans: one teaspoon
heels: urban outfitters (old, similar) // sunglasses: gucci (vintage)

This week. This week is just a damn good week. I feel fresh, probably because I have taken multiple showers, hair washing included, with not ONE child in the bathroom. I got to lock the door. And I took my sweet time in there. Also to be noted I flew the coop, not once, not twice, but three times since Monday! I mean, call the people at Guinness because I am over here breaking records! 

Needless to say, we are are thrilled to have Chris home after five weeks of being away. The fun parent arrived with quite a few tricks up his sleeve, like, toys. He didn't arrive with them, but that was the first order of business upon his homecoming. A trip down the toy aisle. Also to be noted, moms rule of "clean up one mess before you make another". Out the window totally, we do things dads way which is make the biggest effing mess possible, then walk away from it. Odette had her first lollipop while mom was away. Her neck rolls were stuck together by the time I got back, so I think she enjoyed it. 

I, as always have enjoyed some alone time. Some shopping. Some dinner that I didn't cook. And trying to explain to Chris all the "new" things that made their way into the house. I think the first day he was home all he kept saying was "oh this is new", "did we always have that?", "wow, that looks nice....I'm guessing it's new too", "oh look at that, your closet grew". 

Summed up by "so basically all you did was shop........."

That's not all I did. I kept four kids and a dog alive. 

And then I shopped. 

And since the ultra fun parent is home, my idea of fun won't suffice anymore. Like, oh hey guys the baby is asleep lets grab a coffee and I'll take you to a snow filled trail where you can find a stick, or some rocks to be bring home. Pierce and Avalon took the bait, Ace said "I'll wait till we get home to play video games". 

Okay then. 


  1. I love the way the stripes look against the green! And the shoes are such a great color pop :) I recently bought a utility vest in that green color and I'm dying to wear it!

  2. You look great! Love the outfit! It is always great to have some time to yourself. I noticed you talked about your dog a few times before. What kind of dog is it?

  3. I am loving the pop of color from the heels! Super fun!

  4. When I saw this post title the first thing I said was: you would! Lol but cheers to his homecoming! Five weeks is a really long ass time.



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