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Mar 16, 2016

The stars just aligned this weekend for a great hike. We usually get outside and hike every weekend when the weather allows. But for what seems like forever, the weather has just been awful. The multiple inches of ice covering almost every trail does not exactly add up to my safety meter. Not to mention Chris being gone for five weeks, and I mean, I do a lot of stupid things. Like a lot. But hiking with four kids, one or two of which have to be carried, and ice, a shit ton of ice, is where my stupidity stops. So we suffered in not so much silence until our wilderness guide returned. And thank the heavens above that he did, because I would have hated to miss this weekends prime hiking weather. 
We decided the head south to Portage and see what we could find. Originally we were going to walk an easy trail down there, one we have done before, the trail of blue ice. But we decided we needed much more open space, and privacy. We like to let all of our wild beasts run free, and trails with other people and dogs frown upon our out of control ways. So we decided to just park on the side of the road, and hike down to the lakeside area. It was perfect!
The kids were able to go at their own pace, stop and fill their pockets with rocks, and yell as loud of possible. I wore the baby in my Lille Baby carrier, and can I tell you how comfortable this thing is? I have a lot of carriers, like five. But this one is perfect for a day hike. 
Lille Baby Carrier- Mom Blogger
I really am not sure who was having the most fun here. The boys pretended to fish with sticks they found. Avalon was so content doing her own thing. Sitting taking it all in, or climbing off her throne of a rock to make sure the boys were catching her a really big fish. 

Chris and Caspian just ran around like crazy people. Caspian proved that he is very much a water dog, and loved jumping in that cold water to retrieve a ball or stick. 
We were constantly yelling at the kids to not jump in the water, because although we brought all their cold weather gear, we didn't not bring their rain gear. Rain pants would have come in handy. Not to self....put rain gear in the car. So all was great until Pierce decided that he couldn't take the temptation of the water any longer and belly flopped himself into that very very cold water. The screaming, and I am freezing, thus I am going to die, dramatics followed. I can assure you he was fine. Having a very cold weather enthusiast for a dad really helps in these situations. We stripped his wet clothes off and changed him into a dry set, but because he soaked his snow pants, and snow boots, we had to pull the plug. 
Lille Baby-baby wearing-baby carrier
But three hours outside in constant motion was enough to work up an appetite, and a need for some naps. So we hiked our way back out. I switched Odette to my back so she could fall asleep if needed, and I love that about this carrier, that I have so many options for wearing her, based on her needs. 

Avalon and Pierce fell asleep immediately, and Ace needed pizza to make it a satisfying day. So we stopped and picked up a large pizza, ate, and headed back home. 

We are really trying to soak up all the beauty of Alaska before we have to say see ya later! There really is nothing like a short drive from our house and I get these kinds of views. 

Only in Alaska. 

And a huge thank you to Lille Baby for sending this carrier my way!


  1. So beautiful! It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! :)

  2. I can't get over how beautiful the views are!! What a fun day!

  3. I love my Lillebaby! :) Taking notes as I hope to hit a few trails with the hubs come back in April. How bout that snow last night, though?

  4. It's actually sort of ironic because I haven't worn Dom in awhile and did on Sunday and towards the end my shoulders hurt. I was about to text you to see what carriers you guys use since you always wear babes on hikes. So thanks for the tip! Andddddd this looks like a gorgeous day.

  5. Beautiful ... I wish we could do that too

  6. We got the lillebaby toddler CarryOn for Evie and I love it...and hate wearing Lily in the ergo now--it hurts my back so much! Thinking of trading in the ergo for a lillebaby complete.



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