the only three lipstick colors you need for spring

Mar 8, 2016

Never mind the fact that we got a good few inches of snow last week, and my weather app says there is more on the horizon, I am not giving up on my need for spring! When you spend the better part of winter in very little sunlight, when the sun actually comes out, you can't help but wish for more. So I am getting greedy and continuing on my quest for spring. Even though I had to lace up my snow boots and strap on some yak-trax (like ice cleats for your shoes) to take out the trash. 

So today let's forget about the cold temps lurking outside my door, and talk about one of my favorite things. Lipstick. 

Zac Posen, the holy grail of red carpet dress designers, teamed up with MAC for a new line. And wouldn't you know there are three lipstick colors that I HAD to get my hands on. 
Zac Posen for MAC lipsticks
Aren't they pretty?? I truly think there is a color for everyone here. Maybe you don't want to go full force like me and buy all three, but one of them will do the job for spring. I mean look at these babies!! 
Zac Posen for Mac
Let's start with the most universal color of the bunch. A very sheer nude. Appropriately named, Sheer Madness. This is such a beautiful shimmery nude, that is very easy to wear. This is definitely a lipstick you could wear everyday and for any occasion. 
Zac Posen for MAC makeup
Next up, one of my all time favorite lipstick colors, an orange coral. As much as I love a red lip, I will always choose an orange hue over the bright red. It is just different, and it gives a little more attention to the overall look. It also pairs beautifully on every skin tone. If you are intimidated by a bold red lip, this would be my suggestion to you. And this one called, Darling Clementine is near perfection when it comes to this orange mix. 
Zac Posen for MAC
And last, but certainly not least. This bright but very deep pink. It is called Dangerously Red, but is it kind of far from red as far as lip colors go. It is much more bright pink, but still very pretty! And I think I really prefer this color in the spring over a red. Red is so pretty to spice it up in the dreary winter months, but this hot pink is IT for spring. I know I will definitely be wearing this one a ton. 

The whole Zac Posen line for MAC is amazing. I have my eye on this blush duo, the eyeshadow palette is stunning, and this translucent powder is teasing me just a bit. 

Have you checked these out yet? Do you have a go to shade for spring? 


  1. I need that Dangerously Red -- it's gorgeous!

  2. I love the bottom one, wow it's so pretty!

  3. I wish I could do lipstick! I wouldn't even know where to start!



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