what i'm buying from target, online vol. 2

Mar 22, 2016

On my never ending quest to become Target's MVP (most valuable purchaser, I just made that up) I will once again share my finds from the land of the online checkout. After Pierce's ridiculous public tantrum, and my less than stellar attempt at dealing with it last week in Target. I very much decided to place an online order. This might just be my last one until I will be inputing a new address. Crazy! 

Target is very much a labyrinth of good finds. But if your local Target is anything like mine, then those good finds are often hard to find. Things aren't always in the obvious sections, especially when it comes to clearance items. Sometimes they are lumped on an end-cap, others they are just in their designated aisles with a clearance tag, and sometimes they aren't marked at all and we get a wonderful surprise at the checkout! 

So here are some of my recent purchases:
what to buy from Target online
one: I saw this chalkboard/cork board/cuteness in store, and wanted it right then and there for our mudroom, but I knew the price would be less online because Alaska likes to up that kind of stuff. I am so in love with it. It is so cute, well made, and the kids love to write little notes to Chris on it. 

two: These baskets are SO great! I saw the smaller one in store on clearance, but decided to check my phone real quick for the online price. What do you know, a few dollars cheaper!! So to the online cart they went!

three: We can never have too many throw blankets in this house. Seems like everyone needs a huge one to themselves, forget the sharing. So when I saw these blankets a couple weeks ago on clearance I had to pick a couple up. They are so soft I can't take it. I should have gotten six because everyone fights for one of these two. 

four: This rug is another in store find, but they only had one, and I wanted three for our bathroom. So I ordered a couple more. 

five and six: If you are not checking out the online exclusives when it comes to shoes for Target, you are doing it wrong my friends! Both of these are by Faryl Robin, who makes an amazing shoe line for Target. I have had my eye on number six for awhile now, and finally pulled the trigger. And then I just couldn't pass up number five.....I mean spring perfection!

seven: I wore this shirt dress last week in this post, and seriously cannot get enough of it. It also comes in a chambray color. I did end up sizing down to an xs, so just be mindful of the sizing online. But if you can find it in store, definitely try it on! 

eight: Okay, truth is.....these stools are still in my online cart. Chris says we DO NOT need more bar stools since we have four in the garage that are not currently being used. And we are moving. BUT! I want these. So, I think I might just wait a couple more weeks and get them so they are delivered when the movers show up, and a box is a box is a box. No one has to know what's inside. 

nine: So, not this whole outfit, even though it is cute. I just ordered the skirt. Denim skirts are back in a BIG way for spring. I haven't worn a denim skirt since my freshman year in college and I am pretty sure it was of the micro mini variety. I like the pencil skirt length, so I am excited to wear this. 

And that is it!! 

What are you filling your bullseye cart with these days?


  1. We have the chalkboard and love it! Now if only my husband would actually put his keys there instead of the bathroom, the kitchen table, the top of the refrigerator, etc. ;)

  2. I love those baskets! We actually have those bar stools and I love them minus the fact that they aren't terribly comfortable to sit in, but details right?

  3. Target online is so very bad for my wallet! 😩

  4. I am loving those baskets!!! I need a trip to target asap.



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