5th Avenue Mall Mother's Day Event

Apr 26, 2016

I am so excited to be hosting the Mother's Day event this Sunday at the 5th Avenue Mall!! If you are local and in the area, grab your mom, sister, best friend's neighbors cousin, and take a break for a couple hours to celebrate YOU! There will be great food, fashion, and prizes. I would absolutely love for you to join me. Let's shop, let's mingle, and most importantly let's eat at a semi-normal pace without having to chase our children (unless of course you need to bring your children , in which case I will chase them so you can eat). Sound good? I hope to see you there!

5th avenue mall mother's day event- anchorage
all the info can be found here as well


  1. Getting on a plane now, see you soon

  2. Oh how fun is this!! I love it.

  3. Well now doesn't this look like a ton of fun!



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