8 things to know about hair masks + the fastest way to get summer waves

Apr 3, 2016

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Now that we are getting out of the winter chill, it is time to think about those summer hair styles. You know, the relaxed I just woke up with these amazing undone curls. Or that salty beach look that most of us have to fake because we don't live anywhere near a beach. But before we get down to the hair curling business at hand, let's start with some prep. 
Garnier Whole Blend Hair Products
I am a person who does some damage to my hair. I made the decision last year to try to lighten my hair and get as close to my natural hair color as possible, so I can stop dying my roots every couple weeks. Well in an effort to keep my length, this is a process. We lightened quite a bit, but I am still a few shades from my natural color of ashy blonde. So root touch ups continue. In an effort to keep my hair healthy, hair masks are my BFF. I am known to get my fix at the salon, but the bad thing is you don't get to take that mask home with you. But hair masks should be in your routine right up there with a wash and rinse. Here are a few other things you may or may not know about hair masks in general. 

-You should be using a hair mask weekly. Shocker, right? But if you are using any heat on your hair, do your lovely locks a favor and bring them back to life. 

- Applying a hair mask does not need to be a huge process. For the most part you can do it while in the shower, or in as little as 15 minutes. 

- Not all hair masks are the same. Just like with most beauty products, they target different things. Find the mask that fits your needs, whether it is shine, volume, frizz, or damage. And always make sure you are looking out for color treated products as well. 

- Your hair should not feel heavy or greasy after a mask. Some people think that hair masks will add weight and actually be to heavy to give them volume. But after a mask your hair should feel light and conditioned. Not weighed down and lifeless. If that happens, make sure you are are not getting crazy with the amount being used. A little can go a long way, no need to pile it on. 

- You can apply a hair mask to dry hair. For this one, I would definitely carve out some time in your day, or leave it to a Sunday night glam sesh. Apply the mask on dry hair and leave it in for 15-20 minutes before you shower. 

- You can sleep in a mask if need be. If your hair is in bad shape, say after a lightening session, or a day at the beach, sleeping in a mask can help. For this one I would recommend just concentrating on the ends of your hair, rather than the whole head. Make sure to wear a shower cap or wrap to sleep in. 

- Whether you do a dry or wet mask, always focus more on your ends, and make sure to comb through. Even if you do a mask at the end of your shower, grab a wide tooth comb and brush the mask through your hair so you aren't missing any spots.

-You can and should shampoo your hair after a mask. Right after I do a mask I go back through with my shampoo and give it a good rinse. Then I DON'T use conditioner. I have found that this actually allows me to style my hair better than with the added conditioner. Then I give it a good few days before washing again. 
A shower with hair washing is a huge luxury for me. So when these miracle days happen I take advantage of my alone time and pamper my hair. I really like the Garnier Whole Blends line (which can be found at Walmart!). The shampoo and conditioner are light and moisturizing. And the mask is the perfect about of nourishment to use on a weekly basis. 

Now let's get to the fun part. Some super fast summer waves. This is honestly the fastest way I do my hair when I am really pressed for time, and I have one or two toddlers pulling on my legs.
Fastest Way to Get Summer Waves
This may seem crazy but just trust me! Have I ever steered you wrong before? 

Don't answer that. 

1. Gather your hair as high on top of your head as possible. Tie an elastic around it, but make sure it is loose, you don't want that pony tail line. 

2. Then with whatever curling iron you have handy (no need to buy anything specific) take small sections and start curling. Because you want those loose summer time waves, only wrap your hair around the iron twice. If you have short hair, go for one! Make sure to be leaving the ends out.

3. Keep going until all sections of the pony are curled. I like to curl all different directions so when I take it out it doesn't look so precise. 

4. Nice little curly pony we got here!
Quick and Easy Summer Waves Tutorial
BOOM! All you have to do is take the pony down, shake your hair out and hit it with some hair spray.

Mom Friendly Hair Tutorial
Perfect fun summer hair, and it takes less than ten minutes from start to finish!

What do you think? Would you try this line? How do you feel about hair masks? I very much recommend trying this one. 


  1. God you are beautiful. Totally trying that ponytail trick! I've been loving my curling wands recently, so I'll have to try this and hope like hell I don't burn my fingers.

  2. Your hair always looks flawless, I love it!

  3. I have zero knowledge regarding masks soooo thank you for the education!



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