Anchorage Favorites: Food Edition

Apr 28, 2016

Food. Food is my everything! That is one thing that Chris and I connected on when we first started dating. We loved to eat, and we loved to eat good food. Back before I ever turned on a stove, we went out to eat all the time. Living near Seattle, then moving to Scottsdale, and growing up in Vegas, I feel like I have had the pleasure of eating at some really great restaurants. Well, you can now add Anchorage to one of the best places for food! Are you shocked? I was! Much like the fashion, it took me by surprise just how good some of the restaurants are here. That might be one of the things we are going to miss the most, some of our weekly dining spots. 
Best Places to Eat in Anchorage
This list could get pretty long, and it just might because I really love food. But I am going to try and throw out there all of our favorite places. I might forget a few, and I am sure there are some we didn't even have the pleasure of trying in our almost four years of living here, but here goes nothin. 

-Pizza is among the biggest surprises when it came to Anchorage. Some of the best pizza I have ever had lives here in Alaska. And yes, I have been to New York and Chicago. If you visit Anchorage everyone will tell you to try Moose Tooth, and you should! Amazing specialty pizzas, amazing! But for me, when I want a good cheese pizza, we go straight to Fat Ptarmigan, and I pair it with their chopped salad, which I would legit fight someone over if they told me they could only make one more. It is that good! Now, if we are talking pepperoni pizza then I will have to drive a little further to Chugiak and grab a large pep from Bella Vista (we used to live right by this place when we first moved here, and I will blame them for all my pregnancy weight with Avalon), and while I am there I will have to order their chicken marsala, because, bomb! By far the best pizza in Alaska unfortunately does not live in Anchorage, but Homer, a little place on the spit called Finn's. 

-In this house we like brunch, and Anchorage does a good job of giving us what we want. Starting out with Snow City Cafe, I mean even the President had to make a stop there. There is not one thing on that menu that isn't amazing! Which is why this place is always packed! So just go down a few blocks to The Red Chair Cafe and have your taste buds blown! Insane. And the people in there are amazing! We will also drive a little further on a Costco day to eat at South Restaurant, because no one can say no to sourdough pancakes!!!

-If you have a busy weekend ahead and you need something to fill you up, grab a burrito at Burrito Heaven. You're welcome!

-Moving right along to some favorite little cafe's, because pastries are my love language. Paris Bakery has been our ultimate favorite, the lemon tarts are like....words cannot describe. But I suggest you get there before 11am because then those babies are gone! Fire Island is everyone's hidden gem, as it should be. Just a great place to grab a salted caramel tart and a cup of coffee. By far the largest selection of sweet and savory pastries we have come across lives at The Flying Dutchman Pastry Shop. 

-Burgers are a little hard to come by here in Anchorage, or maybe I am just a picky burger eater, so I stick to one place. Tommy's Burger Stop-- that stella blue burger will live on in my dreams! I am also a chicken sandwich connoisseur, and for that you need to go to a local landmark basically, Lucky Wishbone. The best french fries, chicken sandwich, and milkshakes ever. Period.

-When the rare date night occurs Chris and I go for only a few places, Club Paris (get the prime rib...oh and steak fries), The Crow's Nest, and Whale's Tail. Those last two are in the Captain Cook Hotel, also a place I would highly recommend staying at for a little stay-cation or what have you.

-Things might start to get a little random here, but I have to mention Antonio's Greek Bakery, can you say homemade pita bread and hummus? The salads are amazing, basically everything is good and the owner is the sweetest man you will ever meet, and he will let your children run around and then hand them a piece of baklava! While you are eating at Antonio's you should probably walk across the parking lot to A Pie Stop. You might be full of greek food, but you will want a pie for later. Trust me.

-Shall we move on to coffee? Chris is a coffee fanatic! I am talking knows more about coffee than one human possibly should. He is pretty picky, which has turned me into a low standard coffee snob. So when I am out with him he only likes to go to a couple places, SteamDot, and Black Cup. I looooove SteamDot, their vanilla latte is heavenly! And Black Cup's white mocha is more than worth the drive with screaming kids. Fun fact: you can also buy Black Cup coffee at Target here in town!! Both of these places roast their own beans and you can taste the freshness. We have loaded up on our favorites from both for our trip. Takin' a little piece of Anchorage with us!

Okay....this is getting a little long, and I know I haven't even mentioned so many places. But, if you are visiting the Anchorage area this list should get you started!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I hope to see some of you at the Mother's Day event I am hosting at the 5th Avenue Mall on Sunday! If you follow me on snapchat (kelsey_pardonmf) I am sure I will snap the thing to death!


  1. Is the caveat for a burrito a busy weekend? Because if so, I'm doing it wrong. Burritos every damn day! Just kidding, then I'd be a star on my 600lb life and that's not the type of notoriety I'm going for. All of these places sound amazing! Ironically, I posted about my favorite foods in Hawaii today as well. Or maybe that's not ironic at all. Idk, you decide.

  2. You are right, it is high time we shout from the rooftops how good the food is in Anchorage. Quality, quantity,'s probably the one thing I miss! And Black Cup is owned by Kaladi! I drink out of my Kaladi mug all the time and people just don't understand the inherent and nostalgic value it carries. We will move back :)

    1. We will absolutely miss the food, and the owners and their families we have met at some of the smaller places. I did see that Kaladi bought Black Cup a few years ago, I am glad they kept the same roasting style as the original owner. The taste of that coffee! Mmmmm.....

  3. Try Crush Bistro before you leave.... You won't be disappointed!!

  4. I love moving to new places just so I can experience the food haha.



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