Anchorage Favorites: Shopping Edition

Apr 20, 2016

Shopping in Anchorage Alaska
When we first got the news that we would be stationed in Anchorage I was sitting outside in our backyard in Georgia, watching Ace play in a little kiddie pool, sipping on sweet tea while holding a 10 month old baby Pierce. Chris called and said "we are goin to Alaska". I immediately ran inside to consult with the higher power.....Google. Obviously I was very concerned with the shopping scene. Thankfully my search turned up Target, Costco, and Nordstrom. I thought....I will survive after all! 

Shortly after moving here and getting comfortable with driving in snow, I found places that would make any shopaholic feel right at home. 

The first place I went to was Ozarks. I was looking to stock up on some of my favorite candle brands, and they carry the best! After getting there I realized this was the mecca of home furnishings. They have quite the mix of antique, vintage, and new finds. The shop is separated into rooms, so you feel like you are walking into a Better Homes and Gardens photoshoot. It is glorious, and I could get lost in there for hours. A small world Anchorage can be, because Ace ended up going to the same preschool as the owner's children of this amazingness. I got to know them from morning drop-offs and truly gained even more appreciation for this family owned gem. 

From there I learned about Duane's Antqiue Market when I was looking for a dresser for Avalon's room. Here is where the real antiques live! I spent three hours looking through this two story building, with an attached garage filled with amazing wooden pieces. Baskets full of knobs and trinkets. Signs, kitchen wear, clothing, art! A true local showroom!

My shopping adventures then led me to Second Run, a consignment shop (which I have mentioned on here and instagram so many times). The second I walked into this place I knew it was goooood! Their clothing selection is on point! Carrying top designer brands. Not to mention their handbag collection is insane! Particularly some of the Louis Vuitton pieces they get in. The girls in there are always so nice, and they don't mind at all when Avalon wants to try things on. 

Second Run automatically leads you to Blush a boutique right next store. Blush is where you are going to find all the newest and hottest pieces each season. They have such a well curated selection of pieces that are in style and on trend, but Alaska friendly. Which can be a hard mix, but they do it well! They also have amazing First Friday events every month. 

If you stroll a little further south, I happily fell in the lap of Posh Boutique when I was grabbing a coffee at my favorite place SteamDot. I found this place a few month after having Avalon, and was in that "nothing fits, so I need new clothes" phase. I instantly fell in love in there. So many cute things, and the people in there are so sweet! I am big on customer service if you can't tell. They have a wide range of price points, so there is something for everyone! 

As if the shopping couldn't get better, a couple years ago when Chris was marathon training we went over to Skinny Raven (like a runners playground, and one of Chris' favorite stores). Since running isn't really my scene you can imagine my joy when I looked across the street and saw Her Tern. A wonderfully cute shop nestled right on the corner. I told Chris I would meet him back in the car. This is like a wonderland for shoes and accessories. Shoes are my ultimate weakness, so I spent some time trying stuff on. I walked away with a couple pairs of boots and a new pair of jeans. Safe to say Chris doesn't really invite me on his shopping trips anymore.

These last two are semi recent discoveries, but they need to be mentioned. Jennifer (a super stylish mama here in Anchorage) posted about this cute boutique on Instagram awhile ago called The Park Boutique. Just from the quick shot on her gram, I knew I had to go check it out. It took me awhile to get over there but it was worth that wait! This boutique transports me right back to Vegas and the amazing little stores you would stumble upon. The merchandising is impeccable! The jewelry, the clothes, the home goods. All amazing! I am kind of sad it took me so long to get over there. Also found on Instagram is this next spot, Love It Again Consignment. I wish this store was open three years ago! I would have lived in there. We stopped in here last weekend when I spotted it out of the corner of my eye when we were on our way to REI. I made Chris pull over and let me out. The kids were already screaming, but I said give me five minutes. And ten minutes was all it took for me to find a couple things to bring home. All the home goods are so fun, and the prices are insane! Again, I only wish I would have gone here sooner.

And there you have it. I am sure I am missing so many other amazing shops in and around the Anchorage area. This place is filled with some incredibly amazing businesses, and more importantly, people!


  1. I'm feeling nostalgic just reading this!

  2. These shops sound amazing! I hope one day we get to go here.

    1. I hope you do! It is definitely an experience! We loved it.

  3. I didn't go into Oazrks (for good reason) until just before we moved out of the state. That store is deadly!



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