Borrowing from the boys || Nivea Post Shave Balm

Apr 13, 2016

So, recently I have been seeing this amazing new primer product out there. Plenty of my favorite YouTubers have raved about it, and I have seen so many reviews on it, so I thought I would give it a try. Allow me to introduce you to the newest face primer on the bathroom counter. The Nivea Post Shave Balm. I didn't make this stuff up people, I am simply sharing the makeup knowledge with you. 

I'm always down to try the latest and greatest, because what do you really have to lose? (money Kelsey, that's what you are losing) This one is a cheap thrill at the low low price of $5.59. You may even be able to find it in the free section of your husbands side of the bathroom. So lets get down to it. 
My review of the Nivea Post Shave Balm as a Primer
I have seen and read that this stuff is amazing as a primer. Like smooth as a baby's bottom on your face kind of deal. Which I am all about that feeling. So I picked up a bottle on a random Target run. I wanted to really give this a try with a clean slate. So I didn't do anything fancy with my cleansing and moisturizing routine. Kept my tried and true products in line and didn't incorporate anything new. Then in the morning I went in with this. Obviously the first thing you notice is the smell. It smells like aftershave....surprise...surprise. All the reviews I read said that the smell fades after a while. I'll elaborate on that in a second. The other thing I noticed right away was the consistency. Not your usual primer feel, mainly because this is not intended as a primer. But it still went on nicely. It did not soak into my skin as fast as my normal primer, but we went with it. 

I let it dry for a few minutes before I put my foundation on. I also noticed that I felt like I had a thin layer of something on my face, not a smooth surface. Just like my face was a little sticky. I put my foundation on, and it did go on smooth I will admit. And then, we wait........

I have combination skin to begin with, so I can go from dry to oily in the blink of an eye, and then back again. I do feel like this was moisturizing when I first put it on. I went about my day and after about three hours I checked in the mirror. My foundation was not cakey or melting off, but it did start to settle into my fine lines and pores. 

Also, I would get whiffs of the aftershave when I would walk which was a little surprising. Not bad, I am just not used to smelling that way. When Chris got home from work, the experiment was still going strong. I was making dinner and he went to give me a kiss and immediately asked if I was wearing cologne. Ha! So safe to say the smell does not fade completely. I explained that this was very important blog research going down and I was simply wearing Nivea aftershave. Not

Before we sat down for dinner I ran to check the face situation. It was not good my friends! My t-zone was oil city. Like I probably could have cooked our dinner on my face. My foundation had completely melted off my cheek bones. Even Chris noticed that this was not my usual makeup application.

So safe to say this "primer" did not work for me. Does that mean it won't work for you, no. My body chemistry is probably very different. I would say that if you have oily skin this may not be your BFF. I do like that it contains witch hazel, and no alcohol, so it is not drying to your skin. Which for me meant that I got quite shiny as the day went on. I really did want this to work because hello, inexpensive. But the results were not like I had seen or read. I think I will be sticking to my usual primer.

I also love the smashbox hydrating primer, and if you are looking for a great affordable primer I would go with this one by e.l.f .

Have you tried the Nivea as a primer? Lemme know!


  1. This is very reminiscent of the time I used milk of magnesia as a primer and my face freaked the F out. Sometimes I think YouTubers are like...let's see if I can get these people to slather this on their face!

  2. Haha yeah I would definitely say it wasn't a success.

  3. Yeah no. Ive never even heard of this.



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