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Apr 14, 2016

Cool Kids Clothes with Sailor Janes
The truth is, I love dressing other people more than myself. I think that is what I loved so much about working in merchandising, because I enjoyed putting outfits together. Whether that was on a mannequin, a table display, or a story board. It all just got me a little giddy inside. Fast forward to having kids, and I have built in little mannequins to style. I could do without the back talk all the time, but the end results make me happy, even if I am a sweaty mess after wrestling Pierce into some pants. But kids fashion is just fun. I always like finding little shops started by moms who have an eye for cool kids clothing. A one stop shop for a well curated closet full of goodies. That is Sailor Janes for you. The brands carried are so cute! From the prints, to the fabrics, to the graphic tees, all so adorable.
Super Hero Tee-Sailor Janes
When I was browsing the site I immediately stopped on this tee for Pierce, since he can be seen in any given super hero costume laying around in the playroom. This tee gives him his very own cape! (It's called the bandit tee, but don't tell Pierce. It has a cape, so it is a superhero). And I don't mind looking at it either. It beats the full Spider-Man getup any day! He also loves it because he thinks it's him. 
Cool Kids Fashion
Leopard Print Blouse- Sailor Janes
Avalon is super opinionated about what she wants to wear. I wonder where she gets that from? Most days I just give up and let her pick out her own outfits because I have to choose my battles. I'd rather not start my day with a fight since I know it will end with one, trying to get Pierce to eat all his dinner. So I let her look on the site and pick out something she liked. She picked this top, and about 20 other things. But this top was the first pick so I went with that. She has quite the eye for kids fashion. If only I could get her to stop wearing these tan boots! Battle for another day I guess.....
The quality of the pieces are amazing! And I love that everything is fun, and trendy, and I only wish there were a few things in my size! But with summer rapidly approaching, I am thrilled that Sailor Janes is kind enough to giveaway a $50 store credit to a super lucky reader (and kiddo because lets be real, they are the ultimate winner here). So take a spin on the rafflecopter!

May the internet forces be with you!

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  1. That tank is so fierce! You go Avalon! And I will now refer to him only as Super Pierce!

  2. Oh my goodness look at her in that top! Watch out guys. She's gonna be a heartbreaker.

  3. Those are some seriously cute clothes! My kiddos would love the matching Bandit tees.

  4. Just super love her little Coachella leopard top!

  5. Your kids are such perfect little models!


  7. My niece would love the Mini Rodini Unicorn swimsuit in pink. My instagram is @traciemichelle05 and my email is

  8. Avalon looks so grown up! I'm pregnant with my first now and so I'd have to go with some of those awesome onesies or play suit/rompers. So stinking cute. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I love the wildflower onesie! I can't get over how amazing the clothing is!



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