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Apr 11, 2016

Boho Spring Style
Crochet top- SheInside
Crochet and Fringe
Festival Looks- Crochet and Fringe
Boho Outfits for Spring
crochet top: sheinside c/o // flares: nordstrom // bag: target // sunglasses: vintage gucci 

Really feeling some festival vibes here lately. Not even sure where that is coming from, I don't think I have ever gravitated towards a strong boho feel. But I don't know, I just like it. Maybe it's the light flowy feel to everything, the fabrics, the patterns. Rockin my mama world right now. 

But really, my style changes more than the Alaskan weather. I just go with how I feel rather than trying to fit into one category of style. And I try to pick pieces that I instantly like. This cross body bag is a great example. I was alone in Target, taking my time walking from section to section when I realized I haven't checked out the hat and bag situation lately. I immediately saw this bag in the cream (also comes in black) and was're coming home with me. It is made well, the detailing on it is great, and it's the perfect little spring piece to add some flare. 

There is definitely some spring in the air here in Alaska. Although I am pretty sure that is what the east coast thought before some more snow showed up. Did I just jinx Alaska? Probably. This is one of my favorite times in Alaska though, you can start to see the little buds showing up on the trees. The snow and ice have melted and given way to the fall like colors that were hidden underneath. If anyone was lazy like us and didn't rake the last of the fall leaves before winter showed up, then you get to relive all that too. Sorry to my neighbors for the eyesore.......we will be out of the neighborhood before you know it. 

Which brings me to think that they cannot wait to enjoy Halloween this year without my incredibly creepy house giving their children nightmares! We are real fun to live next to, can't you tell? 


  1. You are ready for Coachella, my friend! No, but really, you pull off this look SO WELL and that is coming from someone who is normally like..put away all of that unless you're walking in some sort of 70s themed fashion show. I really love those jeans!

  2. I am loving this outfit! It's so fun but also looks super comfortable.

    1. The top is amazing! So lightweight!!

  3. I really love this! I guess I'm feeling the boho vibe!!



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