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Apr 1, 2016

cut out sweaters-nordstrom
shoulder cut out sweaters for spring
shoulder cut out sweater outfits
Shoulder cut out sweater- nordstrom
Cut out shoulder sweaters
Spring trends-shoulder cut out sweaters
cutout sweater: nordstrom // jeans: one teaspoon // booties: dv for target
hat: target (old, similar) // sunglasses: nordstrom 

T-G-I-F!!!! This entire week I have felt like it should have just been Friday. Tuesday? Should've been Friday. Wednesday, I would have really liked a Friday. And now, here it is, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Not that we even have anything terribly exciting planned for the weekend. Our weekends now consist of packing (because I am a psycho and need to pack some of my own things, regardless if the military brings in a team of people to do it all for me). I feel like I have been on top of things as far as my checklist goes. All pictures of belongings have been taken, and insurance has been updated. My car is being completely transformed into a road trip wonder on wheels. Roof racks go are going on, hitch has been installed, we are in business. I wanted to just transform the van into the dumb and dumber dog mobile, but Chris said that was more than ridiculous. When he should have said "Harry, I took care of it!"

Shame on him. 

Another thing I have been on top of lately, spring sweaters. Yes, I figure my only way of justifying the continuation of ordering sweaters, is if they have massive holes in the shoulders. A la air vents. See, this one will be perfect for our trip, and I can just picture it with a cute pair of cut offs once in GA. It is pretty light, so so soft, and cute. What more do you need out of a sweater? I guess technically warmth if we wanna get crazy with the actual sweater logistics. But, let's not dwell on the fine print right?

It's the freakin weekend and I'm about to have me a shower with hair washing possibly leg shaving, and best of all, no children throwing legos in at me!


  1. Yay for getting ready for road tripping!!! :)

    1. I know! It is starting to feel real now... :)

  2. I cannot wait to follow along on this road trip!

  3. I picture the title being said by Joey in Full House. Anyways I don't blame you. Cannot be too much on top of things when moving is concerned!!

  4. Okay, this is pretty random and nothing to do with your post except for your last line where you mentioned hair washing. Sometime will you give your opinion on this thing about conditioning your hair first and then shampooing it? My hairdresser told me about it. You'll have all kinds of time on the car trip to think about this question--ha ha.



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