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Apr 28, 2016

Ruffle Sleeve Tops for Spring
Spring tops- Zara
Feminine tops and boyfriend jeans -Asos
Spring trends- Full sleeve tops
Simple cute outfit ideas for spring and summer
Spring outfit inspo- Alaska style blogger
blouse: zara (similar options below) // jeans (now on super sale!!) // shoes // sunglasses

Is it Friday yet? Is this the never ending week for anyone else? I felt like Monday night I was saying, tomorrow is Friday right? This week was the week for any and all doctors appointments. Kids, me, Chris, Caspian, everyone now has clean teeth and a clean bill of health. Which basically means I am exhausted! Shuffling kids from one place to the next, back and forth to Ace's school because god-forbid he misses recess or something else that could hinder his educational experience. But let's stop talking about the longest moving process ever and move on to this outfit. 

Loving the full sleeve and ruffle trend happening right now. It really takes an otherwise plain tee and gives it spirit fingers! You could easily dress it up or down, no other accessories needed. And while taking these pictures my photographer (Chris) said "are those boy jeans?" which then I had to explain the meaning behind boyfriend jeans, that went way over his fashion knowledge head. I have to say even though I like to get dressed up and feel sexy, I always revert back to a masculine sense. I guess I haven't really shaken the tomboy inside me. I love the look and feel of a baggy boyfriend jean. Yes, it does absolutely nothing for my figure, but it is comfy. And the juxtaposition of these jeans with a feminine top does wonders for my street style heart. Do you ever feel that way with a certain style of clothing? Like yea.....it's not super flattering...but damn I still like it?! 

Well, in any event, I am just happy to be wearing short sleeves and open toed shoes! The temps are glorious right now. Not particularly in the morning when I have to get up and let Caspian out, it is still a little brisk for me at that time in the am. But as the day goes on we start to spend the majority of our time outside. 

This happens to be my favorite time in Alaska. Everything gets green right before your eyes! I swear, I looked at one of the trees in our backyard the other day and it had the tiniest little leaf buds, and now we have full blown leaves on that bad boy and I can't help but stare. It sounds so silly, but after months of nothing but ice, the glimmer of summer gets me all giddy! 

Who am I? I think I need to end this post now. Here are some other full sleeve tops I am loving:


  1. Is the big sleeve, lace and ruffle trend from Prince? He would have approved, anyway. The length on the sleeves here is nice, because the worst part of full sleeves is the way they fall into places where they don't belong--say, your plate while you're eating.

  2. I have been eyeing that jcrew top ever since the catalog arrived with it on the cover! I may need to go try it on

  3. I was just thinking the same thing about the trees on our property. All of a sudden. Leaves!



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