I don't wake up like this

Apr 6, 2016

"I don't wake up like this" tee
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blazer: h&m // tee: shopbop // skinny scarf: asos
jeans: old (similar version) // heels: zara 

I wish I just woke up like this. Although there are mornings where I wake up after having fallen asleep on the couch the night before, never getting around to washing off my makeup and Chris will say "what is going on with your face this morning? You look beautiful, like you're glowing". I will respond with "yea, I fell asleep with my make up on". He will so lovingly reply "oh, well that explains it". HA!

While we are talking about it, riddle me this.....how is it that I can fall asleep with a full face of makeup on, I'm talking, pore clogging, pimple inducing amounts of makeup, and wake up with not a blemish. BUT, I can wear no makeup for days on end, sticking to a strict cleansing schedule, and bam, give me the number to Proactive stat! It drives me crazy. And these post-breastfeeding hormones are taking awhile to regulate themselves. My doctor informed me that I should see some kind of hormonal relief a month after my milk completely dries up. So that was like last week.....which that fact also blew my mind. My milk supply would not give up! My body was like, nope, let's just see how long we can keep producing this stuff. It was a little crazy. 

The things that boggle my mind.....

Not a mystery to me though is the Shopbop sale currently going on, but happens to end today. As with every Shopbop sale, I placed an order, or three. I went ahead at took advantage of the 25% off to replace my lost Ray-Bans. I very rarely lose things, that's Chris' department. But these....I just have no idea where they went. I looked everywhere, and all I can think is that I had them in my bag and the kids might have pulled them out and they never got placed back in, because the case is gone as well. But that could have happened anywhere, from Target to many doctors office waiting rooms. The classic aviators are my favorite, and even though I have a metallic lens pair, I need that chic black look that goes with everything. So check those off my list. I also picked up this denim shirt, these sneakers, and I repurchased these jeans, because I bought them right after I had Odette, and they didn't fit anymore. But I LOVE them, so I bought them again. I do recommend sizing down in them since they are a relaxed fit.

What is on your spring shopping list? 


  1. Funny that you mention acne because I am living in a teenage grease and pimple pit on my face right now. I don't get it! Cleansing, taking good care of my face and this is what I get..

  2. Yes to losing things, I'm normally not bad but I lost my sunglasses 6 months ago and they have yet to reappear.

  3. Get out a month AFTER the milk dries up? That explains a lot. And yeah jt just keeps on keeping.



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