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Apr 22, 2016

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If given the choice, I will always choose brunch. More specifically Sunday brunch. I like to get a slow start to the day, if that means throwing the kids a lara bar to hold off their hunger from clawing my face off while I get ready, so be it. There is just something about going out at a later time, strolling into a restaurant, and having to decide if I want breakfast or lunch....but the choice is there. I usually go the breakfast route, the kids go for lunch with a side of french toast no matter where we are. And Chris eats the whole menu. I always want Sunday brunch as my cheat meal for the week. Because we eat whole30 meals and snacks throughout the week, by Thursday Chris and I are both planning what our cheat meal will be. Do we go for pizza on Friday? But then you have to go the whole weekend with nothing else to look forward to. Do you do Saturday morning breakfast? Or what about dinner Saturday? For me, I always want to finish it off with brunch on Sunday. I don't always win. Sometimes my cravings get the best of me and I need to eat a medium pizza, immediately. 

Why do we do this to ourselves? Well, if you have ever done a round of whole30 then you know what your body feels like when you eat 100% clean for 30 days. You kind of feel like you can fly. It is hard, but so worth it. And we did our first round more than a year ago and have continued trying to eat that way ever since. Particularly once I realized that my insane frequent headaches were food related. So now I just choose to endure a very mild headache a day after a cheat meal, depending on what I ate. I actually got one of my neighbors to try a round of whole30, her family has been eating paleo for years and she wanted to see the difference. Right now she is almost done with week two and wants to murder me in my sleep. HA! The cravings are so bad. But I have a bottle of wine ready for when she makes it to the end. 

Another thing I love about Sunday's and brunch and Alaska....sitting outside. We will always opt to sit outside no matter the chilly temps because my children do not do well with the whole inside voices thing. And when a fork goes flying I breathe a sigh of relief that there is no chance I will be sued for assault with a deadly dining weapon. We may be the only ones out there, people may think we are crazy, and they would be right. But we take food very seriously around these parts, and mama needs to eat!


  1. I just love food! All types! Clean, fatty, sweet...I want it all!

  2. Haha yes outdoor dining is best!!! And I do love a good brunch. Fits in for a Sunday. But this whole 30 business. I applaud you. I could never. Lol

  3. I am all about sitting outside at restaurants, it's really the best.

    1. Right? A little more space is NEEDED!



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