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Apr 25, 2016

Matching Sets-Boohoo
Crop tops and High waist pants
Crop tops for spring
Crop top outfit inspo
Boohoo crop top matching set
Crop tops- Alaska style blog
Spring outfits- Crop tops and wide leg pants
crop top and pants // shoes: zara (old, identical here) // clutch: zara (old, similar) // lipstick

What a weekend! Truly non-stop, and by non-stop I mean non-stop eating! On my part. We had a couple going away parties to attend this weekend, a friends, and then some of our friends threw us one. I ate a lot! Homemade mac and cheese is a weakness of mine, and that was placed right in front of me. As was a bowl of queso dip that I single handedly finished off. I couldn't be contained. I did however pay for it yesterday as my entire body felt like a ton of bricks, and my head wanted to explode. But I try and forget all that and live in the memory of me stuffing my face (it was caught on snapchat as well). 

Other than eating and staying out way past my bed time. We got right back down to business clearing out rooms and cleaning. Our pile of what we are taking with us just keeps growing, and I am now beginning to worry as I have yet to pack myself. Chris is beginning to think we will need to drive two cars. I however will not let that happen. I am kind of loving the fact that I might just get to sit for hours on end with my children strapped in seats. It sounds harsh....but you know you have had that incredible feeling of accomplishment when you hear the very last click of a seat belt and you can run around the car like "f*** yea! They are all in!" car it is. 

Another thing that I have been saying no to lately is curling my hair. I go through phases with my hair where I love/need/live for a messy curl. But this  last week I started cheating on my curling iron with my straightener. When I first met Chris I only straightened my hair. Stick straight long almost black hair, all the time. Then that wore off and the curls came back. I have gone back and forth ever since, and now the straightener is the first thing I reach for. Does anyone else do this? I love a good curl, but super quick is the name of the game for right now. I also like how it changes the feel of an outfit. I am obsessed with this crop top matching set. The pants are a super wide leg, and the added bonus of a high waist makes it look like I actually have legs! I think people are always intimidated by crop tops, and rightfully so, they put it all out there. But moms especially try and find the happy medium of classy, and sexy. A high-waisted pant with a crop top bridges that my opinion. There isn't too much skin showing, and you can keep everything else simple and let the outfit do the talking. Plus, all black hides the food residue that my children wipe on me. 

Done and done. Now back to Monday. 


  1. My 2 things with crop tops.. 1-Definitely finding a "grown up" version, I look young for my age so I feel like that makes crop tops hard. 2-the high waist.. I love the look but cant decide if it makes me look fatter somehow lol

    1. I think when you pair them with a high waist, and even go for a monochromatic look, it gives it a grown up appeal. High waist pants elongate you, but they need to hit you at a high point to nip you in, ya know? I always end up trying on a ton of pairs! ha!

  2. YOUR HAIR!!!!! Wow it looks amazing straight like this.

  3. OH HELLLLLOOOOO!!!!!! I love a good crop top and your hair looks fab! Also-- yes to queso dip forever and ever amen

  4. You seriously look 8 feet tall. Love this outfit!

  5. Look at you sexy mama!!! And to the click of the seatbelt?! YES. Sometimes I get the kids packed up early just to contain them.

  6. This is the hottest outfit EVER and your straight hair just makes it even hotter. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear this for the first day of school drop-off/pick-up in Georgia. PLEASSSEEE.



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