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Apr 4, 2016

comme des garcons sweater
comme des garcons- street style
casual chic sweater outfit
street style-comme des garcons cardigan
comme des garcons- blogger style
Spring cardigan outfits
Comme Des Garcons sweater
Cardigan and sneaker outfits
sweater: comme des garcons via second run (can be found here and here)
jeans: ag jeans // sneakers: puma // sunglasses: nordstrom // lipstick: colourpop

Back to the weekdays we go.....

Chris looked over at me and said "we didn't even really do anything this weekend, but I felt like we never stopped moving". I couldn't agree more! The moving checklist saga continues, as I am sure it will for the last couple weekends that we are here. This weekend we tackled the luggage department. We have been meaning to buy a couple new luggage sets ever since becoming a family of six. You can never have too many size choices when packing for so many people. So we did that....super adult like....super boring for our children. Except of course when we told the kids to get inside the luggage so we could get an accurate idea of how much could fit, and the weight. You have to get scientific with these things, I'm tellin ya! 

Then, we made a HUGE spectacle of ourselves in the Sears parking lot. You see, we ordered a cargo carrier to go on top of the car. When that first one came in I took one look at it and said "we totally need something bigger, you know, for my shoes" Chris assured the nice fellow that we did not need anything bigger. But.....don't you mess with me and my footwear options. So by golly the bigger one came in over the weekend. We went to go pick it up thinking we could get it in the swagger wagon. No. Such a fat no. Here we are with a store employee taking it out of the box in the parking lot, trying to manuever this thing in. We had to take out car seats, rearrange everything, load kids back in, and set the damn thing on thier laps. And they took it like champs. 

Lies....all lies. They complained the whole 17 minutes home about how we were trying to squish them like bugs. 

Whatever, we got it home, it is huge, and I can fit more shoes in it for the trip. 

Like these pumas in this outfit! Cannot leave those to the shipped with household goods that will take anywhere from 30-45 days to arrive at our new casa de crazy. Which presents a whole other avenue of moving chaos, which is to find a house ASAP upon arrival. 

Livin la vida moving is exciting/sucks/exciting/exhausting.

How was your weekend?


  1. God this sounds exhausting. I know you needed the larger option. Well done. But exhausting.

  2. I am already having extreme anxiety about our move...! The countdown is ON



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